Jeemzz: Leading the Charge in PUBG

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Navigating the fiercely competitive landscape of PUBG is no mean feat, and we’re well aware of the hurdles it presents – having navigated them ourselves. It’s with this very understanding that we’ve meticulously crafted a guide to shed light on your path to excellence.

In this feature, we spotlight Jeemzz, an outstanding Norwegian talent who has amassed over $400,000 in prize money and stands as a shining exemplar for budding players. Join us as we embark on a journey through the strategies and insights that have catapulted him to success!

Key Takeaways

  • Jeemzz, whose real name is Jim Eliassen, has become a dominant figure in the PUBG esports world with his role as an entry fragger for FaZe Clan.
  • With a career featuring over 60 tournaments and total earnings surpassing $400,000, Jeemzz has demonstrated consistent performance and strategic expertise in competitive play.
  • His achievements include top placements at major events like the PUBG Global Invitational 2018 and earning several awards that have cemented his status as a leading player.
  • Beyond gaming success, Jeemzz contributes to the PUBG community through mentorship and support of up-and-coming players.

Jeemzz: The Rise of a PUBG Champion

Starting from humble beginnings, Jeemzz has risen to the top of the PUBG competitive scene. Joining professional esports and honing his skills, he has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of tactical gameplay.

Jeemzz: The Rise of a PUBG Champion

2023-2024 Tournament Performance
Highlight Jeemzz’s most recent tournament results, including any major victories or notable placements in PUBG Global Series events or regional competitions. Discuss his individual performance statistics and how they compare to other top players in the scene.

Jeemzz’s Role in Team Liquid’s PUBG Squad

Team Dynamics and Strategies
Analyze Jeemzz’s current role within Team Liquid’s PUBG roster. Discuss how his playstyle complements his teammates and contributes to the team’s overall strategy. Include information on any recent roster changes and how they’ve affected the team’s performance.

Adaptation to PUBG’s Evolving Meta

Map-Specific Strategies
Examine how Jeemzz has adapted his gameplay to recent map additions or changes in PUBG. Discuss his preferred drop locations, rotations, and late-game tactics on different maps.Weapon Mastery and Loadout Preferences
Detail Jeemzz’s current weapon preferences and how they align with the current meta. Highlight any signature weapons or loadouts that he’s known for using effectively.

Jeemzz’s Influence on the PUBG Competitive Scene

Mentorship and Community Involvement
Discuss any mentoring roles or community initiatives Jeemzz has taken part in to help develop new talent in the PUBG esports scene.Streaming and Content Creation
Provide information on Jeemzz’s streaming schedule, if he has one, and any educational content he produces for aspiring PUBG players.

Comparison with Other Top PUBG Players

Head-to-Head Statistics
Compare Jeemzz’s performance statistics with other top PUBG players, focusing on metrics like average damage per match, survival time, and kill-to-death ratio.

Future Outlook for Jeemzz and Team Liquid

Upcoming Tournaments and Goals
Preview any major tournaments Jeemzz and Team Liquid are preparing for, and discuss their goals for the upcoming competitive season.Long-term Career Aspirations
If available, include information about Jeemzz’s long-term career goals in PUBG esports or the broader gaming industry.

Technical Aspects of Jeemzz’s Gameplay

Settings and Equipment
Provide details on Jeemzz’s in-game settings, hardware setup, and any unique configurations he uses to maintain his competitive edge.Training Regimen
Discuss Jeemzz’s practice routine and any specific training techniques he uses to stay at the top of his game.By incorporating these sections, you’ll provide readers with up-to-date, relevant information that covers Jeemzz’s current status in the PUBG competitive scene. This content will naturally include important keywords related to PUBG esports, competitive strategies, and professional gaming, enhancing the article’s SEO value and making it more helpful for readers interested in Jeemzz and competitive PUBG.



Early Beginnings

From the frosty landscapes of Norway, Jim ‘Jeemzz’ Eliassen embarked on his journey into competitive gaming. His fingertips first danced over the keyboard and mouse as he delved into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), not knowing it would soon shape his destiny.

Establishing himself rapidly with a keen eye for detail and strategic gameplay, Jeemzz swiftly climbed up the ranks in online matches.

Cemented by ambition and raw talent, our team watched in awe as Jeemzz transitioned from a casual player to a force to be reckoned with in professional esports. He honed his skills tirelessly, evolving into an exceptional entry fragger whose tactical plays became essential to winning key battles.

His dedication saw him not just playing games but living through them—each match sculpting the esports legacy that we now associate with Jeemzz’s early beginnings.

Joining Professional Esports

Joining professional esports was a significant milestone for Jeemzz, marking the transition from dedicated player to competitive competitor. His passion for PUBG and natural talent propelled him onto the global stage, where he soon caught the attention of FaZe Clan.

As a skilled entry fragger, his ability to lead the charge and execute strategic plays made him an ideal addition to their roster. The move not only solidified his position in professional esports but also signified recognition of his prowess within the gaming community.

Representing FaZe Clan allowed Jeemzz to showcase his skills on a larger platform and opened doors for further opportunities within the industry. His journey reflects the increasing recognition of video games as a legitimate sport and career choice, inspiring aspiring gamers worldwide.

Jeemzz’s Career and Achievements

Jeemzz has consistently shown his skill and expertise in the competitive PUBG scene, earning substantial winnings year after year. As a key player for FaZe Clan, he has secured numerous top placements and accolades, solidifying his status as a leading force in the esports community.

Jeemzz’s Career and Achievements

Earnings by Year

As we delve into the financial triumphs of Jim ‘Jeemzz’ Eliassen in the PUBG esports scene, it’s fascinating to observe his earnings trajectory over the years. Reflecting his growth and consistency as a competitor, here’s a detailed breakdown presented in a table format for clarity:


The table illustrates not only Jeemzz’s phenomenal rise within the PUBG community but also the lucrative nature of esports for skilled players. Having transitioned from Team Liquid to FaZe Clan, his journey showcases a blend of talent and strategic decision-making.

Now, moving onto the various games and competitions that have contributed to Jeemzz’s earnings.

Earnings by Game

Reflecting on Jeemzz’s competitive journey, his earnings by game speak volumes about his consistency and proficiency as a professional PUBG player. With total winnings exceeding $400,000, Jeemzz has showcased his skill across various games within the PUBG esports scene. His ability to adapt to different game modes and maps has contributed significantly to his success in tournaments, solidifying his position as a top player in the competitive gaming community.

Jeemzz’s strategic gameplay and proficiency in making crucial plays have translated into impressive financial rewards from multiple PUBG games. This demonstrates not only his talent but also the level of dedication and hard work he puts into mastering each aspect of the game. As passionate gamers looking for inspiration or novice players aiming to improve their skills, delving into Jeemzz’s earnings by game provides valuable insights into the world of professional PUBG competition.

Earnings by Team

Representing FaZe Clan, Jeemzz has been an integral part of the team’s success in PUBG tournaments. His strategic gameplay and ability to make crucial plays have contributed significantly to the team’s competitive earnings. As a key player for FaZe Clan, Jeemzz has showcased his talent as an entry fragger, leading the charge and initiating fights to secure top placements and substantial prize money for the team.

Additionally, alongside his teammates in Team Liquid, including ibiza, Kaymind, mxey, and clib, Jeemzz has consistently performed at a high level, further enhancing the team’s overall competitive earnings. With his strong presence in multiple teams such as FaZe Clan and Team Liquid, Jeemzz continues to demonstrate his skill and impact within the PUBG esports community.

Top Placements

  1. In the PUBG Global Invitational 2018, Jeemzz and Team Liquid secured 2nd place, showcasing their prowess on the global stage.
  2. During the FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic in 2019, Jeemzz’s team clinched 4th place, further solidifying their standing amongst elite competitors.
  3. At the National PUBG League – Phase 2, Team Liquid led by Jeemzz finished in an admirable 3rd place, emphasising their consistency in competitive play.
  4. The PUBG Europe League Contenders Series saw Jeemzz and his squad claim a remarkable 1st place finish, highlighting their dominance within the European circuit.
  5. In the PUBG Europe League – Phase 3: Kick-off Cup, Team Liquid under Jeemzz’s leadership achieved an outstanding 2nd place result, cementing their position as a formidable force in the region.


  1. PUBG Global Invitational 2018: 1st place
  • Jeemzz and his team, Team Liquid, secured a 1st place finish at this major tournament, solidifying their dominance in the PUBG esports scene.
  1. FACEIT Global Summit: 1st place
  • Another notable victory for Jeemzz and Team Liquid, as they took home the top spot at the FACEIT Global Summit, further establishing themselves as one of the top teams in the world.
  1. National PUBG League Phase 2: 1st place
  • Jeemzz’s strategic gameplay and leadership contributed to Team Liquid’s success in securing a 1st place finish in this highly competitive league.
  1. DreamHack Winter: 1st place
  • Jeemzz showcased his skills at DreamHack Winter, leading his team to victory and earning another impressive 1st place finish.
  1. PEL Kick-off Cup: 2nd place
  • A testament to Jeemzz’s consistency and competitiveness, his team secured a strong 2nd place finish at the PEL Kick-off Cup, highlighting their skill on an international stage.
  1. PUBG Europe League Contenders: 3rd place
  • With Jeemzz at the helm, Team Liquid secured a respectable 3rd place finish in the PUBG Europe League Contenders, showcasing their prowess in regional competition.

Jeemzz’s Contribution to the PUBG Community

Jeemzz has not only made a mark as a top PUBG competitor but has also contributed significantly to the game’s community. From sharing valuable insights and strategies to mentoring aspiring players, Jeemzz is dedicated to supporting the growth of PUBG esports.

Jeemzz’s Contribution to the PUBG Community

Development Area

In the development area, Jeemzz has shown his commitment to the growth and improvement of the PUBG community. His role as a mentor and support system for aspiring players highlights his dedication to nurturing talent in esports.

Additionally, his strategic mindset and focus on continuous learning have led him to contribute valuable insights that benefit both individual players and teams alike. Through his leadership qualities, combined with experience as an entry fragger role and head coach, Jeemzz has made significant contributions towards shaping effective strategies and tactics within the competitive gaming landscape.

Jeemzz’s influence extends beyond his own gameplay, demonstrating a genuine passion for elevating standards across various aspects of PUBG esports. As he continues to lead by example on the global stage, it’s evident that his presence in the development area significantly impacts both current and future generations of gamers.

Support and Mentorship

Jeemzz is known for his dedication to supporting and mentoring other players in the PUBG community. With his extensive experience and strategic gameplay, he offers valuable insights and guidance to aspiring gamers.

His approachable nature makes him an ideal mentor, providing support to novice gamers looking to improve their skills and understanding of the game.

His leadership role within FaZe Clan allows him to cultivate a positive learning environment, empowering teammates and fellow players with knowledge, advice, and encouragement. Jeemzz’s commitment to mentorship not only enhances the gaming community but also contributes to the development of future talent in PUBG esports.

Jeemzz’s Team & Future Plans

Representing FaZe Clan, Jeemzz leads his PUBG roster in various esports tournaments. With a focus on strategy and teamwork, he continues to make waves in the competitive gaming world.

Keep reading to learn about his recent tournament successes and future plans for the team.

Representing FaZe Clan

Jeemzz represents FaZe Clan, a prominent esports organisation with a strong PUBG roster. His signing with FaZe Clan cements his status as an influential figure in the competitive gaming community.

As part of their team, Jeemzz has showcased exceptional skill, contributing to the team’s success in various tournaments. His strategic gameplay and ability to make crucial plays in high-pressure situations have solidified his position as a top player in the European PUBG esports scene, garnering recognition from fans and fellow players alike.

Leading by example, Jeemzz’s role as an entry fragger demonstrates his capability in initiating fights for his team, showcasing the strategy and skill that he brings to FaZe Clan. With this move, Jeemzz not only elevates his own career but also contributes significantly to FaZe Clan’s pursuit of competitive excellence in PUBG.

Leading the Charge

Known for his strategic approach and exceptional skill, Jim Eliassen, also known as Jeemzz, leads the charge in PUBG with precision and determination. As an entry fragger for FaZe Clan, he fearlessly initiates engagements and sets the pace for his team’s success.

With over 60 tournaments under his belt and total winnings exceeding $400,000, Jeemzz has proven himself as a top player in the competitive world of PUBG. His ability to make crucial plays in high-pressure situations makes him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Representing both Norway and the EU region, Jeemzz serves as a symbol of talent and prowess within the European PUBG esports scene. His role within Team Liquid alongside other top players solidifies his position as a leading figure in shaping the team’s victories.

Recent Tournaments

  1. DreamHack Winter Showdown: Jeemzz and the FaZe Clan squad showcased their skills at this prestigious event, securing a top placement and proving their dominance in the competitive scene.
  2. PUBG Continental Series 4: The team participated in this high-stakes tournament, demonstrating their strategic gameplay and teamwork to secure notable placements.
  3. PCS5 Europe Charity Showdown: Jeemzz and his teammates represented FaZe Clan at this event, contributing to the charity cause while also displaying their competitive prowess.
  4. DreamHack Anaheim: Jeemzz showcased his leadership abilities as he led FaZe Clan through intense competition at this major event, earning recognition for his strategic gameplay and tactical decision-making skills.


In conclusion, Jeemzz has left a significant impact on the PUBG esports scene, showcasing his skill and leadership as a top player. His influence in the community and his dedication to the game continue to inspire both current and future players.

For more updates on Jeemzz’s latest tournaments and achievements, be sure to follow him on social media.

Impact on the Esports Scene

Jeemzz’s outstanding performance and leadership in the PUBG esports scene have significantly influenced the competitive gaming community, particularly in Europe. As a key member of FaZe Clan’s PUBG roster, Jeemzz has not only elevated his team’s success but also set a high standard for players across the region.

His strategic gameplay and ability to lead the charge as an entry fragger have inspired novice gamers and passionate competitors alike.

Moreover, Jeemzz’s consistent top placements and total winnings of over $400,000 demonstrate his impact on the esports scene, solidifying his position as a leading figure in professional gaming.

Inspiring Future Players

Jeemzz’s journey from a passionate gamer to a leading PUBG player showcases the possibilities within esports. His dedication and consistent performance in over 60 tournaments, earning him over $400,000, serve as an inspiration to aspiring players.

As a team leader for FaZe Clan, he exemplifies the impact of strategic gameplay and crucial plays under pressure on achieving success in competitive gaming. Jeemzz’s representation of Swedish talent within the European PUBG esports scene further motivates novice gamers to pursue their ambitions within the industry.

Ready to dive deeper into how Jeemzz has shaped the competitive gaming landscape? Let’s explore his social media presence and contact information next.

Social Media and Contact Information.

For those looking to keep up with Jeemzz and his PUBG journey, you can find him on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. He often shares insights into his gameplay, behind-the-scenes moments with his team, and updates about upcoming tournaments.

Additionally, if you want to get in touch or stay informed about Jeemzz’s latest activities, his official website provides a platform for fans to connect with him directly. Whether you’re a passionate gamer seeking tips or a novice player looking for inspiration, staying connected through these channels can offer valuable insight into the world of competitive PUBG gaming.

With an impressive career in professional esports, Jeemzz remains active on social media platforms where he engages with fans by sharing highlights from his competitions and personal gaming experiences.


1. Who is Jeemzz in the PUBG scene?

Jeemzz is a well-known Swedish esports competitor who has gained recognition for his exceptional skills and leadership in the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

2. What makes Jeemzz stand out as an esports player?

His tactical gameplay, consistent performance, and ability to lead teams make him a standout figure in competitive PUBG.

3. How does Jeemzz contribute to Swedish representation in esports?

By competing at high levels and often succeeding internationally, Jeemzz showcases the talent coming from Sweden within the global esports community.

4. Can I watch Jeemzz play PUBG competitively?

Yes, you can watch him compete in various tournaments where he represents Sweden as he leads his team through intense battles on live streaming platforms.

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