Privacy Policy


At, we are unwavering in our commitment to the privacy and security of our users’ and clients’ personal information. Recognising the paramount importance of trust and privacy, we aim to foster a responsible online community through transparent practices in managing, utilising, and safeguarding the personal data we collect and process.

About Us, located at McSweeney Centre, 31 Henry Pl, Belfast BT15 2AY, leads the way in the sustainability sector. We offer rich content, resources, and tools designed to promote a sustainable lifestyle, catering to individuals, businesses, and communities committed to eco-friendly practices.

Data Collection and Usage

Users: We collect a wide array of information, from basic identification data (such as names and email addresses) to complex user interaction details, enhancing personalisation and service relevance.

Clients: For our business clients, we gather information to grasp your sustainability needs fully, encompassing contact details, professional insights, and specific service preferences.

Prospective Clients: Engaging with potential clients, we collect data to understand your sustainability ambitions and how our services might support your objectives.

Utilisation of Personal Data

We leverage personal data to enhance site functionality, develop new eco-friendly services, and conduct communication, including personalised marketing, informed by user site interactions and preferences.

Data Sharing and Third-Party Engagements

We are transparent in our data sharing practices, outlining how we may share aggregated, anonymised data with third parties for analytical purposes. All third-party engagements are bound by stringent privacy standards, safeguarding your personal information.

Data Security and Storage

Employing cutting-edge security measures, we protect your data from unauthorised access and misuse. Our data storage solutions are robust, ensuring data integrity and availability, with clear practices around international data transfers to maintain high protection standards.

User Rights and Control

We elucidate your rights to access, amend, or delete your personal data, providing straightforward guidance on how to exercise these rights for maximum control over your information.

Cookie Usage and Tracking Technologies

Our detailed cookie policy clarifies the use of cookies and tracking technologies, their purposes, and how they contribute to a better user experience, including guidance on managing cookie preferences.

Policy Updates

Our privacy policy undergoes regular reviews and updates, with the latest version always available on our site, ensuring you stay informed about our privacy practices.

Contact and Complaints

For any concerns about our data handling, we offer multiple contact options, including email and postal addresses. We also guide users on lodging complaints with appropriate data protection authorities.

Effective Date

This privacy policy is effective as of 12/02/2024 and reflects our latest standards and practices.

If you have any questions about our website – please reach out to our team at [email protected] and we will get back to you ASAP.