Warframe Tenno’s Guide: Mastering the Solar System

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Venturing into the boundless universe of Warframe might initially seem daunting, akin to a lone Tenno feeling somewhat adrift amidst an expanse of stars and planets. We empathise wholeheartedly; after all, navigating the complexities of an entire solar system replete with perils at every corner is no small feat.

In this guide, we’re poised to furnish you with essential insights—from deftly handling your inaugural quest to asserting dominance over formidable celestial bastions—ensuring that your odyssey is marked by victory as much as it is brimming with excitement.

Together, let’s unveil the enigmatic wonders that space has in store for us!

Key Takeaways

  • In Warframe, Tenno players must navigate through quests like “Vor’s Prize” and “The Second Dream,” which are essential for unlocking game features and understanding the rich storyline.
  • Choosing the right Warframe is vital as each offers unique abilities; combining them with effective mod setups can significantly enhance performance in various combat scenarios.
  • Bullet jumping is a key movement technique that increases agility and speed, helping players dodge attacks and move efficiently across maps during missions.
  • Joining a clan provides access to exclusive blueprints and community support, aiding in the construction of powerful weapons and fostering cooperative gameplay experiences.
  • Mastery over the game involves not only levelling up but also gaining a comprehensive understanding of enemy types, resources, and strategic use of acquired abilities.

Understanding the Warframe Universe

The Warframe universe is a vast and mysterious place, filled with the wonders of space exploration and ancient technologies. As a Tenno, your role is crucial in the ongoing galactic conflict, wielding powerful weapons and mastering biometal technologies to restore peace and balance to the universe.

The Solar System and Beyond

Venturing into the vastness of space, we Tenno face a relentless threat: the Grineer are on the move, conquering new worlds across our solar system. We’re summoned to ancient battlegrounds beyond mere planets and moons.

These celestial arenas demand not only our presence but mastery of every skill and weapon in our arsenal. As guardians of these cosmic distances, we must tread lightly and strike hard.

Our journey sweeps us from the familiar terrain of Earth to mysterious domains teeming with resources vital for survival and supremacy. Each step forward brings encounters with formidable bosses whose defeat unlocks secrets of biometal technology and strategic gameplay elements crucial for advancing in this galactic conflict.

Mastery over these realms isn’t just about power—it’s about understanding how chaos can be tamed by those who wield it wisely.

The Role of the Tenno

As Tenno, we are ancient warriors in the game Warframe, summoned to protect the solar system and beyond from the spreading Grineer. Our role involves mastering our abilities, obtaining powerful weaponry, and venturing through different planets and celestial bodies to restore order.

Throughout the game’s story-driven updates, we engage with a rich history as we progress, using our powers to overcome mission objectives and find boss locations. As we navigate this adventure, it’s essential for us to understand our enemies and make the most of our powers while customising our weapons for maximum impact.

Venturing into new territories within the game allows us to challenge ourselves further—exploring new environments while honing our skills against various threats adds an exciting layer of depth to gameplay.

Quest Guide

Embark on thrilling quests such as Vor’s Prize, The Second Dream, and The Sacrifice to uncover the immersive lore of Warframe. These story-driven updates will keep you engaged in the game’s rich universe.

Vor’s Prize

As players of Warframe, we embark on our journey through the Origin System by completing the “Vor’s Prize” quest. In this quest, we are introduced to the game’s storyline and history as we face challenges set by Captain Vor.

As Tenno, we must utilise our newfound powers to protect and restore order in the chaotic solar system. By successfully completing “Vor’s Prize,” we kickstart our adventure and begin mastering movement, weaponry customisation, and power restoration pivotal for success throughout the game.

Once Awake

The quest “Once Awake” is a significant part of the Warframe experience, introducing players to new challenges and opportunities. During this quest, Tenno players discover more about the game’s lore and encounter powerful enemies.

It’s an engaging chapter that allows players to delve deeper into the game’s rich narrative while honing their skills and abilities. For those eager to immerse themselves in the world of Warframe, “Once Awake” provides an exciting and crucial storyline that adds depth to the overall gaming experience.

– The Archwing

The Archwing

As players progress through the game Warframe, they have the opportunity to unlock and utilise an exhilarating feature known as the Archwing. This innovative piece of technology grants Tenno players the ability to navigate space with increased mobility, enabling them to travel seamlessly between celestial bodies within the solar system.

The Archwing provides a thrilling and unique gameplay experience, allowing Tenno warriors to engage in epic aerial battles and swift interplanetary travel. With its seamless integration into the game’s dynamic movement system, mastering the functionality of the Archwing becomes essential for players seeking to explore new frontiers and conquer formidable enemies across vast cosmic landscapes.

Embarking on quests involving this advanced technology further enhances player immersion in Warframe’s rich universe—a realm brimming with exhilarating adventures awaiting eager Tenno warriors.

Stolen Dreams

After mastering the Archwing and becoming adept at space combat, it’s time to delve into the story-driven quest of “Stolen Dreams.” This exciting chapter in Warframe takes players on a mission to uncover a mystery surrounding a theft that occurred in the Origin System.

As Tenno warriors with evolving abilities, players will need to use their skills in battle and investigation to unravel this captivating storyline. It’s an opportunity for both passionate and novice gamers to enhance their gameplay experience by engaging with a compelling narrative while honing their combat techniques.

The quest “Stolen Dreams” introduces players to new challenges and experiences as they progress through the game’s immersive universe. Whether you’re aiming for story updates, warrior caste strategies, or simply seeking new player tips, this quest provides an enticing blend of action and intrigue that keeps players immersed in the rich lore of Warframe.

The New Strange

We embark on “The New Strange,” a quest that leads Tenno on an investigative journey to uncover the mysteries behind Cephalon Simaris. This story-driven update introduces players to exciting and challenging tasks, encouraging them to utilise their abilities and gear in unique ways.

As aspiring Tenno progress through this mission, they will encounter new enemies and expand their understanding of the Warframe universe. The quest’s narrative depth provides an immersive experience, enriching players’ engagement with the game’s lore and history.

Players are driven to demonstrate mastery as they navigate through various complexities within “The New Strange,” providing a compelling challenge while deepening their connection with the Warframe universe.


The Natah quest introduces an intriguing storyline that delves into the mysteries surrounding the Lotus. Players delve deeper into the lore of Warframe as they uncover surprising revelations about their origins and navigate through a series of unexpected twists.

This quest allows players to immerse themselves in a captivating narrative and unlock new depths to the game’s universe, adding layers of complexity to the overall gameplay experience.

As players progress through the Natah quest, they find themselves drawn further into a web of intrigue and discovery, providing them with a deeper understanding of the Tenno’s role in shaping the destiny of the solar system.

The quest serves as a pivotal point in expanding both knowledge and abilities, setting the stage for even more compelling adventures ahead.

The Second Dream

In “The Second Dream,” players engage in a pivotal quest that unveils the true nature of the Warframe universe. This story-driven update delves deep into the lore, providing an enriching experience for passionate gamers seeking to immerse themselves in the game’s narrative.

As Tenno, unlocking this quest unlocks new layers of mystery and discovery, pushing players to master their skills while unraveling the secrets of the origin system.

Throughout “The Second Dream,” players are propelled into a gripping storyline that challenges them to protect and restore order amid chaos across different celestial bodies within the solar system.

The War Within

The War Within quest in Warframe is a crucial point in the player’s journey. In this story-driven update, Tenno players are faced with challenging decisions that have a significant impact on the game’s narrative and their own character’s development.

As passionate gamers, it is essential to immerse ourselves in the lore of The War Within, as it adds depth and complexity to the overall gaming experience.

Upon reaching The War Within quest, novice gamers will find themselves navigating through intense missions and unraveling important plot points as they progress. This pivotal moment marks an opportunity for players to further harness their abilities and engage deeply with the game’s storyline while mastering new challenges within the expansive universe of Warframe.

Chains of Harrow

The quest “Chains of Harrow” offers a haunting, narrative-driven experience in Warframe. Players embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries of Rell’s tragic past and face the looming darkness that threatens the Origin System.

This story-driven update introduces new gameplay elements and challenges, providing an immersive experience for aspiring Tenno looking to delve deeper into the game’s lore.

As players progress through “Chains of Harrow,” they will encounter eerie environments, unsettling encounters, and thought-provoking puzzles that add depth to the Warframe universe.

Apostasy Prologue

In Apostasy Prologue, players uncover a pivotal chapter in the Warframe story, delving deeper into the lore and history of the game. This quest presents an intense and immersive experience as it brings to light new revelations that shape the understanding of the Tenno’s role in protecting the solar system.

Through engaging gameplay and storytelling, players are drawn further into the rich narrative of Warframe, immersing themselves in a world filled with mystery, intrigue, and ancient forces at play.

As players progress through Apostasy Prologue, they will unravel secrets that have significant impacts on their journey as a Tenno. The quest provides an opportunity for gamers to deepen their connection with the storyline and lore of Warframe while experiencing thrilling gameplay elements.

The Sacrifice

“The Sacrifice” quest in Warframe is a pivotal storyline for Tenno players, delving into the origins of the game’s enigmatic Excalibur Umbra frame. The emotional and compelling narrative explores the bond between Tenno and Warframe, revealing hidden truths about their existence.

Throughout this quest, players will uncover secrets that shed light on the mysterious past of both Tenno and the powerful Warframes they control. Embracing cinematic storytelling and intense gameplay, “The Sacrifice” offers an immersive experience that underscores the deep connection between Tenno and their formidable allies.

As players progress through “The Sacrifice,” they are confronted with challenging decisions that shape both character development and game progression. This emotionally charged quest provides a captivating journey into the lore of Warframe while offering new perspectives on familiar characters.

Chimera Prologue

The Chimera Prologue introduces a new narrative and gameplay experience for Warframe players. This update delves deeper into the game’s lore and history, offering an engaging storyline that expands on the mysteries of the universe.

As passionate gamers, we have the opportunity to uncover hidden secrets and gain insights into our role as Tenno while embracing story-driven updates. The Chimera Prologue enriches our gaming experience with fresh challenges, providing a stimulating adventure within the Warframe universe.

In this update, players can expect to encounter compelling storytelling elements and immersive gameplay features that will enhance their understanding of the Warframe universe. With its blend of intriguing narratives and thrilling gameplay mechanics, the Chimera Prologue presents an exciting journey for both novice gamers and experienced players alike.

Rising Tide

To unlock the power of Railjack—a powerful battleship in Warframe—players must embark on the “Rising Tide” quest. This adventure involves researching and constructing pieces for your own Railjack warship, providing a thrilling challenge and accomplishment for players.

The quest requires acquiring resources, including Titanium and Cubic Diodes, to build components necessary for this formidable vessel. With teamwork and skilled gameplay, players can construct their own Railjack as part of the ongoing storyline in Warframe.

– Building Your Own Clan Dojo Shipyard

Warframe Beginners Guide

Mastering the basics of Warframe, from choosing the right Warframe to understanding mods and resources. Dive into our comprehensive guide to kick-start your journey as a Tenno in the vast Solar System.

Read more to level up your gaming skills!

Choosing the Right Warframe

Choosing the right Warframe is essential for success in the game. Each Warframe offers unique abilities and playstyles, allowing players to tailor their experience to their preferences.

It’s important to consider factors such as combat style, role within a squad, and personal preference when selecting a Warframe. With over 30 different options available, each offering their own strengths and weaknesses, taking the time to research and experiment with different Warframes will ultimately lead to finding the perfect fit for your gameplay.

When choosing a Warframe, it’s crucial to understand how each one complements your preferred playstyle. Whether you enjoy dealing massive damage up close or prefer supporting your team from afar, there are Warframes suited for every type of player.

Tips and Tricks for New Players

New to the Warframe universe? Here are some essential tips and tricks to help you get started:

  1. Prioritise completing quests like “Vor’s Prize” and “Once Awake” to unlock essential game features and progress through the story-driven updates.
  2. Utilise your starter platinum wisely by investing in inventory slots for Warframes, weapons, and Sentinels.
  3. Experiment with different Warframes to find the playstyle that suits you best before delving into more advanced gameplay.
  4. Join a clan to access blueprints for powerful weapons and receive guidance from experienced players.
  5. Regularly participate in Alerts and Invasions to earn valuable resources as rewards.
  6. Master the art of bullet jumping to navigate environments swiftly and evade enemy attacks during missions.
  7. Formulate effective mod loadouts for your Warframes, weapons, and companions to enhance their abilities in combat situations.
  8. Pay attention to enemy weaknesses and resistances; adjusting your strategy accordingly will significantly increase your chances of success during missions.
  9. Engage with other Tenno in community forums or social media groups to exchange tips, strategies, and build synergistic alliances for cooperative play sessions.
  10. Regularly check for new story – driven updates as they provide opportunities for unique rewards and progression within the game universe.

Making the Most of Your Starter Platinum

Now that you’ve familiarised yourself with the essential tips and tricks for new players, it’s time to learn how to make the most of your starter platinum. As a novice Tenno, using your initial platinum wisely can significantly impact your early game progression.

Invest in essential items such as Warframe slots and weapon slots to expand your arsenal. Prioritise acquiring necessary mods or blueprints from other players through trade chat – these can be crucial in customising and enhancing your Warframes and weapons.

Additionally, consider spending platinum on Orokin Reactors or Catalysts to maximise the potential of your favourite gear for upcoming challenges.

Importance of Mods

To truly excel in Warframe, understanding the importance of Mods is crucial. These versatile enhancements are integral to customising your weapons and Warframes, allowing you to tailor their performance to match your playstyle.

With a wide variety of mods available, each offering unique benefits like increased damage, improved critical chance or enhanced abilities, these small but mighty upgrades can make a significant impact on your success in battles across the solar system.

As you progress through the game and face increasingly challenging foes, mastering the art of modding becomes essential for not only surviving but thriving amidst the chaos.

Understanding Your Enemies

Grineer, Corpus, and Infested forces are the primary enemies encountered in Warframe as you journey through the solar system. The Grineer, a militarised faction seeking to dominate space, can be distinguished by their imposing armour and advanced weaponry.

Meanwhile, the Corpus focus on technological prowess and capitalism, often seen wielding energy-based weapons and shields. The Infested present a different challenge altogether – mutated creatures infesting planets with their relentless assault.

Understanding each enemy’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial for devising effective strategies during combat engagements.

Scanning enemies during missions provides valuable insight into their vulnerabilities and resistances. Additionally, leveraging your Warframe’s unique abilities to exploit enemy weaknesses will greatly enhance your chances of victory in battle.

Utilising Bullet Jump

Understanding your enemies is crucial, but mastering movement in Warframe is equally important. One of the key movement techniques to master is the bullet jump. This essential skill allows you to swiftly traverse through the game’s diverse environments with ease and agility.

By crouching and then jumping while moving forward, players can perform a powerful leap that provides momentum and elevation, enabling them to move quickly across maps, dodge incoming fire, or reach elevated platforms efficiently.

Upon mastering the bullet jump technique, players gain increased mobility which is vital for both combat and exploration in Warframe. It opens up new opportunities for strategic positioning during battles and enhances overall gameplay experience by giving a sense of fluidity and speed to their movements throughout the solar system.

Mastering the Solar System

– Upgrading Weapons and Gear

– Understanding Resources

– Importance of Abilities

– Obtaining Rhino

– Levelling Up for Mastery

– Navigating the Map and Finding Boss Locations

Upgrading Weapons and Gear

To enhance our effectiveness in the Warframe universe, we need to focus on upgrading weapons and gear. By obtaining new weaponry and customising them with mods, we can significantly increase our combat capabilities.

Additionally, regularly levelling up our gear allows us to unlock more powerful abilities and perform better in battles. Making efficient use of resources found throughout the solar system is essential for crafting and upgrading equipment.

As Tenno, it’s crucial that we continually improve our arsenal to conquer the challenges ahead.

Understanding different types of weapons and their unique benefits is vital for strategic combat. Upgrading their damage output, critical chance, or elemental effects can make a substantial difference in our success against adversaries.

Understanding Resources

In Warframe, resources play a crucial role in crafting new weapons, gear, and items for your Tenno. Resources are scattered throughout the solar system and can be found on different planets and missions.

By actively exploring the diverse locations within the game, players can gather valuable resources such as ferrite, rubedo, plastids, and more to progress their gameplay. Understanding the specific types of resources needed for different blueprints will greatly enhance your ability to build powerful weaponry and unlock advanced equipment for your Tenno’s arsenal.

As we delve into the importance of mastering resources in Warframe, let’s now shift our focus to discussing the intricacies surrounding the utilisation of abilities in combat situations.

Importance of Abilities

Understanding the importance of abilities is crucial for every Tenno looking to master the Solar System in Warframe. Each Warframe possesses unique and powerful abilities, allowing players to control elements, summon allies, or inflict devastating damage on enemies.

These abilities can turn the tide of battle and are pivotal for overcoming challenging missions and enemies throughout the game. As passionate gamers, honing these abilities is essential for unleashing the full potential of your chosen Warframe and becoming an unstoppable force in your quest to restore balance across the universe.

Additionally, mastering your Warframe’s abilities enables you to contribute effectively in group missions while facing formidable adversaries. Utilising these powers strategically not only enhances your individual prowess but also strengthens teamwork as you collaborate with other Tenno to tackle diverse threats encountered throughout your journey in Warframe.

Obtaining Rhino

Understanding the Importance of Abilities is crucial in mastering Warframe. As Tenno, obtaining Rhino can significantly enhance your gameplay experience and combat effectiveness. To acquire this powerful Warframe, players must defeat the Jackal on Fossa, Venus.

By successfully conquering this formidable foe, you will secure the Rhino Blueprint which serves as the foundation for constructing this robust and resilient Warframe.

Once acquired, Rhino’s abilities offer unparalleled offensive and defensive potential on the battlefield. With abilities such as Iron Skin providing enhanced durability and Roar boosting squad damage output, Rhino becomes an invaluable asset in any Tenno’s arsenal.

Levelling Up for Mastery

After obtaining Rhino and mastering its abilities, the next step towards becoming a skilled Tenno in Warframe is levelling up for mastery. Levelling up not only increases your Warframe’s proficiency but also unlocks new content and missions to explore.

It’s crucial to understand that levelling up different weapons, gear, and Warframes contributes to your overall Mastery Rank. By gaining experience through completing missions and eliminating enemies, you can accelerate your progression.

Additionally, participating in diverse missions across the solar system allows you to gather resources essential for crafting new equipment, promoting mastery of the game.

Understanding the importance of modding your equipment is pivotal for successful levelling up. Equipping mods enhances weapon statistics and abilities, thus boosting efficiency in combat scenarios.

Navigating the Map and Finding Boss Locations

Navigating the map and finding boss locations is crucial for progressing in Warframe. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

  1. Open the Navigation console on your Orbiter to view the Solar System map.
  2. Select a mission node to view its details, such as the mission type, enemy levels, and possible rewards.
  3. Boss nodes are marked with a skull icon. These nodes indicate where you can find and face formidable bosses.
  4. Some boss nodes have specific conditions or requirements for them to appear, so be sure to fulfil those conditions before attempting to locate the boss.
  5. Additionally, completing certain quests may unlock new missions or areas where bosses reside.
  6. Keep an eye out for special assassination missions, which often lead to encounters with powerful bosses.
  7. As you progress through the solar system, more boss locations will become accessible, offering a variety of challenging battles and unique loot opportunities.
  8. Utilise your abilities and weapons effectively during these encounters to overcome your adversaries and claim valuable rewards.
  9. Remember that defeating bosses can yield essential resources, blueprints for powerful gear, and progress in your journey across the solar system.
  10. Exploring different planets and regions will unveil new boss encounters, each with their own set of tactics and strategies required for victory.


Mastering the Solar System in Warframe is a thrilling adventure. Upgrading weapons and gear enhances your Tenno’s power. Understanding resources and abilities are crucial for success.

Obtaining Rhino and exploring new boss locations further enriches gameplay. Levelling up for mastery ensures continual progress in the game.


1. What is “Warframe Tenno’s Guide: Mastering the Solar System”?

“Warframe Tenno’s Guide: Mastering the Solar System” is a guide designed to help players navigate, succeed and master the challenges presented throughout the game Warframe.

2. Can I use this guide as a beginner in Warframe?

Absolutely! The guide offers step-by-step advice tailored for beginners to quickly become skilled at traversing and conquering the solar system in Warframe.

3. Will this guide cover story-driven updates in Warframe?

Yes, it keeps you updated on all new story-driven content so that you won’t miss out on any fresh adventures or important changes within Warframe.

4. How often should I refer to the Tenno’s Guide while playing?

Check back with the Tenno’s Guide regularly for strategies and tips to tackle new levels and enemies effectively as you progress through your space-faring journey in Warframe.

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