Civilization VI Civilization Guide: Choosing the Right Leader for Victory

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Selecting the most suitable leader in Civilization VI can indeed feel akin to navigating an astoundingly intricate maze. We’ve all found ourselves there, haven’t we? Endeavouring to align our individual approach to the game with a civilisation’s special attributes – it’s undeniably a delicate balancing act.

Our sojourn through the fine art of leader selection has revealed pivotal strategies for every conceivable route to triumph, meticulously tailored for your unique gaming style. So go on, take the plunge and let us aid you in locating your ideal counterpart for global supremacy!

Key Takeaways

  • Different victory types in Civilization VI require distinct strategies and the right leader to match those strategies, such as using Genghis Khan of Mongolia for Domination Victories or Catherine de Medici of France for Cultural Victories.
  • Leader traits, agendas, and unique abilities have a significant impact on gameplay, influencing expansion, warfare, cultural growth and other strategic decisions towards achieving victory.
  • Leaders like Queen Seondeok of Korea are great for Science Victories due to their scientific bonuses while leaders such as Gandhi of India are suited for Religious Victories because they can easily spread their faith.
  • Understanding each civilisation’s advantages is crucial when selecting a leader; players should align these with their desired playstyle whether it be aggressive conquest or peaceful cultural development.
  • Experimenting with various civilisations and leaders adds excitement and depth to the game by challenging players to adapt to different styles of governance and paths towards world domination.

Understanding Victory Types

When it comes to achieving victory in Civilization VI, there are several paths to success. Understanding the different victory types – domination, science, culture, and religion – is crucial for choosing the right leader and developing your strategy.

Each type requires a unique approach and careful consideration of your leader’s abilities.


If you’re eyeing a Domination Victory in Civilization VI, prepare to lead your military forces to triumph. This victory type demands the capture of all rival civilisations’ capital cities.

Imagine guiding your troops across diverse terrains, orchestrating sieges with precision, and engraving your legacy on every continent. Our iron grip tightens as we consider leaders like Mongolia’s Genghis Khan, whose fearsome cavalry can outmanoeuvre opponents; or the Aztecs under Montezuma, who command respect through strength and unique warrior units.

As we marshal our armies and plot our campaigns for global supremacy, let’s not forget how each leader brings something special to the battleground. The Zulu’s Shaka is revered for his Impi warriors and battle formations that can sway any confrontation in his favour.

Deploy these formidable strategies wisely—conquer opposing cities efficiently without overextending—and watch empires crumble before you. Now let’s shift focus from brute force to intellectual might – Science awaits us next.


When pursuing a Science victory in Civilization VI, it is crucial to prioritise technological advancements and scientific progress. Through focusing on research and production, players can achieve this victory by launching a spaceship to Alpha Centauri before any other civilisation.

Key strategies involve optimising city placement for access to science-generating resources, building libraries and universities early on, forming alliances with scientific city-states, specialising in the Rationalism policy tree within the government system, and prioritising projects related to space missions.

Each leader brings unique advantages for achieving a Science victory. Korea boasts Seowon as their unique district which provides additional science when placed next to mines; Babylon’s ability allows them to unlock Eurekas faster through their Enûma Anu Enlil ability; while Australia can construct a unique improvement called Outback Station that boosts both food and production yield at later stages of the game – all of which provide distinct advantages when aiming for scientific dominance.


To achieve a Culture Victory in Civilization VI, players need to focus on generating high levels of tourism and attracting visiting tourists from other civilisations. Choosing the right leader for this victory type can make a significant impact as certain leaders, such as France, Mali, and Kongo, have unique abilities that enhance cultural growth and tourism generation.

Building wonders, great works of art and music, and leveraging national parks are essential strategies for boosting tourism output. Additionally, adopting policies that prioritise culture and enacting archaeological digs can also contribute to gaining an advantage in pursuing a successful Culture Victory.

By understanding the strengths of each civilisation’s unique abilities and applying them strategically within your gameplay, you can effectively pursue a victorious path through cultural domination.


Religion plays a crucial role in Civilization VI, offering players the opportunity to pursue a victory through faith. Choosing leaders with strong religious abilities, such as Arabia, India, and Georgia, can significantly influence the outcome of the game.

For instance, Gandhi’s Dharma perk and Satyagraha ability make India well-suited for a Religious victory by leveraging his influence to spread religion. By carefully selecting beliefs that align with your civilisation’s strengths and situation, you can optimise your chances of success in achieving a Religious Victory.

Strategically utilising religion alongside diplomatic endeavours and cultural development can lead to an alternative path to victory in Civilization VI. It’s important for players to understand each leader’s unique traits and capabilities since they play an instrumental part in shaping the course of their civilisation towards religious domination.

Best Leaders for Each Victory Type

When it comes to domination victories, leaders like Mongolia, Aztec, and Zulu are strong contenders – for more information on the best leaders for science, culture, and religion victories, keep reading!

Domination: Mongolia, Aztec, Zulu

Mongolia, led by Genghis Khan, excels in swift conquests due to its “Mongol Horde” ability, which provides extra combat strength against city-states and allows for faster unit movement.

The unique improvement, Ordu, also grants additional combat experience and production for cavalry units. As the Aztecs under Montezuma, you can utilise the “Legend of the Five Suns” ability to gain a slight boost in combat when fighting on or next to a water feature.

Their unique unit – the Eagle Warrior – captures enemy units and converts them into Builders upon defeating them. The Zulu leader Shaka brings formidable Impis into battle thanks to their powerful melee attacks with increased defence bonuses gained through their “Isibongo” ability.

Science: Korea, Babylon, Australia

Korea, Babylon, and Australia are the standout leaders for achieving a Science Victory in Civilization VI. Korea, led by Queen Seondeok, excels in scientific progress with the Three Kingdoms ability that gives cities additional science bonuses.

Additionally, their unique unit Hwacha provides military protection while progressing towards scientific goals. Babylon’s research-focused abilities make them a formidable force in the pursuit of scientific victory.

Their Leader Ability grants Eurekas twice as fast and provides free Great Scientists points from Campus district buildings. Meanwhile, Australia offers significant advantages for players aiming for victory through science.

Led by John Curtin, they gain extra production in coastal cities and have access to Diggers – powerful units that can defend against any threat during technological advancement.

Culture: France, Mali, Kongo

France, Mali, and Kongo are standout leaders for achieving a cultural victory in Civilization VI. France’s leader, Catherine de Medici, has the ability to gain an additional spy when they advance into a new era.

This allows players to gather valuable information about rival civilizations’ cultures or technologies and sabotage their opponents if necessary. Additionally, France’s unique unit, the Garde Imperiale, lends itself well to defending culturally significant wonders and districts.

Mali’s leader Mansa Musa brings unique bonuses that can greatly influence a cultural victory. The Mandekalu Cavalry provides strong protection for trade routes along with extra gold production from desert tiles.

Religion: Arabia, India, Georgia

Arabia, under the leadership of Saladin, excels at religious victories with its unique abilities. The Mamluk unit can spread Islam while engaging in combat, providing a strategic advantage for conquest.

Additionally, India’s leader Gandhi is well-suited for a Religious Victory due to the Dharma perk and Satyagraha ability that synergise to facilitate widespread cultural influence through religion.

Lastly, Georgia’s leader Tamar has strengths in advancing faith-based goals using extra envoys and Tsikhe improvement to bolster city defences.

Leader Traits, Agendas, and Abilities

Exploring the impact of leader traits, agendas and abilities on gameplay is essential for maximising their potential. Understanding how to utilise these unique features can give players a strategic advantage in pursuing victory.

Impact on gameplay

Leader traits, agendas, and abilities have a significant impact on gameplay in Civilization VI. The unique characteristics of each leader can alter the course of the game, influencing decisions related to expansion, diplomacy, warfare, and cultural development.

Understanding how these factors interplay with victory conditions is crucial for maximising your chances of success.

Each civilisation’s distinct advantages and playstyles brought by their leaders can drastically affect the outcome of your empire. From diplomatic bonuses to military prowess or cultural boosts, finding the right fit for your preferred strategy is essential for achieving victory.

Considering which leader aligns best with your desired playstyle will greatly enhance your overall gaming experience and likelihood of triumph.

Whether you’re aiming for domination or cultural supremacy, choosing a leader that complements your objectives is pivotal in shaping the trajectory of your civilisation. Each decision made regarding leadership has far-reaching implications on gameplay mechanics and ultimately determines whether you’ll emerge victorious.

Strategies for maximising their potential

To maximise the potential of each leader, consider their unique traits and abilities when pursuing a specific victory type. Utilise the special abilities and units provided by your chosen leader to gain an advantage in your pursuit of domination, science, culture, or religious victories.

Remember to adapt your strategy based on the strengths and weaknesses of both your civilisation and the opposing leaders you encounter.

When aiming for a cultural victory, focus on building wonders and generating great works while leveraging your leader’s unique abilities to attract tourists. For science victories, prioritise research and technological advancements while exploiting any scientific-focused perks provided by your chosen leader.

Choosing the Right Leader for Your Playstyle

When choosing a leader, consider your playstyle – aggressive leaders for warmongers, peaceful leaders for cultural focus, strategic leaders for science victories, and faith-based leaders for religious victories.

Each leader has unique traits and abilities that cater to different approaches to the game. Experiment with different playstyles and have fun conquering the world!

Aggressive leaders for warmongers

Mongolia, led by Genghis Khan, is a top choice for warmongers due to its unique ability to create trading posts when connecting cities and an additional combat bonus against city-states.

The Aztec civilisation, under the leadership of Montezuma, gains amenities from luxury resources adjacent to their capital and can easily boost military power with each completed unit of luxury resource improvement.

Another formidable leader for domination victory is Shaka of the Zulu civilisation with their powerful Impi melee units which are available earlier in the game than most others.

These aggressive leaders provide distinct advantages on the battlefield and are ideal choices for players aiming to conquer through warfare. Their unique abilities and units enable swift military expansions while also posing significant threats to rival civilisations.

Peaceful leaders for cultural focus

France, Mali, and Kongo are ideal for those looking to achieve a cultural victory in Civilization VI. Each of these leaders brings unique abilities and traits that support the development of their civilisation’s culture and tourism output.

Their peaceful approach allows players to focus on building wonders, great works, and cultivating their civilisation’s artistry.

The French leader Catherine de Medici excels in espionage, boosting her ability to fill museums with valuable artefacts from other civilisations. On the other hand, Mansa Musa of Mali thrives economically due to his unique ability to generate additional gold from trade routes.

Strategic leaders for science victories

When pursuing a Science Victory in Civilization VI, strategic leaders play a crucial role in achieving success. Leaders such as Korea, Babylon, and Australia possess unique abilities that can significantly boost scientific progress.

For instance, Korea’s ability to generate additional science from mines and farms is advantageous for accelerating technological advancement. Additionally, the unique district of Babylon provides substantial bonuses towards scientific research, making them an ideal choice for players aiming for a Science Victory.

Australia’s Outback Station improvement not only enhances production but also boosts the civilisation’s overall scientific output.

Faith-based leaders for religious victories

For players aiming for a Religious Victory in Civilization VI, selecting leaders like Arabia, India, or Georgia could prove to be the winning choice. These civilisations come with unique abilities and traits that give them an edge in spreading their religion and securing religious dominance on the map.

With Arabia’s abilities such as The Last Prophet and Righteousness of Faith, India’s Dharma perk and Satyagraha ability combo, or Georgia’s Strength in Unity bonus, these faith-based leaders offer strategic advantages that can help players achieve victory through religious means.

These faith-focused leaders bring depth and interest to gameplay for those seeking a challenge or a different approach to victory compared to other civilisation types. Their unique bonuses allow players to leverage religion as a tool for success in their game strategy while competing against opponents pursuing alternate paths to win the game.


Experiment with different leaders and playstyles to see which suits you best. Understanding victory types and utilising leader abilities is key to success in Civilization VI. Ultimately, have fun conquering the world!

Experimenting with different leaders and playstyles

When experimenting with different leaders and playstyles, we need to consider how their unique abilities and traits align with our preferred approach to the game. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each leader, we can adapt our playstyle accordingly.

Whether it’s deploying a military-focused strategy with leaders like Genghis Khan or pursuing a peaceful cultural victory with leaders like Eleanor of Aquitaine, exploring diverse playstyles keeps the gaming experience fresh and exciting.

Players must strategise based on their chosen leader’s traits in order to maximise their chances of victory. For example, if aiming for a science victory, players should select a leader who complements this goal by excelling in technological advancements and space race initiatives.

Importance of understanding victory types and utilising leader abilities

Experimenting with different leaders and playstyles can be an exciting journey, but to truly conquer the world in Civilization VI, it’s crucial to understand victory types and make the most of your leader’s unique abilities.

Each victory type requires distinct strategies, whether it’s dominating through military might, achieving scientific breakthroughs, influencing the world culturally, or spreading religion across civilisations.

By grasping these different paths to success and utilising your leader’s strengths effectively, you can enhance your chances of triumphing over other civilisations.

Understanding victory types is not only about choosing a path but also about leveraging your leader’s traits and abilities. Every civilisation offers unique advantages that align with specific victory conditions.

Have fun and conquer the world!

Choose your leader wisely, considering their unique abilities and the victory type you aim for. Experiment with different leaders to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Utilise each leader’s traits to maximise your chances of achieving victory in Civilization VI.

With diverse playstyles and strategies at your disposal, immerse yourself in the world of Civilization VI and enjoy conquering it through various victory types – from domination to science, culture, religion, diplomacy or score.

Mastering the art of choosing the right leader will enhance your gaming experience while leading you to triumph!


1. How do I choose the best leader for victory in Civilization VI?

When choosing a leader for victory in Civilization VI, consider each leader’s unique traits and agendas that align with your preferred playstyle, such as military conquest or technology advancement.

2. What are unique leader traits?

Unique leader traits are special abilities or bonuses that set leaders apart from others, helping to define their strategic advantages in the game.

3. Can you recommend any leaders for beginners?

Beginners may benefit from picking leaders known to be more forgiving due to versatile bonuses or straightforward strategies; consult a beginner’s guide for suggestions on which leaders can help ease new players into the game mechanics.

4. Who is the best military leader if I want domination victory?

The best military leader for domination might be one who possesses robust military advantages and aggressive expansion policies, so check out tier lists to find top-ranked leaders geared towards warfare and empire-building.

5. Are there different leaders suitable for different eras?

Yes, some leaders shine brightest in specific eras thanks to their agendas and specialities; selecting a civilisation should involve considering how well its strengths align with various stages of gameplay.

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