ShowMaker: Dominating the Mid-Lane in LoL

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Wrestling with the challenges of holding your own in League of Legendsmid-lane? It’s a familiar tale; this is the arena where countless hopefuls vie for supremacy, yet only a select few glimmer with true mastery.

Enter ShowMaker, the mastermind behind 2020’s world champion team—a figure who has redefined what it means to be an exceptional mid-laner. In our comprehensive analysis, we’ll unveil the insights and tactics he employs that just might raise your game to new heights.

Prepare yourself: it’s time to learn how to navigate the art of ruling the mid-lane!

Key Takeaways

  • ShowMaker masters the game with diverse champion picks like Qiyana, Lucian, Viktor, and more.
  • His gameplay techniques include excellent positioning and map awareness that give him an edge over opponents in mid-lane.
  • Pro players admire ShowMaker for his ability to adapt quickly to changing metas and for his innovative strategies.
  • Analysing ShowMaker’s replays reveals key tactics such as precise resource management and calculated aggression.
  • Tips from ShowMaker’s playstyle include mastering champions’ abilities like Viktor’s laser placement and Lucian’s passive for better control in the lane.

Profile of ShowMaker – The Best Mid Laner in the World

ShowMaker is renowned for his exceptional skills in the mid lane, with a particular mastery of champions like Qiyana. His diverse champion pool sets him apart from other players and allows him to dominate opponents on the rift.

Profile of ShowMaker – The Best Mid Laner in the World

His Qiyana Essentials

We’ve all seen how ShowMaker turns the tides of battle with his Qiyana, making her a must-watch whenever he’s on the rift. He makes every move count, weaving through enemies and setting up eliminations that often lead to dominating victories.

His precision with Qiyana’s abilities showcases not just quick reflexes but also deep understanding of mid-lane dynamics.

He leverages Qiyana’s kit masterfully, using the terrain to his advantage and executing perfect combos. Watch any of ShowMaker’s highlight reels; you’ll find him securing objectives or outplaying opponents in clutch moments – it’s like strategy and instinct merge seamlessly at his fingertips.

With these essentials mastered, he paves the way for exploring his equally impressive diverse champion pool.

His diverse champion pool

ShowMaker demonstrates his versatility with an expansive champion pool, excelling on a wide range of mid-lane champions. From high mechanical skill champions like Qiyana and Lucian to control mages like Viktor, he has shown mastery over different playstyles.

His ability to adapt to various metas and bring out unexpected picks keeps opponents constantly guessing and struggling to counter him effectively.

In addition, ShowMaker’s proficiency on assassins such as Akali and LeBlanc is another testament to his diverse skill set. This unparalleled flexibility allows him to dominate the mid-lane in any situation, making him a formidable opponent for anyone stepping onto Summoner’s Rift.

Analysing ShowMaker’s Gameplay

We will delve into ShowMaker’s gameplay, breaking down his techniques and strategies with insightful replay analyses and comments from other pro players. This section will provide a deep understanding of how ShowMaker dominates the mid-lane in LoL.

Analysing ShowMaker’s Gameplay

Replay analyses

  1. Observing his positioning during team fights, as ShowMaker has a knack for finding optimal angles to dish out damage while remaining safe.
  2. Noting his early game movements and decision-making, which often set the tone for his dominant mid-lane performances.
  3. Paying attention to his resource management, especially how he maximises the use of mana and cooldowns on different champions.
  4. Analysing his roaming patterns and vision control to understand how he exerts pressure across the map from the mid lane.
  5. Studying his adaptability when facing diverse matchups, showcasing a deep understanding of various champion interactions in the mid lane.
  6. Recognising his calculated aggression and map awareness, allowing him to capitalise on opportunities and conquer opponents effectively.

Comments from other pro players

  1. ShowMaker’s ability to adapt to different champions and consistently perform at a high level sets him apart from other mid laners. His diverse champion pool keeps opponents guessing and adds depth to his gameplay.
  2. His strategic decision-making and precise execution during team fights make him a formidable force in the mid-lane. ShowMaker’s calculated approach and sharp mechanics make him a challenging opponent for any rival mid laner.
  3. Pro players have cited ShowMaker’s innovative strategies as a source of inspiration, highlighting his unique approaches to match-ups and game scenarios. His creative thinking and adaptability are qualities that many aspire to emulate in their own gameplay.
  4. ShowMaker’s mental fortitude and ability to handle high-pressure situations have been commended by fellow professionals. His resilience and composure under intense scrutiny contribute to his sustained success as a top-tier mid laner.
  5. Many pro players recognise ShowMaker as a role model for aspiring mid laners, emphasising the importance of dedication, continuous improvement, and unwavering confidence in one’s abilities.

Jaxon’s Top 5 Mid Laners of the Year

Jaxon provides his analysis of ShowMaker’s dominating performance in the mid lane, along with a list of other notable mid laners in the current meta. This will give readers insight into the top mid laners to watch out for and learn from in the gaming world.

Jaxon’s Top 5 Mid Laners of the Year

Jaxon’s analysis of ShowMaker’s performance

ShowMaker’s performance on the rift has been nothing short of exceptional, with his dominant presence in the mid-lane setting a benchmark for aspiring mid laners. His ability to excel in diverse champions like Qiyana showcases his versatility and strategic prowess.

ShowMaker’s impactful gameplay is evident through his international success, despite not winning an international trophy yet. The way he conquers opponents with his masterful strategies reflects why he is considered one of the best mid lane players of all time.

Witnessing ShowMaker’s dominance on the rift serves as an inspiring guide for gamers aiming to elevate their skills in League of Legends’ mid-lane. His consistent performance and innovative tactics continue to influence the game at both professional and amateur levels.

Other notable mid laners in the current meta

Transitioning from analysing ShowMaker’s performance, let’s take a look at other notable mid laners making waves in the current meta. Caps, known for his flashy plays and innovative strategies, continues to be a force to be reckoned with.

His ability to adapt to different playstyles and dominate the mid-lane has solidified his position as one of the best in the world. Chovy‘s exceptional mechanical skill and game sense make him a formidable opponent, consistently delivering stellar performances for his team.

Players like Humanoid and Yagao have also been showcasing their prowess in the mid-lane, earning recognition for their impactful gameplay. With diverse champion pools and outstanding strategic execution, these mid laners are shaping the competitive landscape of League of Legends esports.

Tips and Tricks on Dominating Mid Lane like a Lucian God

Unleash your inner Lucian god with our expert tips and tricks on dominating the mid lane. Learn how to play Lucian effectively, and master key tactics and strategies inspired by ShowMaker’s impactful gameplay.

How to play Lucian effectively in the mid lane

To dominate the mid lane like ShowMaker, follow these tips and strategies for playing Lucian effectively:

  1. Use Lucian’s passive – Lightslinger – to maximise damage output in skirmishes and team fights.
  2. Prioritise levelling up Piercing Light (Q) to poke and clear waves efficiently while harassing opponents.
  3. Leverage Ardent Blaze (W) for its utility in controlling the wave, applying pressure, and providing vision in the river.
  4. Time Relentless Pursuit (E) carefully to dash in and out of combat, avoiding enemy abilities while positioning for optimal trades.
  5. Make use of The Culling (R) in coordinated team fights to deal massive damage or secure kills from a safe distance.

Key tactics and strategies from ShowMaker’s gameplay

  1. ShowMaker excels at map awareness, constantly keeping an eye on the mini-map for potential ganks and roaming opportunities.
  2. He showcases exceptional control over minion waves, manipulating them to create pressure and deny the opponent resources.
  3. ShowMaker’s aggressive positioning in team fights allows him to deal maximum damage while avoiding being focused by the enemy team.
  4. His ability to consistently land skill shots, such as Qiyana’s elemental strikes, demonstrates his precision and prediction skills.
  5. ShowMaker leverages vision control effectively, placing wards in key areas to gather information and avoid enemy ganks.
  6. His calculated aggression in the laning phase often catches opponents off guard, leading to early advantages for his team.
  7. ShowMaker’s adaptability is evident from his diverse champion pool, allowing him to counter – pick and adapt to different matchups.
  8. He utilises power spikes of champions like Lucian to dominate the mid lane during critical moments in the game.
  9. ShowMaker’s objective control and shot – calling contribute significantly to securing neutral objectives and controlling the pace of the game.
  10. His ability to rotate efficiently between lanes, creating pressure and opportunities for his team, sets him apart as a masterful mid laner.

Mastering Viktor in Mid Lane – A Guide Inspired by ShowMaker

Learn how to dominate the mid lane with Viktor, inspired by ShowMaker’s winning strategies and essential tips for playing this champion effectively. Unleash Viktor’s potential and master the mid lane like a professional player with insights from the world champion himself.

How to play Viktor like the 2020 world champion

Key tips and tricks from ShowMaker’s Viktor gameplay

  1. Positioning is crucial for Viktor – prioritise staying at a safe distance from opponents while dealing damage with your abilities.
  2. Utilise Viktor’s Gravity Field to control the battlefield – strategically place it to zone out enemies and set up gank opportunities.
  3. Master the timing of Viktor’s Siphon Power shield – it can absorb crucial damage in trades and keep you in the fight longer.
  4. Upgrade your Hex Core efficiently – prioritise augmenting abilities based on the match-up and game state to maximise impact.
  5. Coordinate with your team to layer crowd control effects with Viktor’s Gravity Field for devastating team fights.
  6. Aim for precise laser placement with Death Ray – predict enemy movement to land consistent damage and wave clear effectively.
  7. Use Chaos Storm judiciously – deploy it in areas where enemies are likely to commit or retreat, ensuring maximum disruption and damage.
  8. Continuously farm gold for item spikes as Viktor scales well with items, securing a strong late – game presence.


In conclusion, mastering the mid-lane in League of Legends requires dedication and strategy. ShowMaker’s dominance as a mid laner serves as an inspiration for players looking to elevate their gameplay.

Incorporating his tactics and champion pool diversity can lead to conquering opponents with confidence. With continued practice and perseverance, one can strive towards emulating the legendary performance of this world-class mid lane player.


1. Who is ShowMaker in League of Legends (LoL)?

ShowMaker is a champion midlaner known for his dominant performance and skill at conquering opponents in the game’s midfield area.

2. What can I learn from ShowMaker’s video guide?

You’ll discover advanced midlane strategies and tips on mastering the midlane to play like a pro, guiding you through dominating your LoL matches.

3. How does ShowMaker consistently dominate the mid-lane?

Through exceptional gameplay and understanding seasonal midlane guides, ShowMaker outplays rivals with powerful techniques and strategic brilliance.

4. Can watching ShowMaker help me improve my own LoL game?

Absolutely! Studying his tournament plays offers key insights into playing like a god, allowing you to mimic those skills for your own midlane dominance.

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