World of Tanks Blitz Battle Guide: Tactics for the Armoured Warrior

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Finding yourself in a bit of a sticky wicket on the World of Tanks Blitz battlefield? Trust us, we know the drill – jolting across challenging terrains and encountering more than our fair share of cul-de-sacs.

But fear not! With some serious strategy homework, we’ve buffed up our tanks to tip-top shape. Our meticulously crafted guide is brimming with indispensable advice and savvy tactics that will transform your armoured endeavours from green recruit to distinguished tank commander.

So why dither? Join us for a thunderous charge into the fray armed with knowledge bound to tip the scales in your favour.

Key Takeaways

  • In World of Tanks Blitz, achieving victory requires not just skill but also smart tactical planning including selecting the right tank for specific battle scenarios, utilising each nation’s unique strengths, and mastering different combat techniques such as the “Peek-A-Boo” strategy or long-range sniping.
  • Communication with teammates and forming strategic alliances can significantly enhance your chances of success; co-ordinated movements and focused attacks are critical components of a winning team strategy in multiplayer battles.
  • Advanced tactics such as employing a hull-down position or side-scraping technique adapt your gameplay to various situations on the battlefield. These specialised manoeuvres can protect vulnerable parts of your tank while allowing you to stay offensive.
  • Proper preparation before entering combat is essential; this includes ensuring adequate ammunition supply for different scenarios and making strategic use of consumables like repair kits and fire extinguishers to maintain tank performance during engagements.
  • The game encourages continuous learning and adaptation — mastering new tactics, upgrading tanks, ranking up through tiers, and working cohesively with allies are ongoing processes that contribute to becoming an accomplished player in World of Tanks Blitz.

Important Tips and Tricks for Success in Battles

When engaging in battle, it is important to avoid keyboard-mouse players, manage income and spending time at the hangar wisely, choose the right tank for the job, utilise country-specific strengths and weaknesses, understand tiers and ranking up, as well as build alliances and communication with your team.

These tips are crucial for achieving success in World of Tanks Blitz battles.

Avoiding keyboard-mouse players

We all know the struggle of facing off against keyboard-mouse players in World of Tanks Blitz. Their quicker reactions and more precise controls can give them an edge in tank battles.

To level the playing field, we focus on honing our own skills on touchscreens or controllers. Sharpen your reflexes and get accustomed to the responsive nature of your device. Work out quick manoeuvres and become adept at using auto-aim when necessary.

In combat, staying mobile is key to avoiding being an easy target for those with mouse control advantage. We use terrain wisely, keeping our tanks moving and making it harder for enemies to land a shot.

Exploit ambush tactics; wait patiently behind cover until opponents expose their weak points, then strike fast before they have time to react accurately with their peripherals. By perfecting these strategies together as a team, we counteract the precision that keyboard-mouse players might bring to the battlefield.

Managing income and spending time at the hangar

As players, we must effectively manage our income and spending time at the hangar to ensure a successful gaming experience in World of Tanks Blitz. By strategically allocating resources, we can purchase essential upgrades for our armoured vehicles and invest in research and development to enhance our combat capabilities.

Additionally, wisely managing our in-game currency allows us to acquire new tanks and equipment essential for diversifying our tactical arsenal on the battlefield.

We need to make informed decisions about how we invest our income within the game, as it directly impacts our performance during battles. Spending time at the hangar is crucial for upgrading tanks with advanced modules, as well as conducting research to unlock new vehicle lines.

Choosing the right tank for the job

Selecting the appropriate tank for a battle is crucial. We should consider factors like mobility, firepower, and armour. Each tank has unique attributes that influence its performance in combat situations.

Research your options to find the best fit for your playstyle and strategy. By doing so, we can ensure our success on the battlefield.

Understanding each tank’s strengths and weaknesses allows us to make informed decisions during battles. This strategic approach forms the foundation of our victory in World of Tanks Blitz.

Utilizing country-specific strengths and weaknesses

Having selected the right tank for the job, it’s crucial to utilise each country’s specific strengths and weaknesses to gain an advantage on the battlefield. Each nation’s tanks have unique characteristics that you can leverage – from German tanks’ accuracy and high penetration values, to Soviet tanks’ durability and strong armour.

French tanks are known for their speed and mobility, while American tanks excel in flexibility and great gun depression angles. British vehicles boast solid turret armour and high rate of fire, with Japanese tanks offering good damage per minute.

Understanding these distinctions will help you make informed decisions when engaging in combat scenarios, maximising your chances of victory.

Factoring in each country’s strengths can also provide insights into creating effective strategies during battle. For instance, utilising German precision for long-range sniping or employing Soviet resilience as part of a front-line aggressive approach can be game-changing tactics.

Understanding tiers and ranking up

To progress in World of Tanks Blitz, players must understand the concept of tiers and how to rank up. Tiers represent the strength and capability of the tanks available, with higher tiers offering more powerful vehicles.

As players gain experience and victories, they can unlock access to new tanks at higher tiers. Ranking up involves earning experience through battles and completing missions, which allows for advancement to higher tiers.

By mastering different tactics and effectively contributing to team victories, players can accelerate their ranking progression.

By understanding the importance of tier levels and utilising effective battle tactics, players can consistently improve their tank roster by unlocking stronger vehicles at higher tiers through ranking up.

This systematic progression not only enhances gameplay but also offers a sense of accomplishment as players move up the ranks based on their performance on the battlefield.

Building alliances and communication

In World of Tanks Blitz, building alliances and effective communication with teammates are crucial for victory. Coordinating movements and tactics with your team can significantly impact the outcome of battles.

Clear and concise communication can help in implementing strategies effectively and overcoming opponents’ defences. Utilising the in-game chat feature to communicate key information such as enemy locations, potential threats, or planned manoeuvres is essential for successful teamwork.

Furthermore, teaming up with players who complement your tank’s strengths and weaknesses can enhance overall battle performance. Understanding each other’s playstyle and coordinating attacks or defence manoeuvres can lead to a more cohesive team effort.

Advanced Tactics for Battle

Mastering advanced tactics in World of Tanks Blitz is crucial for success on the battlefield. From utilising the “Peek-A-Boo” strategy to executing long-range sniping, understanding these techniques can give you the edge over your opponents.

“Core” tactics

Mastering “core” tactics is crucial for dominating the battlefield in World of Tanks Blitz. Understanding map awareness, positioning, and teamwork are essential for success. Players need to constantly assess the flow of battle and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Utilising cover effectively, coordinating with teammates, and focusing fire on vulnerable enemy tanks can turn the tide of a battle.

Employing flanking manoeuvres and utilising terrain features to gain advantageous positions are key components of effective core tactics. Engaging enemies from unexpected angles will disrupt their defensive lines and create opportunities for your team to secure victories on the battlefield.

Peek-A-Boo strategy

The Peek-A-Boo strategy involves using cover and speed to outmanoeuvre opponents. By quickly peeking out from behind an obstacle, firing at the enemy, then retreating back into cover, players can minimise damage received while dealing substantial damage to their adversaries.

This strategy requires good timing and awareness of the battlefield, allowing players to capitalise on opportunities for attack while minimising the risk of taking heavy incoming fire.

Players can effectively utilise the Peek-A-Boo strategy in World of Tanks Blitz by coordinating with teammates and communicating effectively to synchronise attacks. By employing this tactic alongside other team members, players can create a formidable force that keeps enemies off-balance and unable to predict their movements.

Long-range sniping

Transitioning from the up-close combat tactics of the Peek-A-Boo strategy, long-range sniping offers a different approach to battles in World of Tanks Blitz. By utilising tanks with superior accuracy and range, players can target enemy vehicles from a distance, dealing damage without being exposed to return fire.

Long-range sniping requires patience and precision as well as a thorough understanding of map dynamics and potential shooting positions. This tactic allows players to support teammates by weakening enemy forces before they get too close, ultimately shaping the course of battle in their team’s favour.

Engaging in long-range sniping not only demands excellent marksmanship skills but also strategic positioning on the battlefield. Choosing advantageous locations that provide clear lines of sight while offering protective cover is crucial for successful long-range attacks.

Front line aggression

During battle, employing front line aggression involves pushing forward into the heat of combat, leading the charge against enemy forces. By taking a proactive approach, players can apply pressure on opponents and control key areas of the battlefield to gain strategic advantages.

This tactic requires teamwork and coordination with fellow tankers to effectively engage enemies head-on while minimising vulnerability to flanking manoeuvres or surprise attacks.

Leveraging front line aggression allows players to disrupt the enemy’s positioning and create opportunities for allies to advance or deliver devastating blows from a safer distance.

Circle of Death maneuver

In the “Circle of Death” manoeuvre, heavy tanks and Tank Destroyers use their formidable armour to sustain enemy hits while continuously moving around a target. This tactic allows them to keep their strongest frontal armour facing the enemy, making it difficult for opponents to penetrate their defences.

As they circle the target, they maintain a continuous barrage of fire, chipping away at the opponent’s health while minimising exposure to return fire. The coordination required for this tactic makes it an effective team strategy, allowing players to overwhelm isolated enemies and exploit weak spots in their defences.

Utilising the “Circle of Death” manoeuvre demands precise teamwork and strategic positioning from players, making it a potent tool for turning battles in your favour. By capitalising on each tank’s strengths and maximising defensive capabilities, teams can execute this tactic with precision and dominate engagements on the battlefield.

Hit-and-run tactics

Transitioning from the Circle of Death manoeuvre, hit-and-run tactics involve quickly engaging the enemy and retreating without being caught. This strategy requires nimble tanks with good acceleration and speed, allowing players to swiftly deal damage before repositioning to avoid retaliation.

By mastering hit-and-run tactics, players can disrupt enemy formations and chip away at their health while minimising their own exposure to danger.

1 vs 1 brawling

In 1 vs 1 brawling, players engage in intense one-on-one combat, testing their individual skills and tactical prowess. This mode allows gamers to showcase their ability to outmanoeuvre opponents, use cover effectively and exploit weaknesses in enemy armour.

With the right tank choice and strategic manoeuvring, players can secure victory in these high-stakes face-offs. Successful 1 vs 1 brawling requires quick thinking, sharp reflexes, and a deep understanding of each tank’s strengths and vulnerabilities on the battlefield.

In this mode, every move counts as players strive to outwit their opponents in fast-paced duels. Mastering the art of close-quarters combat is crucial for any armoured warrior looking to emerge victorious in World of Tanks Blitz battles.

Specialized Tactics for Different Situations

Mastering specialised tactics such as the hull-down position, side-scraping technique, and reverse side-scraping can give you the upper hand in different battle scenarios. Learning these techniques will help you adapt to various situations on the battlefield and increase your chances of victory.

Hull-down position

Armoured warriors, the “hull-down position” is a defensive tactic that involves concealing your tank behind terrain to protect its vulnerable lower hull while still allowing it to take shots.

By positioning your tank on higher ground or using natural cover such as hills and ridges, you can expose just your turret and gun, making it difficult for enemies to penetrate your armour.

This strategic advantage significantly reduces the risk of taking damage while maintaining a formidable offensive capability.

When utilising the hull-down position, players can maximise their tanks’ strengths by capitalising on their superior turret armour and firepower. By staying in this protective stance, experienced gamers can force opponents into unfavourable positions and maintain control over critical areas of the battlefield.

Side-scraping technique

Mastering the side-scraping technique can give you a tactical advantage in battles. This manoeuvre involves positioning your tank at an angle behind cover and exposing only the front corner of your vehicle to enemy fire; this allows you to take shots at opponents while minimising their ability to hit back effectively.

Side-scraping is most effective when using tanks with strong frontal armour, as it helps protect vulnerable areas and maximises your chances of surviving enemy encounters.

By incorporating the side-scraping technique into your gameplay, you can gain an edge over adversaries by utilising terrain and cover effectively. This manoeuvre provides a strategic way to engage enemies while minimising damage taken, making it a valuable skill for players looking to elevate their combat prowess in World of Tanks Blitz.

Reverse side-scraping

To execute the reverse side-scraping tactic, position your tank to expose only the rear corner of its hull to the enemy while keeping a slight angle. This creates an angled armour surface and protects weak spots.

By employing this technique, you can bait opponents into firing at your heavily armoured rear section without risking exposure of vulnerable parts. Utilise this defensive manoeuvre to deceive enemies into attacking what seems like an unprotected target.

This advanced tactic offers a strategic advantage in battle, allowing players to control engagement and protect their tanks’ vital components effectively. When executing reverse side-scraping proficiently, experienced gamers can lure adversaries into making critical mistakes while maintaining their own offensive capabilities.

Preparation for Battle

Before heading into battle, it’s crucial to take note of your ammunition and make strategic use of consumables. Developing a tactical plan will help you and your team stay ahead in the heat of battle.

Taking note of ammunition

Before heading into battle, it’s crucial to ensure that your tank is well-equipped with the right ammunition. Here are the key points to consider:

  • Assess your ammunition before each battle to ensure you have the right type for different combat scenarios.
  • Keep an eye on the number of rounds available for each type of ammo, and plan your strategy accordingly.
  • Utilise premium or special ammunition sparingly in critical situations where standard rounds may not suffice.
  • Adapt your ammunition selection based on the specific weaknesses of enemy tanks and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Pay attention to the reload times for different types of ammunition, as this can significantly impact your tactical decisions during battles.

Strategic use of consumables

After taking note of ammunition, it’s essential to consider the strategic use of consumables in World of Tanks Blitz battles. Here are some key tactics for maximising the effectiveness of consumables during combat:

  1. Repair Kits: Keep a close eye on your vehicle’s health and use repair kits strategically to quickly fix damaged modules or restore critical hitpoints, ensuring your tank stays operational in the heat of battle.
  2. First Aid Kits: Utilise first aid kits to heal wounded crew members and reduce their recovery time, allowing your tank to maintain peak performance with minimal downtime.
  3. Fire Extinguishers: Be prepared for unexpected fire situations by equipping fire extinguishers to swiftly douse flames and prevent catastrophic damage to your armoured vehicle.
  4. Boosts: Use speed boosts and other performance-enhancing consumables strategically to gain a crucial advantage over enemy tanks, enabling swift manoeuvres and tactical repositioning on the battlefield.
  5. Camouflage Netting: Employ camouflage netting to conceal your tank and improve its stealth capabilities, increasing the element of surprise and making it harder for adversaries to target you effectively.
  6. Adrenaline Rush: Activate adrenaline rush at opportune moments to temporarily boost your tank’s combat potential, enhancing its firepower or defensive capabilities when engaging enemy vehicles.

Developing a tactical plan

  1. Map Awareness: Study the terrain and identify key positions for your team’s advantage.
  2. Team Composition: Understand each team member’s strengths and weaknesses to effectively coordinate tactics.
  3. Objective Focus: Determine the primary objectives and develop a plan to achieve them.
  4. Communication Strategy: Establish clear communication protocols for relaying vital information during battles.
  5. Contingency Planning: Anticipate potential threats and have backup plans in place for various scenarios.
  6. Flexibility in Tactics: Adapt to changing battlefield conditions and modify your strategy as needed.
  7. Target Prioritisation: Identify high-value targets and coordinate focused attacks for maximum impact.

World of Tanks Blitz Achievements and Awards

Discover the guide to earning awards, mastery badges, and marks of excellence for different nations in World of Tanks Blitz. Earn your place as a skilled armoured warrior on the battlefield! Read more to know how to achieve success in battles.

Guide to earning awards

To earn awards in World of Tanks Blitz, we need to strive for excellence and accomplish various objectives on the battlefield. Here are some achievements and medals to aim for:

  1. Mastery Badges: Achieve exceptional performance with a specific tank class to earn Mastery Badges, showcasing your expertise.
  2. Marks of Excellence: Display superior skills by earning Marks of Excellence for different nations, reflecting your prowess in armoured combat.
  3. Battle Honours: Earn Battle Honours by demonstrating exceptional teamwork and strategic thinking during team battles.
  4. Heroic Achievements: Accomplish heroic feats on the battlefield to earn special in-game medals that highlight your remarkable skills.
  5. Commendations: Receive commendations for outstanding contributions to your team’s victories, recognising your pivotal role in battles.
  6. Medals of Valor: Demonstrate bravery and valour in combat to receive Medals of Valor, acknowledging your courage under fire.
  7. Campaign Rewards: Participate in campaigns and complete specific objectives to unlock exclusive rewards, showcasing your dedication and skill.

Mastery badges

Earning Mastery badges in World of Tanks Blitz is a prestigious accomplishment that showcases your skills as an armoured warrior. It’s a recognition of your expertise in operating different types of tanks and excelling in battles. Each badge signifies outstanding performance with specific tank classes, promoting continuous improvement and mastery.

  1. First Class Mastery Badge: Achieve this badge by earning more experience points than the average top 95% of players in the past seven days while playing a particular vehicle.
  2. Second Class Mastery Badge: Obtain this badge by accumulating more experience points than the average top 80% of players in the last seven days while using a specific tank.
  3. Ace Mastery Badge: This is the ultimate recognition for exceptional performance, requiring you to surpass the best 99% of players’ past seven-day performance with a particular vehicle.
  4. Showcase Your Skills: Earning these badges demonstrates your proficiency and dedication to mastering diverse tanks, enhancing your reputation as an elite armoured warrior within World of Tanks Blitz.
  5. Continuous Improvement: Strive to earn these badges for different vehicles, showcasing your adaptability and expertise across various tank classes, from light and medium tanks to heavy and tank destroyers.
  6. Aspire for Excellence: Pursuing Mastery badges encourages constant growth, pushing you to refine your strategies and tactics to excel in battles against formidable opponents.

Marks of excellence for different nations

Transitioning from mastery badges to marks of excellence for different nations, players can take pride in achieving marks of excellence unique to individual nations. Players can earn these marks by consistently performing at a high level in battles with specific tanks from different countries. Here’s how you can achieve this prestigious recognition for your armoured prowess in World of Tanks Blitz:

  1. German Marks of Excellence: Demonstrate exceptional skill in battles using German tanks, showcasing your expertise and precision on the battlefield.
  2. American Marks of Excellence: Showcase your combat proficiency with American tanks, earning marks that signify your outstanding performance and strategic capabilities.
  3. Soviet Marks of Excellence: Prove your mastery with Soviet tanks by consistently excelling in battles and earning recognition for your tactical acumen.
  4. British Marks of Excellence: Display your expertise with British tanks, earning marks that symbolise your effectiveness and prowess in armoured warfare.
  5. French Marks of Excellence: Achieve distinction with French tanks by demonstrating superior combat skills and securing marks that represent your exceptional performance.
  6. Chinese Marks of Excellence: Exhibit your prowess with Chinese tanks, earning recognition for your tactical ingenuity and strategic finesse on the battlefield.
  7. Japanese Marks of Excellence: Gain accolades for your performance with Japanese tanks, showcasing your proficiency and expertise as an armoured warrior.


In conclusion, mastering tactics in World of Tanks Blitz is crucial for success on the battlefield. By implementing strategic gameplay and leveraging specialised techniques, players can enhance their combat skills and dominate mobile battles.

The game’s unique blend of teamwork and individual prowess offers an exciting experience for passionate gamers seeking to become formidable armoured warriors. With dedication and practice, players can rise through the ranks, earning prestigious achievements and solidifying their reputation as skilled tacticians within the world of tank warfare.


1. What is World of Tanks Blitz and how do players engage in tank warfare?

World of Tanks Blitz is a mobile game that acts as a combat simulator where players control military vehicles in strategic online battles.

2. Can you upgrade your tanks in World of Tanks Blitz for better performance?

Yes, the game offers upgrade tactics allowing you to customise your tanks for improved fighting techniques and battlefield success.

3. Are there strategies I can learn from an achievement guide to excel in World of Tanks Blitz?

Absolutely! An achievement guide provides tips on team tactics, fighting techniques, and strategy gameplay to help you triumph in mobile battles.

4. How does vehicle customisation affect my gameplay in World of Tanks Blitz?

By customising your tank with various parts and upgrades, you can fine-tune its performance to suit your combat style and gain an edge in tank warfare.

5. Is there a community or online competition aspect within World of Tanks Blitz?

Indeed! The game fuels competitive spirit through online competition against other armoured warriors across the globe, making it a staple experience for war gaming enthusiasts.

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