G2 Esports: The Making of LoL’s Most Entertaining Team

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In the electrifying world of esports, stumbling upon a team that consistently trounces the competition whilst simultaneously providing top-notch entertainment to their followers is something rather extraordinary.

G2 Esports has established itself as such an ensemble, having been crowned champions of Europe an impressive eleven times. Our in-depth examination of their odyssey sheds light on what makes them not only League of Legends’ standout performers but also its most enthralling troupe to watch.

Do stay tuned – we’re about to lift the curtain on game time!

Key Takeaways

  • G2 Esports stormed onto the esports scene in 2014 and has since claimed eleven domestic titles in Europe under Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago’s leadership.
  • The team made history by being the only Western team to win the Mid – Season Invitational in 2019, demonstrating their global prowess beyond European borders.
  • With teams competing across various games like League of Legends, CS: GO, and Rainbow Six Siege, they continue to attract fans with top-tier talent and dynamic gameplay.
  • G2 Esports partners with major brands such as Logitech G, AORUS, adidas, Mastercard and Red Bull which helps enhance fan experiences through exclusive merchandise and events.
  • They keep their community engaged not just through competitive success but also by prioritising entertainment—releasing new products including gaming gear and apparel.

G2 Esports: A Young and Successful Esports Organisation

We’ve set the stage for the rise of a gaming powerhouse, and now we turn our attention to G2 Esports. Bursting onto the scene in 2014, this organisation quickly made waves under the leadership of Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago.

They have since clinched eleven domestic titles in Europe—a record that speaks volumes about their dominance. Their competitive edge sharpened on the digital battlegrounds of League of Legends (LoL) and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), among other top-tier gaming titles.

G2’s journey has been marked by bold moves and thrilling victories, including becoming the only Western team to capture the Mid-Season Invitational crown in 2019. This young team not only chases championships but also entertains with a lively spirit rarely seen elsewhere in esports tournaments.

With rosters boasting some of LoL’s strongest players, they dominate especially in the bot lane—setting them apart as Europe’s finest team.

The Evolution of G2 Esports

G2 Esports has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the EU LCS to dominating the LEC and expanding into China and North America. This evolution has solidified G2 Esports as a force to be reckoned with in the esports world.

From EU LCS to LEC Champions

  1. With the evolution of the League of Legends European Championship (LEC), G2 Esports seized the opportunity to rebrand and solidify their presence as one of Europe’s top teams.
  2. They embraced this change and strategically built a powerhouse team that consistently outperformed their opponents.
  3. The transition saw G2 Esports clinch multiple LEC titles and establish themselves as formidable contenders on the global stage.
  4. Their remarkable journey culminated in their triumph at the Mid – Season Invitational, where they showcased their exceptional skill and teamwork against the best teams from around the world.
  5. G2 Esports’ success in the LEC solidified their status as a dominant force in League of Legends esports, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide with their captivating performances and relentless pursuit of victory.
  6. This transition marked a pivotal moment for G2 Esports, propelling them to new heights and setting a precedent for excellence within the competitive gaming community.

Expansion into China and North America

G2 Esports solidified their global presence by expanding into China and North America, demonstrating an ambitious move beyond European esports. Venturing into these key markets allowed the organisation to tap into a wider audience of passionate gamers and gain recognition on a truly global scale.

This strategic expansion not only showcased G2 Esports’ commitment to reaching new heights but also provided opportunities for pro players and creators to engage with diverse gaming communities worldwide.

The team’s entry into the Chinese and North American scenes marked a significant milestone, opening doors for collaborations, competitions, and partnerships that further fuelled the excitement surrounding G2 Esports’ journey in the international esports arena.

G2 Esports Teams and Creators

G2 Esports boasts a range of professional teams across multiple competitive gaming titles including League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six Siege, VALORANT, Rocket League and Fortnite.

Each team is comprised of top-tier talent and creators who bring their passion for gaming to the forefront of the esports industry.

League of Legends

G2 Esports fields one of the most successful League of Legends (LoL) teams in the world. The team has clinched many domestic titles, showing their dominance and skill in this competitive gaming title.

Their strategic gameplay and teamwork have made them a force to be reckoned with on the international stage, securing victories and garnering a dedicated fanbase worldwide.

The organisation’s foray into LoL has solidified its position as an influential player in the online gaming industry. G2 Esports’ professional players continuously improve their game strategies and adapt to new challenges, making them a formidable opponent in global competitions.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

G2 Esports boasts a strong presence in the competitive world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). The team competes at a high level, showcasing their skills and teamwork to dominate opponents.

With a roster of talented players, G2 Esports has solidified its position as a force to be reckoned with in the professional gaming scene. Their dedication and passion for the game have led to numerous successes, making them an exciting team to watch for both seasoned gamers and newcomers.

Furthermore, G2 Esports’ involvement in CS:GO highlights their commitment to achieving excellence across multiple esports titles. Their strategic approach and collective drive mirror the organisation’s overall ethos of competition and entertainment.

As they continue to make waves in the gaming industry, G2 Esports is undoubtedly setting new standards for what it means to be a leading esports organisation.

Rainbow Six Siege

Transitioning from the intense world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, let’s now delve into G2 Esports’ involvement in Rainbow Six Siege. Known for its diverse operator selection and tactical gameplay, Rainbow Six Siege has become a prominent title in the competitive gaming scene.

G2 Esports joins the fray with their highly skilled team, showcasing strategic plays and precise execution. With their eye-catching performances and successful strategies, G2 Esports continues to solidify their position as a force to be reckoned with in the thrilling realm of Rainbow Six Siege.

G2 Esports’ commitment to excellence is evident in their approach to Rainbow Six Siege. Their dedication to mastering each map and understanding opponents’ tactics has led them to numerous victories, making them an influential presence within this captivating esports arena.


Transitioning from the competitive world of Rainbow Six Siege, G2 Esports has also made a noticeable mark in the popular tactical shooter game, VALORANT. Roping in a talented and dynamic team to represent them in this new gaming frontier, G2 Esports is set on maintaining its legacy of success and entertainment within this domain.

With their eye for identifying potential and nurturing talent, there’s no doubt that G2 Esports will continue to make waves in the burgeoning world of VALORANT.

G2 Esports’ involvement in multiple esports titles extends to their venture into VALORANT, showcasing their commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging competitive video gaming trends.

Rocket League

G2 Esports fields a competitive team in Rocket League, a high-octane vehicular soccer video game. With their characteristic style and skill, the G2 Esports Rocket League squad has secured numerous tournament victories, showcasing their gaming prowess to their dedicated fanbase.

The team’s presence in this fast-paced esports title adds another layer of diversity and excitement to G2 Esports’ wide range of competitive rosters.

The Rocket League division at G2 Esports is an integral part of the organisation’s commitment to dominating multiple gaming genres. Their involvement in this popular title enhances the brand’s appeal to both passionate gamers and newcomers alike, making them a top choice for entertainment within the gaming industry.


G2 Esports fields a competitive Fortnite team, adding to its diverse roster of esports titles. The organisation’s influence extends beyond traditional esports into the battle royale genre, appealing to a wider audience of gamers.

With an eye for talent and performance, G2 Esports continues to expand its reach and establish itself as a powerhouse in the gaming entertainment industry.

Driven by Competition and Entertainment

G2 Esports thrives on the importance of having fun while remaining competitive, with a focus on partnerships, sponsorships, and new product releases that keep fans entertained. To find out more about how G2 Esports is leading the way in esports entertainment, continue reading!

The Importance of Having Fun

Emphasising the importance of having fun, G2 Esports understands that a lighthearted approach can enhance team dynamics. This mindset not only contributes to their success but also resonates with fans, making them one of the most entertaining teams in League of Legends and other esports titles.

By prioritising enjoyment alongside competition, G2 Esports sets an example for passionate gamers and novice players alike. Their ability to balance competitiveness with entertainment has solidified their position as a fan-favourite team within the gaming community.

The organisation’s commitment to fun is evident in their partnerships and sponsorships, reflecting their dedication to creating an enjoyable experience for audiences worldwide. Additionally, G2 Esports’ focus on new product releases further underscores their belief in the value of enjoyment within the realm of esports.

Partnerships and Sponsorships

  1. Logitech G: This partnership provides high-quality peripherals for G2 Esports players, ensuring optimal performance during competitions. The collaboration also includes engaging content creation and interactive experiences for the fans.
  2. AORUS: As a sponsor, AORUS offers cutting-edge gaming hardware to elevate the skills of G2 Esports teams across various titles. From powerful graphics cards to advanced monitors, this partnership reflects a commitment to excellence in esports.
  3. adidas: The iconic sportswear brand has partnered with G2 Esports to design sleek and functional jerseys, reflecting the team’s dynamic spirit while delivering supreme comfort and style for fans.
  4. Mastercard: By joining forces with Mastercard, G2 Esports provides exclusive fan experiences and opportunities related to esports events and tournaments. This collaboration enhances the overall fan engagement through access to unique perks.
  5. Red Bull: The collaboration with Red Bull has led to innovative content creation, including behind-the-scenes footage and player features that offer an intimate look at the dedication of G2 Esports athletes.
  6. Logitech: Emphasising premium technology support, this partnership ensures that G2 Esports teams have access to top-of-the-line gaming gear, facilitating their competitive edge while underlining Logitech’s commitment to professional gaming.

New Product Releases

G2 Esports regularly launches exciting new products for passionate and novice gamers alike. The organisation offers an array of merchandise, including jerseys, as well as other items such as exclusive G2 Esports branded apparel and accessories.

Fans can also look forward to official team gear, peripherals, and collectables that celebrate the team’s success in League of Legends.

For those looking to upgrade their gaming setup, G2 Esports has collaborated with top-tier brands to offer cutting-edge equipment that reflects the high standards set by the organisation.

Conclusion: The Bright Future of G2 Esports

With a multitude of accomplishments, G2 Esports has secured its place as one of the most successful esports organisations globally. The team’s ambition and reach are evident in their expansion into new territories, showcasing their dedication to growth and dominance.

Through partnerships and sponsorships, G2 Esports continues to solidify its position as an influential force in the world of competitive gaming. With a bright future ahead, this dynamic organisation is set to captivate audiences worldwide with their fierce competitiveness and undeniable flair for entertainment.


1. Who is G2 Esports in the League of Legends world?

G2 Esports is a popular League of Legends team known for its skilled gameplay and entertaining approach to competitions.

2. What makes G2 one of LoL’s most entertaining teams?

G2 entertains fans with their unpredictable strategies, playful banter, and impressive in-game flair that sets them apart from other teams.

3. Has G2 Esports achieved anything big in LoL esports?

Yes, G2 Esports has secured multiple victories in major tournaments, showcasing their talent on international stages.

4. Why do fans love watching G2 play in esports leagues?

Fans are drawn to watch G2 because they consistently deliver thrilling matches with unique tactics and a fun-loving attitude during intense esports battles.

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