Apex Legends Map Guide: Knowing Kings Canyon and World’s Edge

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Navigating the complex landscapes of Apex Legends can be quite the conundrum, but there’s no need to throw in the towel just yet. Many an enthusiast has scratched their head whilst trying to unravel the secrets of Kings Canyon and World’s Edge.

With such a rich variety of terrain on each map, it pays dividends to have a bit of know-how under your belt – and that’s where our guide comes into play. We’re here to help you uncover those coveted loot spots and adapt your tactics accordingly, so you’re well-prepared for whatever skirmish you might encounter on your quest for glory!

Key Takeaways

  • Kings Canyon and World’s Edge offer distinct landscapes with unique challenges for players in Apex Legends, demanding familiarity and strategic mastery for success.
  • Each map contains specific high – tier loot locations such as Relay and Artillery on Kings Canyon or Train Yard and The Dome on World’s Edge, which can be critical drop spots for obtaining superior gear early in the game.
  • Movement techniques like using ziplines, jump towers, wall-running, and understanding terrain-specific tactics are crucial skills to navigate efficiently across both maps.
  • Verticality plays an essential role in gameplay strategy on Olympus with its towering structures compared to the more level fields of Kings Canyon but less so than World’s Edge which combines elevation with harsh terrains.
  • Recognising high – risk areas such as Hot Zones or Supply Ships can yield significant rewards but require readiness for intense immediate combat due to their popularity among players.

Overview of Apex Legends Maps

Apex Legends features three main battle royale maps: Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, and Olympus. Each map offers unique terrain, locations, and gameplay experiences for players to explore.

Let’s delve into the differences between these maps and discover their best drop locations.

Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon, our first stop in the Apex Games, offers a classic battle royale experience on the rugged terrain of planet Solace. We know every inch of this map—from the dense military facilities to the chaotic slums areas that promise intense firefights.

The river cutting across adds natural boundaries, making strategic plays crucial for survival. As veteran players will tell you, familiarity with Kings Canyon can give us a significant advantage.

Navigating this original map requires more than quick reflexes; we need to master its diverse landscapes. Whether it’s an ambush in Bunker or sniping from high ground near Artillery, there’s always a move to keep us ahead of the game.

Let’s gear up and get ready to drop into Kings Canyon—just remember that after we’ve looted Relay or survived Hydro Dam, World’s Edge awaits with its own set of challenges.

World’s Edge

World’s Edge, introduced in Season 3 of Apex Legends, is a larger and more intense map compared to Kings Canyon. Located on the harsh planet Talos, it features unique terrain and volcanic activity that provides an exciting challenge for players.

The map offers various fascinating locations like Train Yard, The Dome, The Rift, The Geyser, Skyhook, and Lava Fissure—each presenting different gameplay opportunities based on their distinct layouts and loot distribution.

Navigating through World’s Edge may pose a challenge to new players due to its diverse landscape; however with these tips at hand, locating the best spots should become more achievable.

The dynamic mix of terrains ranging from frozen tundras to molten lava creates exhilarating gameplay experiences across different parts of World’s Edge. These intriguing settings also provide ample opportunities for strategic movement and combat encounters as players seek out advantageous positions within this treacherous environment.


Transitioning from the vast and challenging terrain of World’s Edge, we arrive at Olympus, a map that offers a unique experience for players in Apex Legends. Set on the lush planet Psamathe, Olympus is characterised by its extensive verticality.

With towering structures and expansive open spaces, navigating this map requires careful movement and calculated decision-making to secure optimal positions for engagement.

While Olympus may seem daunting at first, understanding its layout can reveal strategic opportunities. From grandiose vistas to intricate interiors, each area presents distinct advantages for different playstyles.

Differences between Maps

Kings Canyon and World’s Edge differ in size, terrain, and verticality. Understanding these differences can help players navigate the maps more effectively and strategise their gameplay accordingly.


Kings Canyon is the original map in Apex Legends, and it’s smaller than World’s Edge. Covering varied terrains from military facilities to slums, Kings Canyon offers intense battles in a compact space.

In contrast, World’s Edge is around 1.5 times larger than Kings Canyon and presents unique challenges due to its size advantage. The vastness of World’s Edge demands different strategies for navigation and engagements as players explore harsh volcanic landscapes and diverse biomes.

Moving on to the next section about “Terrain,” let’s dive into the details of how each map shapes your gameplay experience in Apex Legends!


Kings Canyon boasts a diverse terrain, from rugged mountain ranges to lush forests and sprawling open fields. The map’s varied landscape provides ample opportunities for different playstyles, whether it’s close-range combat in tight urban areas or long-range engagements across open spaces.

In contrast, World’s Edge features a more dynamic terrain with volatile elements such as lava rivers and molten fissures that add an extra layer of challenge to the gameplay. Navigating these terrains requires strategic planning and adaptability to capitalise on the unique features each map offers.

World’s Edge introduces new environmental hazards like the train tracks running through its snowy hills and exposed ice-covered landscapes. This presents players with exciting tactical opportunities while also adding another layer of complexity to the engaging battles across this expansive map.


Olympus, the newest map in Apex Legends, offers a significant amount of verticality to its terrain. This feature introduces new gameplay dynamics and challenges for players. With multiple layers and elevated structures, players can take advantage of high ground positions for strategic positioning or swift escapes from enemies.

The varying elevations also allow for diverse engagement opportunities, requiring players to adapt their tactics in order to succeed.

World’s Edge also embraces verticality with its unique landscape that includes towering buildings, multi-level structures, and geothermal fissures. Navigating these heights requires careful movement and situational awareness as combat encounters can occur from various angles.

Best Places to Drop in Kings Canyon

If you want to know the best places to drop in Kings Canyon, we’ve got you covered with top locations such as Relay, Artillery, and Supply Ship. Read on for more tips on navigating and surviving on different maps!


Relay is a prime spot for loot in Kings Canyon. As part of the Apex Legends map, it offers an array of weapons and armour that can give you an edge at the start of a match. With its central location, it’s also a strategic choice for engaging in early-game fights or making swift rotations to other areas on the map.

The presence of high-tier loot makes Relay a popular drop zone among seasoned players and beginners alike. Its proximity to cascades means that contesting squads may be nearby, so stay prepared for immediate combat upon landing.

Additionally, keeping an eye out for enemies approaching from any direction is essential when looting here.


After discussing the best places to drop in Kings Canyon, let’s move on to another prime location – Artillery. Situated towards the northwest section of the map, Artillery is an area known for its rich loot and intense firefights.

This location is a popular choice for players aiming to gear up quickly and engage in combat with other squads. The numerous buildings provide ample opportunities for loot, making it a desirable spot for those looking to jump straight into action.

Artillery serves as one of the game’s hot zones, attracting both experienced and novice gamers who are eager for intense battles and excellent rewards. With its strategic positioning on the map and diverse terrain features, including elevated areas and open spaces, Artillery offers an exhilarating gameplay experience that keeps players coming back for more.

Supply Ship

The Supply Ship in Apex Legends maps is a high-risk, high-reward location. It flies in from off the map onto Kings Canyon and World’s Edge, carrying valuable loot for players who dare to land on it.

Dropping onto the Supply Ship can be chaotic as many other squads also aim for its riches. The risk of encountering fierce opponents is offset by the allure of powerful weapons and gear that can set you up for success early in the game.

Dropping onto the Supply Ship demands quick decision-making and combat skills to secure precious loot while fending off enemy squads. The adrenaline rush of battling it out on this airborne battleground makes it an exhilarating experience for seasoned players looking for intense action right from the start.

Hydro Dam

When you’re done looting the Supply Ship, make your way to Hydro Dam for some high-tier loot and strategic advantages. Situated near the centre of Kings Canyon, this unique landmark offers a mix of indoor and outdoor areas, making it an ideal location for both close- and long-range combat.

With multiple levels and vantage points overlooking the surrounding terrain, Hydro Dam provides ample opportunities to spot enemies or position yourself for an ambush. Keep an eye out for powerful weapons and gear scattered throughout the complex – it’s a prime spot for gearing up before engaging in intense firefights with other squads.

The intricate design of Hydro Dam allows players to utilise verticality and cover effectively while navigating its various sections. Whether you’re seeking top-tier loot or looking to gain a tactical advantage over nearby adversaries, mastering this diverse location can greatly improve your chances of emerging victorious in Apex Legends matches.

Hot Zone

Moving on from the strategic looting opportunities at Hydro Dam, let’s turn our attention to the adrenaline-pumping action waiting for you in the Hot Zone. This area is marked by its red glow on the map and always guarantees high-tier loot.

Finding yourself within a Hot Zone presents an excellent chance to gear up with top-quality weapons and equipment, giving you a significant advantage over other players early in the game.

Keep your eyes peeled for this rare opportunity as dropping into a Hot Zone may just set you up for success right from the get-go.

In addition, it’s important to note that landing in a Hot Zone can lead to intense firefights as numerous squads vie for these elite items. Therefore, be prepared for immediate combat upon landing and strategise accordingly.


Market is a high-traffic area on Kings Canyon, offering good loot and ample opportunities for engaging in combat. Situated near the center of the map, Market attracts many players due to its central location and diverse assortment of items.

With various buildings and tight spaces, the market provides a dynamic environment for close-quarters combat. Players should be cautious when dropping into Market as it can quickly become chaotic with multiple teams vying for loot and control over the area.

High-tier loot can be found at Market, making it an attractive landing spot for many players eager to gear up quickly. However, this also means that competition will be fierce as teams fight for supremacy within its confines.


When considering the best places to drop in Kings Canyon, Bunker stands out as a popular and strategic landing spot for players. Situated in the northern part of Kings Canyon, Bunker provides a mix of close-quarters combat and opportunities for looting.

Its maze-like layout offers plenty of hiding spots and ambush points, making it an appealing choice for those who thrive in intense firefights.

Bunker has gained notoriety among Apex Legends players for its central positioning on the map and its proximity to other key locations such as Airbase and Repulsor. Additionally, it offers decent loot opportunities within its tight confines, making it an ideal choice for players looking for quick engagements and fast-paced action.

Best Places to Drop in World’s Edge

The Dome, The Rift, and The Geyser are some of the best places to drop in World’s Edge. These locations offer a good mix of loot and strategic positioning for engaging with enemies.

Further understanding these key areas can greatly improve your gameplay on this map.

Train Yard

Train Yard is one of the best places to drop in World’s Edge. As passionate gamers, we know that this location offers a plethora of high-tier loot and opportunities for intense firefights.

The open layout of Train Yard allows for engaging combat scenarios between squads, making it an exciting drop spot on the map. Additionally, knowing how to navigate and control the train cars can be a game-changer in securing victory in Apex Legends matches set in this dynamic environment.

As novice gamers looking to explore new locations with the best loot, understanding the strategic advantages of Train Yard can elevate our gameplay experience. With its varied terrain and ample cover, Train Yard provides both seasoned players and newcomers with plenty of opportunities for tactical encounters and nail-biting moments.

The Dome

One popular drop location in World’s Edge is The Dome. Situated within the map, The Dome provides an open and spacious area for players to land and loot. With its ample supply of resources, it offers a great starting point for those looking to gear up quickly and get into action.

Positioned between various other key areas on the map, it allows for strategic movement towards different points of interest, providing a versatile option for players to begin their game.

The Dome features a unique mix of buildings and outdoor space, offering opportunities for both close-quarter combat and long-range engagements. Familiarising oneself with this location can prove beneficial during matches as understanding the layout could be just what you need to gain an edge over your opponents while exploring World’s Edge.

The Rift

The Rift is a prominent location in World’s Edge, offering unique tactical advantages and challenges for players. As one of the high-tier loot zones, The Rift provides an excellent opportunity for skilled players to gear up quickly with top-tier weapons and armour.

Positioned between overlooks on either side, The Rift offers a dynamic battleground with elevated positions that provide strategic vantage points over the surrounding area, making it an ideal spot for engaging in long-range battles.

With its steep cliffs and narrow passageways, navigating The Rift requires agility and precision to avoid falling into the depths below. This distinctive feature adds an element of risk versus reward to combat encounters within this area, creating intense and thrilling gameplay for those who dare to enter.

The Geyser

Situated in the snowy expanse of World’s Edge, The Geyser is a central location known for its high-tier loot and strategic positioning. As passionate gamers, we can take advantage of the geyser-like eruption that launches players into the air to reach higher ground or escape tight situations.

Additionally, with its close proximity to Skyhook and Thermal Station, The Geyser offers ample opportunities for engaging in intense firefights and maneuvering through different terrains.

The unique verticality and abundance of resources at The Geyser make it a desirable drop location for both novice gamers seeking valuable loot and experienced players looking for thrilling combat encounters.

With its position near key areas on the map, this hotspot presents an exciting challenge that will keep you on your toes as you navigate through the icy landscape of World’s Edge.


Situated on World’s Edge, Skyhook is one of the most popular drop locations for seasoned Apex Legends players. As a sprawling complex of tall buildings and open spaces, it provides ample opportunities for loot and combat.

The verticality of Skyhook makes it ideal for players who enjoy close-quarters engagements or sniping from elevated positions. With its mix of high-tier loot and strategic vantage points, Skyhook offers an exhilarating start to any match.

The unique layout of Skyhook presents both challenges and advantages, making it a must-visit location for those looking to test their skills in diverse combat scenarios. From navigating tight corridors to engaging in long-range battles across rooftops, this dynamic area demands adaptability and quick thinking from all who dare to drop there.

Lava Fissure

Lava Fissure, one of the distinct locations in World’s Edge, is a molten expanse surrounded by towering rock formations. The area offers intense battles and an opportunity to strategise around the flowing lava.

Positioned near Skyhook, it provides access to high-tier loot but requires vigilance due to its open terrain and potential for third-party engagements.

The hazardous nature of Lava Fissure demands heightened awareness of surroundings and quick decision-making skills. Navigating this volatile landscape with precision can lead to remarkable victories for skilled players who are adept at leveraging the unique environment to gain an upper hand.

Tips for Navigating and Surviving on Different Maps

Learn how to efficiently navigate the different terrains and utilise map features to your advantage. Mastering movement, understanding loot distribution, and making use of support like ziplines can greatly improve your chances of survival in Apex Legends.

Ready to explore Kings Canyon and World’s Edge? Let’s dive in!


When navigating through Kings Canyon or World’s Edge in Apex Legends, movement is key to survival and success in the game. Utilise the diverse terrains, including mountains, rivers, urban cities, and slums within Kings Canyon for tactical movement that can take you from one location to another swiftly.

In World’s Edge, manoeuvre skillfully amidst the unique landscape featuring harsh volcanic activity and a range of industrial zones for strategic gameplay.

Use zip lines, launch balloons, or ride cargo bots to traverse across different areas of the map swiftly and tactically. Explore hidden passages through caves or underground tunnels to surprise your opponents with quick and unexpected movements.

Additionally using jump pads at select locations can give you an advantage by reaching higher ground when engaging with enemies below.

In both maps, mastering parkour techniques such as wall-running can be advantageous when evading adversaries or taking a shortcut through challenging terrains while remaining agile during combat scenarios.


Kings Canyon and World’s Edge are brimming with loot, providing players with ample opportunities to gear up for battle. From weapons and attachments to armour and healing items, there is no shortage of loot scattered throughout the maps.

The variety of buildings, structures, and supply bins offer a plethora of loot options for players to find their preferred loadout. Whether you prefer close-quarters combat or long-range engagements, the maps have strategically placed loot that caters to different playstyles.

As you traverse through Kings Canyon or World’s Edge, keep an eye out for rare loots such as legendary weapon attachments or high-tier armour that can give you a competitive edge against other squads.

Map Features

Moving on from discussing loot, let’s delve into the map features in Apex Legends. The maps are not just about finding weapons and gear; they also offer unique elements that can impact your gameplay.

Kings Canyon is known for its diverse terrains, which include rocky mountains, rivers, and even a slum area. World’s Edge, on the other hand, is characterised by its harsh climate due to volcanic activity and offers a mix of frozen landscapes and molten fissures.

Both maps provide different environmental challenges that players must navigate.

In addition to the varying landscapes on each map, there are also distinct features such as ziplines, launch balloons for redeployment, and even rotating arenas with dynamic elements like moving trains or lava eruptions.


As we explore the map features, it’s essential to be aware of the various creatures that inhabit Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. On Kings Canyon, you may encounter Prowlers, aggressive four-legged creatures that often roam in packs and can pose a serious threat.

In contrast, World’s Edge is home to Flyers, large winged creatures that carry high-tier loot which can be shot down for valuable items. These unique elements add an extra layer of challenge and excitement to your gaming experience.

In addition to providing immersive gameplay, encountering these creatures also offers opportunities to gain strategic advantages over other players by acquiring rare loot or using the environment to your benefit.


When encountering challenges on Kings Canyon and World’s Edge, support items are critical for survival. Health items like medkits, shield cells, and syringes provide essential replenishment during intense battles.

Stocking up on ammo ensures that you have enough firepower to defend yourself in the heat of combat. Furthermore, loot crates often contain valuable attachments such as scopes and extended mags which can significantly enhance your weapon performance.

Lastly, always be mindful of positioning and use throwables like grenades or arc stars to create strategic advantages or thwart enemy advances.

In addition to this vital equipment, a crucial aspect of support lies in effective teamwork with squad members; sharing resources and coordinating attacks will greatly improve your chances of victory.


In conclusion, knowing the ins and outs of Kings Canyon and World’s Edge can give you a competitive edge in Apex Legends. Exploring the diverse terrains, unique features, and best drop locations on each map is essential for survival.

By mastering the maps’ layouts and leveraging their advantages, players can dominate matches with more confidence. Understanding these details will lead to improved strategies and enhanced gameplay experiences across these dynamic multiplayer arenas.


1. What is the Apex Legends Map Guide for Kings Canyon and World’s Edge?

The Apex Legends Map Guide provides players with strategic insights into the terrain of Kings Canyon and World’s Edge, helping them navigate these maps effectively in the multiplayer video game.

2. Can I find Olympus map details in this guide as well?

Yes, our season map guide includes information on all maps including Olympus, as featured on the official EA site for Apex Legends.

3. Why is it important to understand map reworks in Apex Legends?

Understanding map reworks is crucial because they can drastically change gameplay strategies; you’ll want to stay informed about terrain changes and new features to outsmart opponents.

4. Who developed these guides for Apex Legends’ maps?

Respawn Entertainment, the developers of Apex Legends, are responsible for creating comprehensive guides that detail each aspect of their dynamic battle royale game environment.

5. Are there other games similar to Apex Legends that offer a detailed map guide?

While there might be other first-person shooter games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that provide some form of a map guide, each game has unique aspects requiring tailored strategy advice specific to its world.

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