DOOM (2016): The Rebirth Of A Legend

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Ah, the golden age of first-person shooters – those were the days when each demon blasted away sent a surge of adrenaline coursing through your veins. Many of us hold onto the memories of when DOOM burst onto the scene in ’93, setting a precedent for an entire genre.

Our latest foray into DOOM (2016) has revealed it to be more than just a game; it’s akin to a heart-thumping revival that respectfully doffs its cap to the original while delivering staggeringly impressive modern gameplay.

Come along as we delve into why this title isn’t merely a reboot—it’s akin to witnessing legend being reborn right before our very eyes.

Key Takeaways

  • DOOM (2016) successfully combines classic elements from the original game with modern graphics and gameplay, offering a refreshed and intense first-person shooter experience.
  • The game features a range of unique characters known as the Legion of DOOM, each with distinctive abilities that add depth to gameplay and combat challenges for players.
  • Apart from video games, the DOOM franchise has expanded into other media such as television shows like “DOOM: Annihilation” and films which provide additional context to its universe.
  • With its reimagined approach, DOOM (2016) garnered critical acclaim for reviving the franchise and has won several awards for breathing new life into the genre.
  • Players step into the role of Doom Slayer, battling against demonic forces on Mars in an immersive campaign praised for its fast-paced action and strategic level design.

History of DOOM

DOOM, a first-person shooter video game, was created in 1993 by id Software. It quickly gained popularity for its intense action and hellish environments. After a period of decline, the franchise experienced a rebirth with the release of DOOM (2016).

Creation of the game

We set out to create an unforgettable experience in DOOM (2016), crafting a first-person shooter that would stand the test of time. Our team at id Software, with the publishing strength of Bethesda Softworks behind us, worked tirelessly to bring forth a game where players embody the Doom Slayer – an ancient warrior facing a demonic invasion on Mars.

Taking cues from our legacy but driving innovation in graphics and gameplay, we aimed for intense action and unrelenting combat against hellish landscapes filled with demonic enemies.

Our commitment was to resurrect the iconic video game franchise that captivated gamers back when it originally stormed onto the scene. We realised this by emphasising superpowered enemies, apocalyptic settings, and powerful weapons for fearless protagonists.

The single-player focus allowed us to craft meticulous levels teeming with secrets — echoes from our past designs while boldly stepping into modern gaming’s future. Next up in our journey is exploring how DC brought new life into our legendary world through its own rebirth of DOOM.

DC Rebirth of the franchise

After the Creation of the game, the DC Rebirth of the franchise brought a refreshing new life to DOOM. The original trilogy held a special place in gamers’ hearts, and with Doom (2016), id Software successfully reinvented the classic first-person shooter for modern audiences.

This revitalisation was embraced by fans and critics alike, as it captured the essence of what made the original games so beloved while introducing innovative elements that resonated with today’s gaming community.

With its intense action-packed gameplay and post-apocalyptic setting, DOOM re-emerged as an unyielding fortress of entertainment for a new generation of players.

The Legion of DOOM

With the development of DOOM, a remarkable team was created to bring the game to life. Each member possesses unique abilities and skills that contribute to the success of this legendary franchise.

Read on to discover more about the Legion of DOOM and their vital role in shaping the game.

Development of the team

The team behind DOOM (2016) was developed by id Software, the renowned gaming company known for its expertise in creating thrilling first-person shooter experiences. Drawing from their legacy and experience, the team meticulously designed each member of the Legion of DOOM, providing them with unique abilities and characteristics.

As a result, players encounter a diverse range of enemies within the game’s apocalyptic environment, each posing different challenges that test the player’s combat skills.

Members such as Hell Knights and Cacodemons were carefully crafted to ensure an intense combat experience throughout the gameplay. With intricate attention to detail, weapons such as shotguns and plasma rifles were designed to match the demonic forces that players face on their journey through this post-apocalyptic setting – adding depth to each encounter while enhancing immersion in this action-packed world.

Members and their abilities

After the development of the team, it’s essential to understand the abilities and roles of each member. The legion comprises diverse characters, each with unique strengths and skills that contribute to the game’s dynamic gameplay. Here are the members and their remarkable abilities:

  1. Doom Slayer: Possesses superhuman strength, speed, durability, and proficient in various firearms. His combat prowess makes him a formidable force against Hell’s forces.
  2. Vega: An artificial intelligence housed within the Argent Tower, Vega assists Doom Slayer with valuable information and knowledge about the Mars research facility.
  3. Samuel Hayden: Though not directly involved in combat, he provides critical support through advanced technology and strategic guidance to aid Doom Slayer’s mission.
  4. Olivia Pierce: A high-ranking UAC scientist who becomes corrupted by demonic influence, utilising occult knowledge to further her dark intentions.
  5. Cyberdemon: A towering cybernetic demon boasting immense strength and firepower, presenting a significant challenge for Doom Slayer.
  6. Cacodemon: Floating hellish creatures capable of spewing plasma projectiles as formidable adversaries to overcome in battle.
  7. Revenant: Agile undead demons equipped with shoulder-mounted rocket launchers, making them deadly opponents requiring swift reflexes to defeat.
  8. Hell Knights: These hulking demons possess incredible strength and agility while wielding formidable weapons in close combat situations.
  9. Imps: Agile foes with sharp claws and fireball attacks; their quick movements make them challenging opponents in fast-paced engagements.
  10. Barons of Hell: Towering demons known for their physical resilience and devastating melee attacks; engaging them requires precision timing and skilful evasion techniques.

Appearances in Other Media

The DOOM franchise has made appearances in various forms of media, including television shows, films and video games. These adaptations have helped to expand the world of DOOM beyond just the video game series, allowing fans to experience the apocalyptic setting in new and exciting ways.

Television shows

DOOM (2016) has made its mark on television with the release of an animated series, “DOOM: Annihilation,” which offers a deeper look into the game’s lore and universe. The show has garnered attention for its immersive storytelling and action-packed sequences.

  1. The animated series delves into the backstory of the Doom Slayer, shedding light on his heroic journey amidst a post-apocalyptic setting.
  2. Viewers are treated to epic battles as the Doom Slayer faces off against demonic entities in visually stunning episodes that capture the essence of the game.
  3. The show’s success lies in its faithful adaptation of the game’s scifi elements, delivering an engaging experience for fans and newcomers alike.
  4. Each episode showcases the Doom Slayer’s arsenal of armor and weapons, bringing to life the intense combat featured in DOOM (2016).
  5. “DOOM: Annihilation” offers a fresh perspective on the iconic first-person shooter, elevating its status as a beloved franchise within television media.


The iconic Doom franchise has made its mark in the world of films as well. The post-apocalyptic setting and action-packed gameplay of Doom (2016) have inspired various adaptations across different mediums. In terms of films, Doom has had an impact through:

  1. “Doom” (2005): A live-action film adaptation that follows a group of marines who are sent on a mission to investigate a research facility on Mars. The film brings the intense first-person shooter action to life, immersing viewers in the thrilling world of Doom.
  2. Doom: Annihilation” (2019): A direct-to-video adaptation that explores a new storyline within the Doom universe. The film takes audiences on a relentless journey through a demon-infested realm, showcasing the relentless battle against Hell-spawn.

Video games

Following its appearances in television shows and films, DOOM (2016) also made a significant mark in the video game industry. Here are some key points about the game’s impact and legacy:

  1. DOOM (2016) is a seminal first-person shooter that reinvigorated the classic franchise with its action-packed gameplay and post-apocalyptic setting.
  2. The game features the iconic Doom Slayer, an ancient warrior awakened during a demonic invasion on Mars, offering players an immersive experience in a single-player focused campaign.
  3. Players take on the role of the Doom Slayer as they embark on a relentless crusade to rid the universe of Hell-spawn, bringing an engaging narrative to life through intense gameplay.
  4. This instalment stands as the first major addition to the Doom series since the release of Doom 3 in 2004, making it a highly anticipated title for fans of the franchise.
  5. With its fast-paced gameplay, nostalgic throwbacks to the original Doom games, and outstanding level design, DOOM (2016) has been widely celebrated for reviving and modernising the classic first-person shooter genre.
  6. The game’s critical acclaim extends to its sound design and action-oriented gameplay, drawing attention for its successful revitalisation of the iconic Doom franchise within contemporary gaming landscapes.
  7. DOOM (2016) has received several awards and nominations for its impactful revival of a legend, acknowledging its significant contribution to gaming culture and entertainment value.
  8. By infusing new life into this beloved series while retaining its core essence, DOOM (2016) has solidified itself as a reimagined hero in the first-person shooter genre—an achievement that continues to resonate with players worldwide.

The Rebirth of DOOM in 2016

With its intense, action-packed gameplay and post-apocalyptic setting, DOOM (2016) brought the iconic first-person shooter franchise back to life. The game received critical acclaim for its success in revitalising the series and delivering an exhilarating experience for players.

Success and critical reception

DOOM (2016) achieved remarkable success and garnered widespread critical acclaim for its intense first-person shooter gameplay, post-apocalyptic setting, and the revival of the iconic Doom franchise.

The game’s fast-paced action, exhilarating level design, and faithful homage to the original Doom series resonated with players and critics alike. Its seamless blend of classic elements with modern graphics and mechanics reinvigorated the first-person shooter genre, cementing DOOM (2016) as a reborn hero in the gaming world.

The game’s reception was further enhanced by its sound design, dynamic combat mechanics, and uncompromising dedication to delivering an immersive player experience. Recognised for its successful modernisation of the classic first-person shooter genre, DOOM (2016) has become synonymous with action-packed gameplay set in a nightmarish universe plagued by demonic hordes.

The game’s accomplishments have solidified its status as a legendary title that continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Plot and gameplay

Continuing from the success and critical reception of DOOM (2016), the plot and gameplay are central to its acclaim. The game immerses players in a post-apocalyptic setting, where they assume the role of the legendary Doom Slayer on a mission to eradicate Hell-spawn.

The narrative unfolds with vengeance as the driving force, stemming from the betrayal and assimilation of Argent D’Nur into Hell. Players are captivated by action-packed gameplay that encompasses first-person combat in exhilarating battles against hordes of demonic enemies.

With its fast-paced, relentless nature, DOOM (2016) offers an adrenaline-fueled experience reminiscent of classic first-person shooters.

The gameplay mechanics feature fluid movement, a wide range of devastating weapons, and strategic resource management for survival in intense encounters. Exploration is encouraged within intricately designed levels that hide secrets and power-ups waiting to be discovered by keen-eyed players.


DOOM (2016) rejuvenated the iconic franchise, offering fast-paced gameplay and a compelling post-apocalyptic setting. The game’s critical acclaim and numerous awards highlight its successful modernisation of the first-person shooter genre.

With its visceral action-packed gameplay, DOOM (2016) captivated both new and longtime fans of the series. This revival stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of one of gaming’s most revered titles.


1. What is DOOM (2016) about?

DOOM (2016) is a first-person shooter game that features action-packed gameplay in a thrilling post-apocalyptic setting.

2. Why do people call DOOM (2016) ‘The Rebirth of a Legend’?

People refer to DOOM (2016) as ‘The Rebirth of a Legend’ because it’s a modern remake of the classic game, offering intense first-person combat with updated graphics and mechanics.

3. What can players expect from the gameplay?

Players can dive into fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping action where they battle through hordes of enemies in an apocalyptic world on the brink of doom.

4. Is DOOM suitable for all ages?

Due to its violent and intense nature, DOOM’s first-person action set in an apocalyptic environment is best suited for mature audiences who enjoy high-octane video games.

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