Colony Survival: Defending Your Colony from the Undead

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Are you grappling with the daily challenge of safeguarding your colony against an incessant onslaught of zombies in Colony Survival? Fear not; many of us have stood firm in the face of such undead adversity, learning a trick or two to share.

This guide is brimming with indispensable defence tips – think robust wall fortifications and savvy combat training for your colonists – all designed to keep your settlement from harm’s way.

Peruse these survival pointers that just might be the lifeline your colony needs!

Key Takeaways

  • To prevent zombie invasions in Colony Survival, construct strong walls and create chokepoints to concentrate your defence efforts.
  • Equip colonists with the necessary weapons, armour, and combat training to effectively defend the colony from undead threats.
  • Regularly maintain and upgrade your defensive structures by reinforcing them with better materials and introducing advanced technologies like automated turrets.
  • Use natural terrain features such as rivers or cliffs alongside man – made defences to funnel zombies into traps or ambushes for improved base protection.
  • Assign specialised roles to colonists based on their combat skills, ensuring a well – rounded defence system capable of repelling various types of zombie attacks.

Understanding the Enemy: Zombies in Colony Survival

Zombies in Colony Survival come in various types, each with its own unique behaviour and attack patterns. It is crucial to understand how they operate in order to effectively defend your colony from their relentless onslaught.

Types of zombies

  • Basic Zombies: These are the most common enemies that come out at night. They’re not very strong, but in large numbers, they can be quite a menace. We must ensure our walls are sturdy and our colonists are equipped to fend off these relentless attackers.
  • Slow Heavy Zombies: Heavier and more resilient than their basic counterparts, these zombies can withstand more damage. Our defences need to be robust and well-maintained; otherwise, these brutes will break through weaker points in our fortifications.
  • Fast Zombies: Speed is what makes these zombies dangerous. They can quickly overwhelm unprepared colonies by breaching lighter defences. To counter their agility, we utilise chokepoints and maze constructions that slow their advance.
  • Zombie Guards: Tougher than most other types, these zombies require upgraded weapons to defeat them effectively. Keeping weapon research up to date is crucial when dealing with this high-tier threat.
  • Mini Bosses: Occasionally, we encounter larger zombies that act like mini bosses. They’re difficult to take down and demand coordination among our colonists along with advanced survival tactics.

Their behaviour

Zombies in Colony Survival exhibit different behavioural patterns, making it crucial to understand their actions and movements. The undead roam around aimlessly until they detect the players or colonists within a certain range.

Once alerted, zombies will relentlessly pursue their target until eliminated or obstructed. It’s important to note that zombies can break through weak barriers and structures, posing a significant threat to the colony’s safety.

Understanding the distinct behaviours of zombie types is essential for effective defense planning. For instance, some zombies are more resilient and aggressive than others, requiring advanced defensive measures.

How they attack your colony

Zombies attack our colony by relentlessly charging towards our structures, aiming to breach our defenses and target our colonists. They seek out any weak spots in our walls or chokepoints, attempting to break through and wreak havoc within the safety of our settlement.

These undead enemies pose a constant threat as they navigate through the maze-like defensive structures, requiring us to continuously adapt and fortify our defenses against their relentless assaults.

The undead invaders pursue any accessible openings in our base fortifications while also overwhelming us with sheer numbers during their attacks. Their presence demands that we remain vigilant and proactive in reinforcing and upgrading the security measures for the safety of all within the colony.

Building Defensive Structures

Building defensive structures is crucial in keeping the zombies at bay. It’s important to understand the significance of walls, creating chokepoints, and implementing other defensive structures to protect your colony.

The importance of walls

Walls are crucial for defending your colony against the undead in Colony Survival. They act as a physical barrier, keeping zombies from breaching your base and attacking your colonists.

By strategically placing walls around key structures and resources, you can create a strong perimeter that deters the undead from infiltrating your colony. Additionally, walls help to guide zombie movement, directing them towards chokepoints and away from vulnerable areas.

Upgrading and maintaining these walls is essential to ensure they remain effective against increasingly powerful waves of zombies as the game progresses.

Creating a chokepoint

To defend your colony effectively in Colony Survival, creating a chokepoint is crucial. By strategically funnelling zombies into a narrow passage, you can concentrate the firepower of your defenders, making it easier to eliminate the undead threats.

This strategy allows for efficient use of defensive structures and resources while minimising the risk of being overrun by hordes of zombies.

Strategic placement of walls and obstacles can guide the movement of zombies, ensuring that they are funnelled into the chokepoint. Additionally, utilising traps and natural barriers near the chokepoint can further bolster your defences and provide additional protection for your colony.

Other defensive structures

After creating a chokepoint to limit the undead’s access, additional defensive structures can further fortify your colony. Here are essential defensive structures to consider:

  1. Watchtowers: These provide elevated vantage points for archers and soldiers, allowing them to effectively target incoming zombies.
  2. Spike Traps: Strategically placing spike traps can deal damage to zombies, slowing down their advance and buying time for your colonists to respond.
  3. Barricades: Use barricades to create blockades in critical areas, obstructing the path of zombies and forcing them into more vulnerable positions.
  4. Guard Houses: Position guard houses around the perimeter of your colony to ensure rapid response and defence in multiple directions.

Strategizing Your Defence

We will discuss the placement of buildings and structures, using natural barriers, and incorporating traps and obstacles to effectively defend your colony from the undead. Read on to learn how to strategise your defence and protect your colony from the zombie invasion.

Placement of buildings and structures

To defend your colony effectively, consider the following in placement of buildings and structures:

  1. Ensure that defensive structures like walls are strategically placed to enclose your colony, creating a barrier against zombie attacks.
  2. Create chokepoints by positioning buildings and structures in a way that forces the zombies into narrow pathways, making it easier for your colonists to defend.
  3. Utilise natural barriers such as cliffs or water bodies to supplement your defence and reduce the entry points for the undead.
  4. Incorporate traps and obstacles within the colony’s layout to slow down and deter advancing zombies, giving your colonists crucial time to react and defend.

Using natural barriers

Incorporating natural barriers such as rivers, mountains, and forests can serve as an effective strategy for defending your colony from the undead in Colony Survival. By strategically placing your buildings and defensive structures near these natural features, you can create additional obstacles for zombies to navigate through before reaching your colony.

Utilising the natural terrain to funnel zombies into predetermined paths can help control their movement and reduce the risk of being overrun. Additionally, leveraging natural barriers allows you to focus on reinforcing specific areas rather than spreading resources thin throughout the entire perimeter.

Natural barriers also offer opportunities for creative defensive strategies, such as using narrow pathways or cliffsides to guide zombies into traps or ambush points. The combination of man-made defences and natural obstacles enhances your colony’s security while providing a visually appealing and immersive environment.

Strategising defence around natural features not only bolsters the overall protection but also adds depth and complexity to your approach in combating zombie threats in Colony Survival.

Incorporating traps and obstacles

Incorporating traps and obstacles is vital for enhancing the defence of your colony in Colony Survival. These elements help to deter zombies and prevent them from reaching the heart of your colony.

  1. Setting up spike traps at strategic points within your colony perimeter can slow down and damage incoming zombies, giving your colonists time to eliminate them.
  2. Utilising barricades made from wooden logs or stone blocks can create barriers that channel zombies towards specific paths, making it easier for your colonists to defend against them.
  3. Constructing moats filled with water or spikes around the outskirts of your colony can serve as an effective obstacle to slow down and harm approaching zombies.
  4. Placing landmines in key areas outside your walls can surprise and eliminate groups of zombies, reducing the pressure on your defending colonists.
  5. Installing watchtowers manned by armed colonists at regular intervals along the perimeter provides elevated positions for spotting incoming threats and launching counterattacks.

Equipping Your Colonists for Battle

To defend your colony from the undead, it’s essential to equip your colonists for battle. This involves training them in combat, providing them with weapons and armour, and utilising colonists with specific skills in combat.

Training them in combat

  1. Assign a training area within the colony where colonists can practise combat skills regularly.
  2. Provide access to combat training facilities such as weapon racks and target dummies to improve their proficiency with weapons.
  3. Implement regular combat drills and exercises to keep colonists sharp and prepared for potential zombie attacks.
  4. Encourage specialised combat training for certain colonists, utilising their specific skills to enhance overall defence capabilities.
  5. Reward successful combat achievements with improved weaponry or armour, motivating colonists to excel in their defence duties.
  6. Incorporate periodic assessments to identify areas for improvement and provide targeted training sessions accordingly.

Providing them with weapons and armour

  1. Research and craft a variety of weapons, including swords, bows, and crossbows, to provide diversity in combat capabilities.
  2. Forge or purchase armour sets such as leather armour, iron armour, and other protective gear to enhance the survivability of our colonists.
  3. Distribute the weapons and armour strategically among the colonists based on their skills and specialisation to maximise their combat effectiveness.
  4. Regularly upgrade the weapons and armour as new technologies become available to keep our defenders well-equipped for evolving zombie threats.
  5. Train specific colonists in weapon proficiency and combat techniques to ensure they can handle their equipment effectively in battle.
  6. Maintain a stockpile of spare weapons and armour for replacement during prolonged battles or unexpected zombie attacks.
  7. Utilise resources efficiently by prioritising the production of essential weaponry and armour based on threat levels and available materials.

Utilising colonists with specific skills in combat

To bolster our colony’s defence against the undead, it’s essential to utilise colonists with specific combat skills. By training select individuals in combat techniques, we can enhance our overall defensive capabilities.

Equipping these skilled colonists with weapons and armour is crucial for repelling zombie attacks effectively.

Assigning fighters to strategic locations within the colony can act as a deterrent for potential threats. Identifying and nurturing individual abilities among colonists will create a well-rounded defence force, ensuring that we are prepared for any undead onslaught.

Maintaining and Upgrading Your Defence

Regularly checking and repairing structures is essential to keep your colony safe from the undead. Upgrading walls and defences as the game progresses will help you stay one step ahead of the zombie threat.

Regularly checking and repairing structures

  1. Inspect walls and defensive structures for damage caused by zombie attacks or natural wear and tear.
  2. Repair any breaches or weak points in the walls to prevent zombies from gaining entry into the colony.
  3. Utilise colonists with construction skills to carry out repairs efficiently and effectively.
  4. Keep an eye on traps and obstacles, ensuring they are in working order and ready to deter zombie intrusions.

Upgrading walls and defences as the game progresses

To upgrade walls and defences as the game progresses, we must stay vigilant and adapt to the evolving zombie threat. Here’s how:

  1. Reinforce existing walls and structures with stronger materials such as stone or metal to withstand tougher zombie attacks.
  2. Expand the defensive perimeter by adding additional layers of walls or establishing new defensive outposts to cover vulnerable areas.
  3. Upgrade defensive towers with improved firepower and range to effectively fend off large waves of zombies.
  4. Implement advanced defensive technologies such as automated traps and turrets to bolster your colony’s security against undead intrusions.
  5. Regularly inspect and repair any damages to existing defences, ensuring they remain intact and functional at all times.
  6. Utilise specialised defensive structures like moats or spiked barriers to create additional obstacles for approaching zombies without hindering the movement of your colonists.

Using advanced technologies and tools for defence

In Colony Survival, advanced technologies and tools play a crucial role in bolstering the defence of your colony against the undead hordes. Leveraging high-tier weapons and cutting-edge research ensures that your colonists are well-prepared to combat resilient zombies effectively.

It’s essential to prioritise upgrading weapon research regularly to stay ahead of evolving zombie threats. Additionally, exploring new defensive technologies like explosive weaponry can provide a strategic advantage in fending off waves of undead attackers.

Implementing sophisticated defence mechanisms such as automated turret systems and advanced traps can significantly enhance your colony’s security. These innovative tools not only offer increased firepower but also add an extra layer of protection, helping to fortify weak points within your defences.


In conclusion, defending your colony from the undead in Colony Survival requires strategic planning and active defence. The key to success lies in building effective defensive structures, equipping your colonists for battle, and continuously maintaining and upgrading your defences.

By understanding the enemy and strategising your defence, you can ensure the security of your colony against zombie attacks. Take charge of base protection by incorporating chokepoint strategies and utilising colonists with specific combat skills to fend off zombie hordes effectively.


1. How do I keep my colony safe in “Colony Survival: Defending Your Colony from the Undead”?

You can protect your base by building strong defences, using a chokepoint strategy to manage zombie threats, and enhancing colony security through vigilant colony management.

2. What is a chokepoint strategy in defending against zombies?

A chokepoint strategy involves creating narrow passages in your base that funnel the undead into areas where they can be easily managed and eliminated, boosting village protection during an apocalypse.

3. Can I build structures to defend my colony from the undead?

Yes, you should engage in base building to construct barriers, towers, and other structures that serve as both maze defence and zombie deterrents for optimal colony defence.

4. Is it important to have a well-managed colony for survival?

Absolutely! Effective colony management ensures resources are used wisely which is crucial for maintaining robust defences against any undead attack on your settlement.

5. What steps can I take for immediate protection if zombies threaten my village?

Quickly establish a secure perimeter with available materials as temporary barricades and focus on strengthening key points of entry with durable blocks or obstacles around your village for immediate apocalypse preparedness.

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