Ylands: Crafting Adventure on Your Own Islands

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Are you hankering after a game that marries the tranquillity of a relaxing escape with the thrill of adventure, allowing you to mould your very own world? It’s quite the common fancy – to yearn for an idyllic retreat where our imagination is free to soar unhindered; Ylands offers precisely this, with its open-world sandbox brimming with possibilities.

Allow our guide to gently steer you through the fundamental joys of crafting your bespoke escapade amidst bewitching islands, erecting splendid structures and navigating the boundless azure.

So why not indulge in an island adventure that’s quite unlike any other?.

Key Takeaways

  • Ylands offers an open – world sandbox game experience where players can craft, build, and explore their own islands, creating unique adventures with every gameplay.
  • The Exploration DLC adds new mystery islands to discover with additional gameplay features and is also available on a mobile platform for gaming on the go.
  • Crafting tools, weapons and shelters are essential in Ylands to survive against environmental dangers and wild creatures while managing hunger levels by gathering food resources.
  • Navigation skills are important; using maps efficiently helps locate materials needed for crafting and exploring uncharted territories.
  • Players have the freedom to customise their islands extensively through building structures, creating scenarios, sharing content via Steam Workshop and engaging in multiplayer experiences.

What is Ylands and its Main Features?

Ylands is a sandbox game that allows players to explore and build their own worlds. Its main features include crafting, exploration, building, and survival in an open world environment.


Crafting lies at the heart of our Ylands adventures. We gather resources from the environment to unlock and create new tools, structures, and items essential for survival. The game’s crafting menu shows us what we can make but keeps some recipes a secret until we discover them through exploration or experimentation.

We start with basic materials like wood and stone, gradually working our way up to more complex creations such as ships that allow us to sail across the randomly generated world in search of adventure.

Every crafted item brings us closer to establishing a thriving presence on our own islands, forging ahead into the mystery that awaits in this sandbox game.


Exploration in Ylands is an exciting adventure that involves discovering new mystery islands and navigating the diverse biomes. Players can immerse themselves in the open-world environment, sailing their own crafted ships to uncharted lands.

With the Exploration paid DLC, additional gameplay features enable players to uncover hidden secrets and expand their crafting and survival skills. Whether playing solo or with friends in multiplayer mode, the mobile platform also allows gamers to enjoy this unique exploration experience on the go.

In Ylands, exploration goes beyond simple map navigation – it’s about unveiling new challenges and opportunities while customising your own islands. As you embark on this crafting adventure, animals roam freely across landscapes waiting to be discovered, adding another layer of excitement as you journey through your own unique experiences within the game.


Transitioning from exploring the lands and gathering resources, let’s talk about building in Ylands. Players can construct a multitude of structures such as shelters, boats, homes, and other customized creations using gathered resources.

Crafting essential tools is crucial for building; with the ability to plant crops and raise animals for food and materials. As players progress, they can unlock new crafting recipes by gaining experience in various areas such as hunting or farming.

Customising and enhancing islands not only adds personalisation but also aids survival in this vast open-world game.

Constructing ships is an important aspect of Ylands; carefully selecting materials ensures successful navigation across perilous waters. Additionally, building harbours allows shelter during storms or when embarking on expeditions to further lands.


To survive in Ylands, we must pay close attention to our hunger and thirst levels. We can fish, hunt animals, or gather fruits and vegetables to keep ourselves fed. Crafting essential items like tools, weapons, and shelter is crucial for our survival.

Additionally, we need to be mindful of the environment’s dangers – from extreme weather conditions to aggressive wildlife.

By efficiently managing resources and staying alert to potential threats, players can successfully navigate the challenges of survival in Ylands while crafting their adventure.

How to Get Started with Ylands?

Choosing a Starting Island, gathering resources, and building and crafting are essential steps to get started with Ylands. Read on to learn more about these exciting beginning stages of gameplay.

Choosing a Starting Island

When starting your adventure in Ylands, the first step is to choose a starting island from the newly introduced starter region. With five islands available, each offers unique terrains and resources for players to kick start their journey.

The choice of an island can have a significant impact on the initial stages of gameplay, as some islands may provide easier access to essential resources like wood, stone, or animals for hunting and gathering.

To begin successfully in Ylands, it’s important to consider factors such as proximity to water sources and accessibility of various materials when choosing your starting island. Some islands may be more suitable for building due to spacious land while others might offer better shelter from harsh weather conditions.

Gathering Resources

To progress in Ylands, gathering resources is essential. Collecting materials such as wood, stone, and metal will enable players to craft tools, build structures, and create items needed for survival.

As the game progresses, exploring different biomes on the islands will provide unique resources crucial for unlocking new crafting recipes and advancing in the game. With an array of resources available across various terrains, players can adapt their strategy based on their island’s specific features to thrive in their crafting adventure.

In Ylands, resource gathering is a fundamental aspect of gameplay. Whether you are collecting wood for building or mining ore for crafting advanced tools, prioritising resource acquisition will greatly enhance your ability to survive and thrive in the dynamic world of Ylands.

Building and Crafting

In Ylands, crafting and building are essential for survival and exploration. Players can gather various resources like wood, stone, and metal to craft tools, weapons, and structures.

With the ability to build anything from small shelters to grand fortresses, players can create their own unique islands and adventures within the game. The crafting menu in Ylands displays all the items that can be crafted, allowing players to easily access recipes and create essential items needed for a successful adventure.

As part of the Exploration DLC in Ylands, players must gather materials to learn new crafting recipes that will aid in their survival as they explore the world. Crafting plays a crucial role as players progress through different biomes on mystery islands.

The Exploration DLC

The Exploration DLC in Ylands brings new mystery islands to discover and explore, along with additional gameplay features to enhance the adventure. It also includes support for mobile platforms, allowing players to enjoy the game on the go.

New Mystery Ylands

Explore the excitement of uncovering new mystery Ylands within the game, adding an element of surprise and intrigue to your gameplay experience. These mysterious islands offer engaging storytelling elements and unique challenges for players to discover.

Through exploration, players can unravel the secrets hidden within these mystery Ylands, adding depth and excitement to their crafting adventures.

Immerse yourself in the lush environments and fascinating narratives found in these captivating areas. As you navigate through the diverse biomes and encounter intriguing creatures, each mystery Yland offers a fresh opportunity for discovery and adventure.

Additional Gameplay Features

Players in Ylands can look forward to an array of additional gameplay features. These include the ability to create and share their own scenarios, as well as access a variety of user-generated content through the Steam Workshop.

Moreover, players can delve into a multitude of community-created maps and adventures, adding endless possibilities to their Ylands experience.

Furthermore, with support for multiplayer gameplay, gamers can team up with friends or other players from around the world to embark on exciting new adventures together. This feature allows for collaborative building projects and exploration as players work together to conquer challenges and create lasting memories in this immersive crafting adventure game.

Mobile Platform

Ylands is available on the mobile platform, allowing players to craft, explore, and survive on their own islands while on the go. The game offers a seamless experience across different devices, making it convenient for players to continue their adventures anytime and anywhere.

On the mobile version of Ylands, players can gather resources, build structures, and embark on thrilling expeditions just like in the desktop version.

The mobile platform of Ylands opens up new possibilities for gamers who prefer handheld gaming or need flexibility in their gaming schedule. With its user-friendly interface and optimised controls, Ylands ensures that players can fully immerse themselves in the crafting adventure without compromising on gameplay quality.

Tips for Successful Adventure in Ylands

– Managing Hunger: Ensure to gather and cook food regularly to keep your character’s hunger level in check, as running out of food can lead to serious consequences.

– Crafting Essential Items: Always prioritise crafting tools, weapons, and shelter to protect yourself from dangers on the island and make survival easier.

Managing Hunger

To manage hunger in Ylands, players should gather food resources such as fruits, vegetables, and fish. Crafting a fishing rod and harvesting crops are effective ways to ensure a steady food supply.

Additionally, hunting animals can provide meat for sustenance. It is important to maintain a balanced diet by consuming different types of food to prevent starvation.

Players can also create storage containers to preserve excess food supplies for later use. Moreover, monitoring the hunger level indicator on the screen is crucial in ensuring that the character stays nourished throughout their adventure on the islands in Ylands.

Crafting Essential Items

After ensuring that hunger is managed, crafting essential items in Ylands is crucial for a successful adventure. Here are some key items to craft for a smoother gameplay experience:

  1. Tools and Weapons: Craft basic tools such as axes, pickaxes, and shovels to gather resources efficiently. Additionally, create weapons like spears and bows to defend against threats.
  2. Shelter and Storage: Build shelters to protect yourself from the elements, and construct storage units to keep your valuable resources safe.
  3. Cooking Equipment: In order to prepare food for sustenance, crafting cooking equipment like campfires and cooking pots is essential.
  4. Water Collection Devices: Create water containers and wells to ensure a reliable source of hydration on your island.
  5. Survival Gear: Craft clothing and armor for protection against environmental dangers and hostile creatures.
  6. Boats or Rafts: If your adventure involves exploring beyond your initial island, constructing boats or rafts becomes vital for sea travel.

Navigation and Map Usage

To navigate and use the map effectively in Ylands, players can open their inventory to access the mini-map. This will display an overview of the surrounding area and help them orient themselves on the island.

Additionally, exploring and uncovering different locations will fill out the map, providing a clearer picture of the world around them. Utilising landmarks and environmental cues are crucial for successful navigation in Ylands, allowing players to plan their routes and find specific resources or points of interest.

Players can also mark important locations on the map using custom markers, which helps in remembering essential areas such as resource nodes, camp locations, or unexplored territories.

These markers serve as visual aids when planning expeditions or retracing steps during exploration. Overall, mastering navigation and map usage is vital for a successful adventure in Ylands as it ensures efficient resource gathering and safer exploration across different biomes.


Immerse yourself in the world of Ylands and unleash your creativity. Craft, explore, and survive on your very own island. Adventure awaits as you embark on a thrilling journey through diverse biomes.

With boundless opportunities for customisation, every experience is unique. Unleash your imagination and thrive in the limitless possibilities of Ylands!


1. What is Ylands: Crafting Adventure on Your Own Islands?

Ylands is a creative adventure game where you craft items and build your own islands for unique adventures.

2. Can I create my own island in Ylands?

Yes, players have the freedom to design and shape their very own islands in Ylands, filling them with crafted structures and exploring at will.

3. What kind of adventures can I have in Ylands?

In Ylands, your adventures are limitless; explore new lands, discover hidden treasures, and face exciting challenges as you craft your story.

4. Is building on my island the main focus of Ylands?

Crafting and building are key parts of the experience but exploring the world’s mysteries and engaging with its many surprises take the adventure beyond just construction.

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