XERA: Survival – Robots And Rebellion In Battle Royale

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Have you grown weary of the ubiquitous battle royale games that just seem to rehash the same concepts over and again? Believe us, we share in your craving for a novel twist in the gaming landscape.

Enter “XERA: Survival” – a game bursting at the seams with robots on the rampage, spirited rebellion and a relentless struggle to endure. This is no ordinary skirmish; instead, imagine 40 players thrown into an arena teeming with mechanical adversaries gone rogue.

Our guide is here to arm you with all you need to stand triumphant amidst this chaotic fusion of human cunning and robotic mayhem!

Key Takeaways

  • XERA: Survival combines PvPvE mechanics within an open-world survival game featuring a rogue AI threat in a futuristic looter shooter environment.
  • Players can customise their characters, manage resources, and build bases to increase their chances of survival against both human opponents and robotic enemies.
  • The game includes dynamic day and night cycles, affecting visibility and strategies, thus requiring players to constantly adapt their tactics.
  • Community-driven development is fundamental in XERA: Survival as player feedback influences new features and improvements for better gameplay experiences.
  • To succeed in the game’s hostile world called the Shroud, teamwork is essential as well as strategic thinking to gather supplies while fighting off mechanical foes.

Overview of XERA: Survival

XERA: Survival is a fast-paced, open-world PvPvE survival game set in a futuristic, looter shooter environment. With its emphasis on base building and character customisation, the game offers dynamic day and night cycles and mature content for an immersive gaming experience.

About the game

XERA: Survival thrusts us into the heart of a robot-infested world, striking an exhilarating balance between survival tactics and fast-paced combat. As mercenaries, we face the harrowing task of containing a rogue AI onslaught that could spell doom for humanity.

With arsenal in hand and strategy at play, every raid becomes a tense mission to gather precious resources, fend off relentless XOIDS, and ensure our survival against the odds.

The game’s open-world setting offers up to 40 players per raid an action-driven playground where PvPvE elements come alive. We work together with fellow survivors or brave the apocalypse solo while navigating this dystopian landscape.

Dynamic environments push us to adapt quickly – looting during raids, hoarding gear for future skirmishes and always staying one step ahead of both human competitors and AI adversaries.

Mature content

The game features intense and realistic combat scenarios, including graphic violence and blood effects. Players must navigate through a dystopian world filled with chaos, where survival depends on strategic decision-making, resource management, and skillful combat.

The storyline revolves around a relentless struggle against AI-controlled robots in an apocalyptic environment. Players will encounter high-stakes situations that require quick thinking and teamwork to overcome the challenges presented by both human adversaries and robotic enemies.

In addition to the mature themes of survival and conflict, XERA: Survival also includes elements of strategy, base building, character customisation, and looter-shooter mechanics. These aspects add depth to the gameplay experience while staying true to the intense atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic world embroiled in an AI versus humans war.

System requirements

To run XERA: Survival, here are the system requirements:

  1. A Windows operating system, such as Windows 7/8/10, is required.
  2. The game demands a minimum of Intel Core i5 processor or AMD equivalent to run smoothly.
  3. Players will need at least 8GB of RAM to ensure the game runs without lag.
  4. An NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 or AMD Radeon R9 290 graphics card is recommended for optimal visual performance.
  5. Ensure that you have at least 15GB of available storage space to install the game and additional updates.

Gameplay Features

Experience the thrill of open world survival as you navigate through a post-apocalyptic world filled with fast-paced action, base building, and dynamic day and night cycles. Engage in PvPvE mechanics while customising your character for the ultimate survival experience.

Open world survival

XERA: Survival presents a vast open world for players to explore and survive in. The game offers an expansive environment filled with resources, dangers, and opportunities. Players can roam freely across the map, scavenge for supplies, set up bases, and engage in intense PvPvE combat against both human foes and deadly robots.

The dynamic day and night cycles add an extra layer of challenge to survival, requiring players to adapt their strategies depending on the time of day. With its emphasis on exploration and resource management, XERA: Survival provides an immersive open world experience that challenges players’ survival instincts.

The open world nature of XERA: Survival brings an element of unpredictability to gameplay. From encountering other mercenaries to stumbling upon hidden loot caches or dangerous XOIDS roaming the landscape, every moment in the game is full of potential risks and rewards.

Fast-paced action

Engage in fast-paced action as you navigate through the intense world of XERA: Survival. With adrenaline-pumping gameplay, this robot uprising-themed environment keeps you on your toes as you battle XOIDS and other players.

Scavenge for weapons and gear quickly during raids to optimise your chances of survival, then return to strategically hoard your findings for future missions. The game’s dynamic day and night cycles add an extra layer of challenge, requiring swift adaptation to changing conditions to stay ahead in the high-octane battles.

In XERA: Survival, experience heart-thumping combat scenarios with up to 40 players per raid while engaging in PvP confrontations against rival mercenaries. This loot-driven looter-shooter offers relentless action alongside strategic resource management and skillful combat dynamics.

PvPvE mechanics

In XERA: Survival, PvPvE mechanics create a dynamic and intense gameplay experience where players must navigate the challenges of both human adversaries and AI-controlled XOIDS. This unique blend of player versus player and environment elements adds complexity to raids, requiring strategic decision-making and adaptability to survive in the game’s open world setting.

With up to 40 players in each raid, competition is fierce as mercenaries scavenge for resources while contending with not only other players but also the relentless threat posed by deadly robots.

The PvPvE mechanics in XERA: Survival demand teamwork and coordination, as players can choose to band together or clash with others amid an ever-changing environment. Balancing combat prowess with resource management becomes crucial for success, making every encounter a test of skill and strategy.

Base building

Players in XERA: Survival have the opportunity to engage in base building, a crucial aspect of the game that allows them to establish and fortify their own safe havens. Constructing strongholds is essential for safeguarding valuable resources and equipment gathered during raids.

It also provides a strategic advantage by creating a central point for regrouping, planning future missions, and defending against enemy attacks.

Constructing a solid base requires careful resource management and teamwork with other players. By working together, mercenaries can effectively build defensive structures, secure supply caches, and set up various facilities to enhance their overall survival chances.

Dynamic day and night cycles

As night falls in XERA: Survival, the game transforms with dynamic day and night cycles, impacting gameplay and strategy. Whether sneaking through shadows or engaging in intense firefights under cover of darkness, players must adapt to changing visibility conditions.

During the day, visibility is at its peak, providing clear sightlines and improved situational awareness. Conversely, as night descends on the open world environment, reduced visibility challenges players to rely on different tactics and resources for survival.

The shift between these cycles adds depth to the gameplay experience, requiring adaptive strategies from both seasoned veterans and newcomers alike.

Embracing environmental changes during dynamic day and night cycles influences decisions around raid timing while affecting encounters with other players or XOIDS. By leveraging this feature effectively, players can gain a tactical advantage by planning raids based on time of day – whether exploiting daylight for resource gathering or utilising nighttime cover for stealthier approaches against adversaries.

Character customisation

Players in XERA: Survival can fully customise their characters, allowing them to create a unique and personalised mercenary for the intense battles ahead. From choosing different outfits and accessories to modifying facial features and body types, the game offers a wide range of options for players to express themselves and stand out in the wasteland.

Additionally, players can equip their characters with various weapons, gear, and drones tailored to their playstyle, enhancing both their appearance and combat abilities. This level of character customisation adds depth to the gameplay experience, giving each player a chance to create a distinct identity within the post-apocalyptic world.

In addition to visual customisation, players have the opportunity to tailor their character’s skills and abilities based on personal preferences. By selecting specific perks and enhancements, players can further fine-tune their characters’ strengths in combat or survival skills such as resource gathering or base building.

Tools and Progression

Unleash a variety of weapons and drones while gathering resources to progress in the game. To explore more about XERA: Survival and how to survive in the Shroud, keep reading!

Weapons and drones

In XERA: Survival, players have access to a wide array of weapons and drones to aid them in their battles against both human adversaries and powerful robots. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Players can arm themselves with an assortment of firearms, including rifles, pistols, and shotguns, each offering unique strengths and tactical advantages in combat.
  2. In addition to traditional firearms, players can utilise futuristic weaponry such as energy – based guns and explosive devices to gain the upper hand in intense firefights.
  3. Drones play a crucial role in reconnaissance and combat support, allowing players to gather intelligence on enemy positions and engage targets from a distance.
  4. Deployable drones provide invaluable assistance by offering aerial surveillance, delivering supplies or munitions, and distracting hostile forces during raids.
  5. Upgrading drones with advanced capabilities, such as improved firepower or enhanced mobility, can significantly bolster a player’s effectiveness in the field.
  6. Customising weapons and drones according to individual playstyles enhances strategic options while adapting to the challenges presented in the game’s ever-changing environments.
  7. Resource management is essential for acquiring new weaponry and maintaining drone functionality throughout missions, adding an element of survivalist strategy to gameplay.

Gathering resources

  1. Scavenging for Ammo: Players locate and collect different types of ammunition to ensure they are well-equipped for combat encounters with XOIDS or other players.
  2. Food and Water Collection: It is essential to scavenge for food and water to sustain health and stamina while navigating the hostile environment.
  3. Crafting Components: Players search for various crafting materials, including metal scraps, electronic parts, and fuel, which are vital for creating and upgrading weapons, drones, and base structures.
  4. Gathering Building Materials: To fortify their bases against XOIDS and rival mercenaries, players must gather materials such as wood, stone, and metal to construct defensive structures.
  5. Resource Management: Efficiently managing gathered resources is critical to ensure sustainability during raids as well as for use in future missions.
  6. Utilising Drones for Gathering: Employing drones can aid in resource collection by scouting areas before venturing into potentially dangerous zones.
  7. Trading Resources: In addition to gathering resources independently, players can engage in trade with other mercenaries to obtain scarce or specialised items necessary for survival.
  8. Dynamic Resource Spawns: Resources respawn dynamically within the game world over time, requiring constant exploration of new areas to fulfil resource requirements.
  9. Adaptation to Environment: The ability of players to adapt their resource-gathering strategies based on environmental factors such as weather conditions or time of day is crucial for sustained survival.
  10. Strategic Resource Allocation: Allocating gathered resources judiciously between personal needs and community objectives becomes pivotal when engaging in cooperative gameplay scenarios with other mercenaries.

Community-driven development

With the extensive multiplayer environment in XERA: Survival, community-driven development plays a significant role in shaping the game’s ongoing evolution. Players’ feedback and suggestions are actively considered by the developers to introduce new features, improve gameplay mechanics, and fine-tune the overall experience.

This collaborative approach fosters a sense of ownership and involvement among gamers, as they contribute to refining the game through their insights and experiences. As a result, XERA: Survival stands as an example of how player engagement can directly influence the trajectory of a game, ensuring that it continues to meet evolving expectations while keeping players invested in its future.

Furthermore, community-driven development allows for a more inclusive gaming experience where diverse perspectives are accounted for, enriching the game world with fresh ideas and innovative solutions.

Surviving in the Shroud

Challenges from the XOIDS, importance of teamwork, and adapting to the environment are all crucial aspects of surviving in the Shroud. As players navigate through this dangerous world, they must stay alert and work together to outsmart their robotic foes.

Challenges from the XOIDS

Facing the XOIDS in XERA: Survival presents relentless and unpredictable foes that require strategic thinking and quick reflexes. Players must adapt to the AI’s advanced combat tactics, including flanking manoeuvres and coordinated assaults.

Engaging with these robotic enemies not only demands teamwork but also challenges players to utilise a variety of weapons, drones, and environmental elements effectively.

Overcoming the XOIDS’ threat involves adapting on-the-fly to their dynamic behaviours while navigating raids for resources. The game showcases an intense battle for survival against the Terminator-style apocalypse, providing gamers with an exhilarating experience as they strive to outsmart and outmanoeuvre their mechanical adversaries.

Importance of teamwork

Facing the challenges from the XOIDS in XERA: Survival emphasises the importance of teamwork to overcome these formidable robotic foes. Players must collaborate with others to gather resources, build bases, and strategise effectively against the relentless onslaught of AI enemies.

Teaming up enhances survival chances and enables efficient combat operations in the dynamic PvPvE environment. The game encourages camaraderie as players band together to fend off threats and accomplish objectives, making teamwork a crucial element for success amidst the futuristic battlegrounds.

Adapting to the environment

After understanding the significance of teamwork, players must also adapt to the challenging environment in XERA: Survival. The game presents a dynamic world with ever-changing day and night cycles, demanding that players adjust their strategies accordingly while facing relentless threats from XOIDS and competing mercenaries.

To survive, players must master resource management amidst the intense action and strategise effectively to navigate through a terminator-style apocalypse landscape. Additionally, character customisation allows for the adaptation to different scenarios by tailoring skills and gear suited to the changing environment, ensuring an immersive experience within this loot-driven virtual reality.

Amidst futuristic technology that permeates every aspect of gameplay, adapting becomes essential; it’s not solely about survival against robots but thriving in controlled chaos where resilience is key.


Immerse yourself in the intense world of XERA: Survival. With its mix of survival, action, and PvPvE combat, this game offers an adrenaline-fueled gaming experience. Join forces with other mercenaries to quell the robot uprising and prevent apocalypse.

Engage in strategic raids and skillful combat to emerge victorious in a challenging open-world environment. Experience the thrill of looter-shooter gameplay as you scavenge for weapons and gear amidst chaos and destruction.

Get ready to test your skills in this futuristic battle royale setting!


1. What is XERA: Survival all about?

XERA: Survival is a video game set in a Terminator-style apocalypse where players join the resistance to fight in an AI vs humans war, gathering loot and battling for survival.

2. Can you play XERA: Survival with friends?

Absolutely! You can stream the games live and team up with your mates to take down robots and rebel against artificial intelligence threats together.

3. What kind of technology is featured in XERA: Survival?

XERA showcases future technology within its SciFi world, presenting high-tech gear, weapons, and advanced enemy robots that challenge players at every turn.

4. Is XERA: Survival mainly about fighting robots?

Yes, it’s a loot-driven battle royale where your main goal is not just surviving but also clashing with rebellious robots as part of the human resistance.

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