Voxel Turf: The Urban Sandbox of Block Building

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Are you on the hunt for a fresh spin in the enchanting realm of block-building games? We’ve all been there – the moment when our beloved city simulators begin to lose their zest, edging into the realms of the mundane.

Enter Voxel Turf – a gem that marries the boundless creativity found in construction with invigorating urban exploration and clever strategy. Immerse yourself in a world where each and every block holds potential; it’s not just about building, but expanding your dominion.

Read on as we unveil how this game is set to revolutionise your digital landscape!

Key Takeaways

  • Voxel Turf combines city-building with action-packed gameplay, including construction, demolition, real estate management and gang warfare.
  • The game features various modes such as Build mode for creative construction, Destruction mode for unleashing chaos, Business mode for empire building and Territorial Warfare mode for strategic combat.
  • Compatible across Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, Voxel Turf requires a minimum of 2 GB RAM and 250 MB storage space; optimal performance may need a recommended graphics card.
  • Unique aspects of the game include light planes for aerial exploration of cities built from blocks and airfields providing logistics within the urban sandbox environment.
  • Positive feedback from curator reviews highlights Voxel Turf’s multifaceted gameplay while customer reviews praise its seamless integration of open-world exploration with engaging urban development mechanics.

About Voxel Turf

Voxel Turf is a block-based urban sandbox game that simulates building and destroying cities, including vehicles and gang wars. It’s similar to Minecraft but with more urban development elements.

A block-based urban sandbox game

We delve into the world of Voxel Turf, a unique blend where urban development meets action-packed gameplay. Imagine shaping sprawling cities from blocks, creating structures that pierce the skyline or sprawling across vast landscapes.

Here, we’re not just architects; we’re also mayors, tycoons and sometimes, even gang leaders. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill construction game – it’s an open-world building adventure where every block placed can tell a story of power and prosperity.

Our journey through this virtual city builder takes us down bustling streets in vehicles or soaring above our creation in light planes. We lay foundations for real estate empires or partake in territorial showdowns – all within our crafted metropolis brimming with potential.

Whether tearing down an old district to make way for innovation or trading stocks in business mode, Voxel Turf offers an urban sandbox experience unmatched by any other citybuilding simulation out there.

Simulates building and destroying cities

Voxel Turf brings the excitement of city-building to life by allowing players to construct and demolish urban landscapes. With its block-based platform, the game offers a realistic simulation where players can create sprawling cities or engage in destructive activities.

Whether it’s constructing towering skyscrapers or unleashing chaos through destruction, Voxel Turf provides an immersive sandbox experience that caters to both strategic planning and adrenaline-fueled action.

As gamers explore the virtual urban world, they have the freedom to shape their cities as they see fit while also experiencing the thrill of demolition and warfare. The game’s dynamic environment enables players to witness their creations come alive before their eyes and then wreak havoc amidst gang wars and territorial conflicts.

Includes vehicles and gang wars

Voxel Turf offers an immersive experience with a diverse range of vehicles, including boats and hovercraft. These vehicles add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay, allowing players to explore the city in unique ways and engage in thrilling chase sequences or daring getaways.

Furthermore, Voxel Turf features intense gang wars where players can battle for control of territory. This dynamic element adds strategic depth to the game, requiring players to plan their moves carefully and use resources effectively to emerge victorious in these high-stakes confrontations.

Similar to Minecraft

Like Minecraft, Voxel Turf is a block-based sandbox game that invites players to unleash their creativity through building and destruction within a virtual world. In addition to crafting structures and landscapes, players can engage in gang warfare, territory control, and real estate development.

Similar to Minecraft’s open-world freedom, Voxel Turf provides an immersive urban simulation experience with action-adventure gameplay elements. The game’s blend of city-building mechanics and combat scenarios offers a fresh take on the block-based sandbox genre.

Just like in Minecraft, players can claim territory in Voxel Turf as they build cities from scratch or destroy existing structures. While providing the familiar satisfaction of shaping the environment through building blocks, Voxel Turf introduces new layers of gameplay such as vehicle construction and engaging in turf wars for control over different areas.

Game Modes

Experience different game modes such as build, destruction, business, and territorial warfare mode in Voxel Turf to explore the endless possibilities of urban sandbox gaming. Read on to discover the exciting features waiting for you in each mode.

Build mode

In build mode, players have the freedom to unleash their creativity by constructing and designing intricate urban landscapes using blocks. This allows them to shape a virtual city according to their own vision and imagination, offering a unique experience in property management and open-world building.

Players can bring their ideas to life by strategically placing pre-made buildings or creating custom structures from scratch, making this mode an essential part of Voxel Turf’s open-world sandbox gameplay.

Building cities in Voxel Turf is an engaging process that offers both game experts and gamer novices the chance to experiment with architecture and construction while experiencing the satisfaction of watching their creations take shape within the game world.

As players progress through build mode, they gain valuable insights into various aspects of city planning and development, enhancing both their strategic thinking skills as well as their overall gaming experience.

Destruction mode

Transitioning from the creative process in Build mode, players can switch to Destruction mode for an entirely different gaming experience. In this mode, users have the freedom to unleash chaos as they destroy buildings and structures within the game world.

Players are given access to various tools and weapons that enable them to wreak havoc on their virtual cities. Whether it’s demolishing entire skyscrapers or causing massive explosions, Destruction mode provides an exhilarating outlet for unleashing destructive creativity.

This feature adds an extra layer of dynamism to Voxel Turf, allowing players to witness the consequences of their actions firsthand.

Business mode

In Business mode, players can establish and manage their own virtual business empires within the game. They can purchase real estate properties, set up businesses, and generate income from their ventures.

This mode allows players to experience the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship as they expand their influence throughout the virtual cityscape.

Implementing effective strategies in Business mode is crucial for success, as players must navigate economic fluctuations, manage resources efficiently, and compete with rival business owners.

Territorial warfare mode

In territorial warfare mode, players engage in strategic battles to claim and defend territory within the game’s urban sandbox. They can build defenses, recruit gangs, and use various tactics to control different areas of the city landscape.

This mode offers an immersive experience that combines city-building with intense combat, providing opportunities for both tactical planning and action-packed gameplay.

Players can strategically expand their influence by taking over new areas and defending them against rival factions. They must manage resources, plan their moves carefully, and adapt to changing situations in order to succeed in this challenging game mode.

System Requirements

To play Voxel Turf, you will need a Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system. Make sure your computer meets the minimum RAM and storage requirements, and consider investing in a recommended graphics card for optimal gameplay experience.

Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux

Voxel Turf is available for download on the Steam platform and runs smoothly on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. The game’s sleek compatibility across these platforms ensures that players can immerse themselves in the block-based urban sandbox experience regardless of their preferred system.

With this level of accessibility, Voxel Turf offers an exciting gaming adventure to a wide audience of PC gamers.

Players can easily enjoy the action-adventure gameplay on their chosen system without encountering any compatibility issues. This seamless cross-platform availability opens up a world of possibilities for both veteran gamers and those new to the scene.

Minimum RAM and storage requirements

Voxel Turf requires a minimum of 2 GB of RAM to run smoothly and smoothly handle the game’s dynamic environment. Additionally, it needs at least 250 MB of free storage space for installation.

These essential specifications ensure that players can enjoy the game without experiencing lag or performance issues, providing an optimal gaming experience.

The recommended system requirements include a graphics card with support for shader model 3.0 or later to fully immerse players in Voxel Turf’s detailed and vibrant world. It is important to meet these specifications for an enhanced visual experience and seamless gameplay flow, especially during intense gang wars and city-building activities within the game.

Recommended graphics card

To ensure optimal gameplay performance in Voxel Turf, a recommended graphics card is essential. This game demands visuals that bring the virtual urban sandbox to life, making it crucial to have a graphics card that can handle the complex rendering and dynamic environments.

Selecting a high-quality graphics card compatible with your system’s specifications will enhance your gaming experience and allow you to enjoy the full range of visual details and effects present in Voxel Turf.

Complementing your system with an appropriate graphics card ensures smooth gameplay, vivid visuals, and seamless transitions between different areas within the game. With a well-suited graphics card, you can immerse yourself fully in this open-world block-building adventure without any compromise on visual quality or performance.

Noteworthy Features

The game includes light plane and airfields, real estate empire building, curator reviews, and customer reviews. Read more about these exciting features in our blog post.

Light plane and airfields

Voxel Turf introduces light planes and airfields, enhancing the gameplay with aerial exploration and transportation options. Players can soar above their voxel-built cities, scouting out new locations or surveying their expanding territories from a bird’s-eye view.

The addition of airfields provides a dedicated space for taking off and landing these aircraft, adding another layer to the open-world experience. These features bring an exciting dimension to city-building games, providing players with new ways to interact with their virtual environments.

With light planes and airfields in Voxel Turf, players gain access to fast travel methods that enable efficient navigation across their sprawling cityscapes. Piloting these aircraft offers a fresh perspective on the game’s block-based world, allowing gamers to appreciate the scale of their creations while easily reaching distant areas within their urban landscapes.

Real estate empire building

Transitioning from the thrill of controlling light planes and airfields, players can delve into Voxel Turf’s real estate empire building aspect. This feature allows gamers to buy and manage properties within the game world, generating income and expanding their influence.

In Voxel Turf, players can purchase land, construct buildings, and own businesses that yield profits. As they accumulate wealth, they can reinvest in additional properties or upgrade existing ones to maximise returns.

The real estate empire building mechanic adds a strategic business element to the gameplay, providing an opportunity for players to exercise financial acumen while shaping the virtual cities in the game world.

Curator reviews

Curator reviews of Voxel Turf highlight its unique blend of city-building and action-adventure gameplay, attracting both city simulation enthusiasts and action game fans. The integration of block-based urban sandbox elements with vehicle building and destruction mechanics adds a fresh twist to the genre.

Players can engage in gang wars, manage real estate empires, and take control of territories, making Voxel Turf a multifaceted experience that caters to diverse gaming preferences.

Expertly crafted curations commend the game for offering an open-world sandbox environment where players can unleash their creativity while navigating through a dynamic landscape filled with missions and combat scenarios.

Customer reviews

Players have lauded Voxel Turf for its immersive open-world building experience and action-adventure gameplay, citing the seamless integration of block-based city-building and engaging combat elements.

Notably, gamers appreciate the game’s destructible environments, which add a dynamic layer to the urban sandbox experience. The inclusion of vehicles such as boats and hovercraft has also been praised for providing diverse and exciting gameplay opportunities within the virtual cityscape.

Moreover, Voxel Turf’s real estate empire-building feature has garnered positive feedback from players who enjoy strategic management aspects in addition to traditional gaming mechanics.


Experience the thrill of building and destroying cities in Voxel Turf, a dynamic block-based urban sandbox game. Dive into various game modes, from constructing your city to engaging in territorial warfare.

With its action-adventure gameplay and real estate empire building, Voxel Turf promises an immersive open-world experience for all gaming enthusiasts. Explore the endless possibilities this game has to offer on Steam and unleash your creativity in this virtual urban sandbox.


1. What is Voxel Turf?

Voxel Turf is an open-world sandbox game that blends block-based building with citybuilding and action-adventure gameplay.

2. Can you create your own city in Voxel Turf?

Yes, Voxel Turf allows players to design and build their own cities block by block, giving them the freedom to shape their urban environment as they see fit.

3. Is there more to do in Voxel Turf than just building?

Absolutely! Besides constructing buildings, players can engage in action-adventure gameplay, including missions and a destruction simulator within the open world of the game.

4. Does Voxel Turf let you play with others?

Indeed it does! The game offers an interactive blockbased sandbox experience where players can explore, build, and adventure together or against each other in its vast open-world setting.

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