Space Engineers: Engineering the Future in Space

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Ever found yourself a tad adrift in the sprawling cosmos of space games? Well, you’re certainly not alone. We’ve trodden that same stellar path, shoulder to shoulder, as we delve into the celestial workshop that is Space Engineers.

Brimming with bona fide physics and cutting-edge technology, this game provides a thoroughly engaging window into the world of astronautical engineering – it’s as enlightening as it is enjoyable.

Steel yourself for an odyssey of construction amongst the stars; adventure beckons!

Key Takeaways

  • Space Engineers is a voxel – based sandbox game that gives gamers the experience of being an astronautical engineer, where they can build and design spacecraft and space outposts using futuristic technology.
  • The game’s developer, Keen Software House, regularly updates the game with community – inspired features such as Grid AI capabilities and showcases player achievements through community spotlights.
  • Recent changes include a significant price reduction for the “Sparks of the Future” DLC which introduces advanced items like neon lights, LCD screens, Ion thrusters, atmospheric thrusters and includes an upcoming sci-fi grid AI element.
  • Players engage in a unique gaming environment free from enemies or set objectives; it’s about exploration and creativity within space engineering simulation.
  • The active participation of the Space Engineers community drives innovation within the game through guides, mods, tutorials and collaborative projects which mirror real-world advances in space systems.

What is Space Engineers?

Space Engineers is a sandbox game developed by Keen Software House, focusing on engineering in space. It allows players to build and design their own creations while exploring the endless possibilities of space exploration.

A sandbox game about engineering in space

We explore and create in Space Engineers, a voxel-based sandbox where we simulate the intricate tasks of aerospace engineers. In this game, reality meets imagination; it’s like witnessing NASA technology leap six decades ahead.

By designing spacecraft and constructing outposts on distant planets, we tackle the challenges of extraterrestrial engineering head-on.

Our adventures in this digital universe push us to think like real-life innovators. We shape our own scenarios with no set enemies or objectives—our only limit is the vastness of space itself.

This game invites us to build satellites, space stations and vehicles equipped with thrusters that reflect tomorrow’s advanced propulsion systems. It’s a unique blend of creativity and science for both seasoned experts and those new to gaming.

Developed by Keen Software House

Keen Software House developed Space Engineers, a voxel-based sandbox game that allows players to build and design their own spacecraft, satellites, and space stations. The game simulates the challenges and opportunities of engineering in space, tapping into the expertise of engineers who play a crucial role in space exploration as problem solvers, inventors, and innovators.

The ongoing development reflects how engineers are involved in designing and developing spacecraft, satellites, and other technologies for space exploration and communication. As humanity continues to explore new frontiers of technology in outer space,”Space Engineers” serves as an immersive platform for both gaming enthusiasts seeking excitement and novices curious about the future of space exploration.

The Czech independent developer Keen Software House extrapolated modern-day NASA technology 60 years into the future with “Space Engineers.” This game offers an experience inspired by reality while presenting futuristic sci-fi elements such as ion thrusters and atmospheric thrusters.

Latest News & Updates

The latest updates for Space Engineers include exciting community-inspired content, such as the upcoming grid AI release and a change in DLC prices. Players can also look forward to community spotlights and guides to enhance their gameplay experience.

Community-inspired updates

We’re thrilled about the recent community-inspired updates in Space Engineers. The game’s developers have been listening to player feedback and implementing new features and improvements based on what the community wants.

This ongoing dialogue between players and developers is helping to shape the game into an even more immersive and engaging experience for everyone involved.

The inclusion of Grid AI release as a work-in-progress feature is particularly exciting, as it promises to enhance gameplay by introducing advanced artificial intelligence capabilities for grid-oriented tasks in the game.

Grid AI release in the works

Building on the exciting community-inspired updates, we’re thrilled to share that a Grid AI release is in the works! This upcoming addition will bring advanced artificial intelligence capabilities to Space Engineers, enhancing gameplay and opening up new possibilities for players to explore and interact with their creations.

The introduction of Grid AI represents a significant step forward in the game’s evolution, adding depth and complexity to engineering tasks while providing an immersive experience that aligns with real-space technology and innovation.

With this highly anticipated feature on the horizon, both experienced engineers and newcomers can look forward to engaging challenges as they navigate the ever-expanding frontiers of space exploration.

The forthcoming Grid AI release promises to elevate the gameplay experience by introducing sophisticated artificial intelligence elements into Space Engineers. As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering cutting-edge content, this development showcases our dedication to pushing boundaries and embracing future-focused technologies within the game.

Community Spotlights & Guides

Continuing with the latest updates, we want to highlight the important role played by the gaming community in Space Engineers. Players have been actively creating and sharing guides to help others navigate the game’s challenges and mechanics. Community spotlights have also showcased some of the most impressive engineering feats accomplished within the game, providing inspiration and guidance for both novices and experts alike. Here are some community-driven initiatives that have been making waves:

  1. Player-Created Guides: Experienced players have crafted detailed guides covering various aspects of the game, from ship design and construction to resource management and survival tips. These comprehensive resources serve as invaluable tools for those looking to improve their engineering skills.
  2. Showcase of Ingenious Creations: The community spotlights have shone a light on remarkable player-created designs, ranging from intricately detailed spacecraft to innovative base structures. These showcases not only celebrate creativity but also offer practical insights into effective engineering solutions.
  3. Collaborative Projects: Through collaborative efforts, players have come together to tackle ambitious engineering projects, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved within the game’s sandbox environment. These collaborative endeavours demonstrate the power of teamwork and collective problem-solving in space engineering simulations.
  4. Innovative Mods and Add-ons: The community has contributed a wealth of user-generated content, including mods and add-ons that expand the game’s features and customisation options. These additions provide new tools and functionalities for engineers to further explore their creative potential.
  5. Educational Tutorials: Recognising its educational value, members of the community have produced tutorials tailored towards introducing newcomers to space engineering concepts, making the game accessible to a wider audience interested in space technology.
  6. Design Competitions: Engaging in friendly competitions, players showcase their design prowess through challenges that encourage inventive approaches to spacecraft construction or base architecture, sparking creativity across the player community.

DLC price change

The Sparks of the Future DLC for Space Engineers has undergone a significant price change, offering players an opportunity to access exciting new sci-fi elements at a more accessible cost.

This expansion pack introduces a range of futuristic features such as LCD screens, neon tubes, ion thrusters, and atmospheric thrusters that enhance the gameplay experience with cutting-edge technology and aesthetics.

The reduced price makes it easier for both seasoned game experts and gamer novices to unlock these advanced in-game assets and embrace the innovative possibilities of space engineering without breaking the bank.

As part of our commitment to delivering value and enhancing player experiences, we are delighted to offer this compelling DLC at an even more competitive price point. With the revised pricing structure, aspiring space engineers can now delve into an array of captivating sci-fi elements while immersing themselves in the thrilling world of Space Engineers.

Overview of “Sparks of the Future” DLC

The “Sparks of the Future” DLC includes new items and features, such as upcoming sci-fi grid AI element. For more details on this exciting expansion pack, keep reading to learn how you can engineer the future in space.

Included items and features

The Sparks of the Future DLC for Space Engineers includes:

  1. Neon Tubes: These vibrant light sources add a futuristic touch to your space creations, providing both aesthetic appeal and practical illumination.
  2. LCD Screens: These versatile screens allow players to display custom text, images, or information within their creations, enhancing the overall visual experience.
  3. Ion Thrusters: These powerful propulsion systems offer efficient and precise control for spacecraft, enabling smooth maneuverability in the depths of space.
  4. Atmospheric Thrusters: Designed for planetary exploration and atmospheric flight, these thrusters provide the necessary lift and control to navigate different celestial bodies with ease.
  5. Sci-Fi Blocks: A selection of advanced blocks that offer unique aesthetics and functionality to enhance your engineering creations with an otherworldly flair.

Upcoming sci-fi grid AI element

Having explored the included items and features of the Sparks of the Future DLC, we are thrilled about the upcoming sci-fi grid AI element. This new addition to Space Engineers will introduce artificial intelligence specifically designed for in-game grids, enhancing gameplay with advanced automation and intelligent behaviours.

The upcoming sci-fi grid AI element is expected to revolutionise the way players interact with their creations in space. It will provide a new level of autonomy and decision-making for vessels, stations, and various other constructs within the game.

Excitingly, this feature aligns perfectly with the futuristic theme of space engineering that Space Engineers embodies, offering both novices and experts an opportunity to engage with cutting-edge technology within a virtual space environment.

How to Play and What to Expect

Embark on an exploration without enemies or specific goals, enjoy the game as a luxurious vacation in space. Discover more about Space Engineers and its exciting features by reading the full blog.

No enemies or goals, just exploration

In Space Engineers, players can expect an experience that focuses on pure exploration without the pressure of enemies or specific goals. This allows for a relaxed and immersive environment where you can focus on designing and building your own spacecraft, satellites, and space stations.

With no imminent threats to navigate, players are free to take their time to experiment with different designs, gather resources, and delve into the challenges and opportunities of engineering in space.

The absence of enemy threats also creates a unique opportunity for gamers who may prefer a more leisurely gaming experience. It offers a chance to relax and enjoy the luxury of exploring vast interstellar landscapes without the stress of engaging in combat scenarios or completing specific objectives.

A luxurious vacation for players

Spaces Engineers offers players a luxurious vacation in the vastness of space, allowing them to explore and create their own spacecraft, satellites, and space stations. With no enemies or goals to hinder their experience, players can immerse themselves in the tranquillity of deep space as they embark on an engineering adventure unlike any other.

As we delve deeper into this virtual world of limitless possibilities, players can bask in the serenity of space while using cutting-edge technology to engineer their vision. Engrossed in this captivating environment, players have the freedom to unleash their creativity and engineering prowess without constraint.

Embarking on this cosmic journey enables engineers and novices alike to experience firsthand what it’s like to design and navigate spacecraft through the cosmos with a sense of wonderment and excitement.


In conclusion, Space Engineers is a game that immerses players in the world of space engineering. The Sparks of the Future DLC brings exciting new elements and expands the possibilities for creative exploration.

This game offers an engaging experience that can appeal to both gaming novices and experts alike. With its focus on reality-inspired space technology, it provides a glimpse into the future of space engineering and exploration.


1. What do space engineers do?

Space engineers design and build machines that work in outer space, such as satellites, spaceships, and stations for living and working.

2. Can I play a game where I’m a space engineer?

Yes, there’s a SciFi video game called “Space Engineers” where you can create spacecrafts and explore the universe like a real space engineer.

3. Will being a space engineer help us live in space one day?

Absolutely! Space engineers are essential to engineering the future in space by making technologies that could allow humans to stay on other planets.

4. Are science fiction ideas used by real space engineers?

Indeed they are! Many concepts from SciFi books and movies inspire actual space projects led by innovative engineers aiming to turn them into reality.

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