Saints Row IV: Superpowers in the City of Steelport

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Have you ever caught yourself yearning for a splash of superhuman thrill in your day-to-day life? It seems we’re all harbouring secret desires to glide across cityscapes and outpace the rush hour traffic, much akin to the exhilarating feats from Saints Row IV.

Our comprehensive exploration will delve into how these extraordinary powers breathe new life into the virtual metropolis of Steelport. Ready your capes (metaphorically, of course) and join us as we defy gravity with an arsenal of abilities that would make even superheroes envious.

Let’s take a spirited jaunt through the streets; after all, who hasn’t fancied themselves as a bit heroic now and then?.

Key Takeaways

  • Saints Row IV transforms its gameplay with the introduction of superpowers, allowing players to perform feats like super speed and telekinesis within a virtual city controlled by aliens.
  • The game, developed by Volition and released in August 2013, received positive reviews for its innovative take on open-world mechanics and later spawned DLCs such as “Enter the Dominatrix” that expanded the storyline.
  • Players can extensively upgrade and customise their superpowers throughout the game, enhancing playstyle personalisation and providing a unique experience within the series.
  • Steelport is more than just an urban environment; it’s filled with iconic landmarks and notable locations that offer dynamic settings for exploration while using superhuman abilities.
  • While some fans adore the fantastical elements of Saints Row IV, others debate their impact on traditional gameplay dynamics. Despite this divide, discussions about incorporating these features into future installments continue.

Overview of Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV is an action-adventure game set in a virtual simulation of the city of Steelport, where players can explore and wreak havoc with their enhanced superpowers. With a scifi storyline involving alien invasion, the game offers fast-paced gameplay and over-the-top action for an immersive gaming experience.


In Saints Row IV, we immerse ourselves in the high-octane world of Steelport, but it’s not just any ordinary urban environment – it’s a virtual simulation under alien control. We experience open-world gameplay with a twist; superhuman abilities elevate our actions to new heights as we jump over skyscrapers and sprint faster than speeding cars.

As we navigate through the bustling city streets, our ability to wield immense power transforms how we engage with every aspect of this vibrant sandbox environment.

We unlock incredible powers like Super Sprint and Super Jump early in the game, which completely redefine movement within the action-adventure genre. These enhanced abilities encourage us to explore virtual Steelport without limits, from running up walls to hurling vehicles across blocks.

Engaging in fast-paced action becomes second nature as we utilise Telekinesis and Death From Above attacks against gang members or hostile aliens atop their imposing towers. In this sci-fi storyline, embracing our freedom of movement leads to creative strategies for causing destruction and chaos while battling for dominance over the city simulation.


The plot of Saints Row IV centres around the protagonist, who has become the President of the United States. The game begins with a mission to combat an alien invasion led by the antagonist Zinyak.

After a failed attempt to save Earth from Zinyak’s attack, players find themselves trapped in a virtual reality version of Steelport created by Zinyak. Throughout the game, players must navigate this surreal simulation and work to free humanity from Zinyak’s control while uncovering various twists and revelations along the way.

As part of their journey, players encounter familiar faces from previous instalments and new characters that add depth to the narrative. The storyline is filled with fast-paced action sequences, unique missions, and unexpected plot developments that keep players engaged as they strive to liberate themselves and their allies from Zinyak’s grip on reality.

Development and Release

Saints Row IV was developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. The game was released in August 2013 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 platforms. A year later, an updated version titled “Saints Row IV: Re-Elected” was released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles with additional downloadable content and graphical improvements.

The initial concept for supernatural abilities in Saints Row IV originated from a cancelled expansion planned for its predecessor, Saints Row: The Third. The release of Saints Row IV marked a significant shift in gameplay dynamics compared to previous instalments due to the introduction of over-the-top superpowers.

The development of the game faced challenges related to balancing these new features while maintaining the core open-world action-adventure elements that fans had come to expect from the franchise.

Downloadable Content

After the game’s initial release, additional downloadable content (DLC) was made available to enhance the gameplay experience. These DLCs offer new features and expand the game world, providing players with more options for enjoying the game. Below are some of the notable downloadable content for Saints Row IV:

  1. Enter the Dominatrix Expansion Pack
  • This DLC was initially planned as an expansion for Saints Row: The Third but was cancelled. It was later reworked and released as an expansion for Saints Row IV, featuring a new storyline and missions.
  1. How the Saints Save Christmas
  • This festive – themed DLC introduces a holiday setting with new missions and activities centred around Christmas, adding a unique twist to the gameplay.
  1. Game of the Century Edition
  • This edition bundles all previously released DLC into one package, giving players access to additional missions, weapons, and customisation options.
  1. Hey Ash Whatcha Playin? Pack
  • A lighthearted addition to the game, this DLC includes character outfits and vehicles inspired by the popular web series “Hey Ash Whatcha Playin?”
  1. Wild West Pack
  • This DLC brings a Western flair to Steelport with themed outfits, weapons, and vehicles that reflect the Wild West setting.
  1. Reverse Cosplay Pack
  • Offering a fun twist on traditional character customisation, this pack includes outfits that allow players to dress their characters as their in-game companions.
  1. Element of Destruction Pack
  • This DLC introduces futuristic weaponry and powerful abilities tailored towards causing chaos in Steelport, expanding combat options for players.
  1. Executive Privilege Pack
  • As an additional customisation option for players’ characters and vehicles, this DLC provides exclusive outfits and vehicles befitting a high-ranking figure in Steelport society.
  1. Pirate’s Booty Pack
  • Embracing a pirate theme, this pack includes outfits and weapons suited for life on the high seas while adding an adventurous element to gameplay.
  1. The Super Saints Pack
  • This pack offers superhero-inspired costumes and abilities, aligning with Saints Row IV’s over-the-top action by providing players with enhanced heroic personas.

Superpowers in Saints Row IV

Players in Saints Row IV have access to a variety of superpowers, including super speed, super jump, telekinesis, and more. These powers can be upgraded and customised to suit the player’s style, adding a new dimension to the gameplay experience.

Interested in learning more about these incredible abilities? Keep reading!

Types of Superpowers

Saints Row IV introduces a range of superpowers that add a new dimension to the gameplay experience. The following are the types of superpowers available for players to wield in the virtual city of Steelport:

  1. Super Sprint: This ability allows players to move at incredibly high speeds, outrunning vehicles and quickly traversing the city.
  2. Super Jump: Players can leap to extraordinary heights, reaching elevated areas and navigating the urban landscape with ease.
  3. Telekinesis: With this power, players can lift and hurl objects and enemies with their mind, adding a strategic element to combat encounters.
  4. Blast: This offensive ability enables players to unleash powerful energy blasts at their foes, providing a formidable long-range attack option.
  5. Stomp: Players can generate shockwaves upon landing, knocking down enemies and causing widespread destruction in the vicinity.

Upgrades and Customisation

After exploring the various types of superpowers available in Saints Row IV, let’s delve into the exciting world of upgrades and customisation.

  1. Enhancing Super Powers: Players have the option to upgrade their superpowers through a variety of modifiers, allowing for increased speed, range, and power for each ability.
  2. Customising Superpowers: The game offers extensive customisation options that enable players to tailor their superpowers to suit their preferred play style, providing a personalised gaming experience.
  3. Unlocking New Abilities: As players progress through the game, they can unlock new and advanced superpower abilities, expanding their arsenal of supernatural skills and enhancing gameplay.
  4. Modifying Visual Effects: In addition to enhancing abilities, players can modify visual effects associated with superpowers, adding an extra layer of personalisation to their character’s extraordinary capabilities.
  5. Balancing Upgrades: Players must strategically balance their choice of upgrades and customisation options to create a cohesive and effective combination of superpowers for optimal gameplay.
  6. Experimenting with Combinations: With a wide range of upgrades and customisation choices available, players can experiment with different combinations to discover unique and powerful ways to wield their superhuman abilities.
  7. Adapting Playstyle: The customisation options provide an opportunity for players to adapt their play style based on individual preferences while creating a distinct presence within the game’s virtual world.
  8. Fine-tuning Abilities: Through careful selection and application of upgrades, players can fine-tune their abilities to align with specific goals or challenges encountered throughout the game.
  9. Strategic Decision-making: Deciding on which upgrades and customisations best complement one another offers an engaging aspect that encourages strategic decision-making within the gameplay experience.
  10. Evolving Gameplay Experience: The flexibility in upgrading and customising superpowers contributes to an evolving gameplay experience that adapts alongside player progression in Saints Row IV.

Exploring the Virtual City of Steelport

From iconic landmarks to the various gangs and law enforcement, players will experience a completely new virtual world with superpowers at their fingertips. Dive into the depths of Steelport and discover its secrets.

Read more to explore the virtual city in Saints Row IV!

Differences from Previous Games

The inclusion of superpowers in Saints Row IV marks a significant departure from the previous games in the series. In contrast to earlier titles that focused on gang warfare and traditional combat, Saints Row IV introduces an entirely new dimension of gameplay with its over-the-top supernatural abilities.

This shift transforms the player character into a superpowered figure capable of performing extraordinary feats, adding a fast-paced action-adventure element to the open-world gameplay experience.

Saints Row IV also differentiates itself from its predecessors through the virtual city of Steelport. Unlike the original Steelport, this virtual simulation is imbued with alien towers and otherworldly elements that significantly alter the environment and provide unique challenges for players.

Landmarks and Locations

Steelport, the virtual city in Saints Row IV, is brimming with iconic landmarks and diverse locations that capture the essence of the game’s over-the-top action and fast-paced gameplay. Players can embark on an exploration of this unique virtual world, encountering various landmarks and locations that contribute to the immersive gaming experience. Some of these notable places include:

  1. Alien Towers: These towering structures dominate the skyline of Steelport, serving as a constant reminder of the alien presence in the virtual city.
  2. Virtual Steelport: With its distinct differences from the original version, Virtual Steelport offers a fresh perspective on familiar locations, presenting players with an entirely new environment to navigate and interact with.
  3. Gang Hideouts: Throughout the city, players can come across gang hideouts that serve as hubs for various criminal activities and present opportunities for engaging in intense confrontations.
  4. Architectural Marvels: From towering skyscrapers to sprawling industrial complexes, Steelport’s architectural diversity adds depth to the cityscape, providing players with numerous vantage points and dynamic settings for their escapades.
  5. Iconic Landmarks: The city features iconic landmarks that pay homage to real-world locations while maintaining a unique futuristic aesthetic, creating a visually captivating backdrop for players’ adventures.
  6. Hidden Gems: Explorers can uncover hidden gems scattered throughout Steelport, ranging from secluded areas teeming with surprises to secret passages leading to unknown territories.
  7. Distinct Districts: Each district within Steelport boasts its own personality and atmosphere, featuring distinct architecture, vibrant street life, and a wealth of interactive elements for players to discover and engage with.
  8. Subterranean Secrets: Below the surface lies a network of underground tunnels and facilities ripe for exploration, offering a whole new dimension to uncover within Steelport’s expansive urban landscape.
  9. Dynamic Environments: From bustling urban centres to serene waterfronts and beyond, each location presents dynamic environmental changes that further enrich gameplay experiences across different parts of Steelport.
  10. Ever-Evolving Cityscape: As players progress through the game’s narrative or pursue side activities, they will witness how their actions impact the evolution of Steelport’s urban landscape, adding a sense of agency to their interactions within this virtual world.

Gangs and Law Enforcement

Gangs in Saints Row IV are a dominant presence in the virtual city of Steelport. The game features various gangs, each with their unique characteristics and territories. These groups engage in turf wars, resulting in constant clashes throughout the city as players navigate through the chaotic world of superpowers and high-speed chases.

Law enforcement plays a significant role in keeping order amidst the chaos caused by warring gangs. The police force is ever-vigilant, responding to criminal activities committed by both players and rival gang members.

Their involvement adds an extra layer of challenge for players seeking to dominate the fictional Steelport while using their extraordinary abilities to outmaneuver both law enforcement and opposing gang members.

Challenges and Drawbacks of Superpowers

In Saints Row IV, the introduction of superpowers fundamentally changes the gameplay experience by allowing players to perform incredible feats, but it also presents challenges in terms of balancing these powers with other game features.

Superhuman abilities such as super speed and telekinesis can make combat feel unbalanced, requiring careful consideration from developers to maintain a sense of challenge for players.

Impact on Gameplay

The superpowers in Saints Row IV significantly alter the gameplay dynamics, providing players with an exhilarating experience unlike traditional open-world games. By allowing characters to perform extraordinary feats such as lifting cars and running faster than missiles, these abilities bring a fast-paced and action-packed dimension to the game.

The inclusion of superpowers offers a refreshing change from relying solely on guns and vehicles, adding an over-the-top element that enhances the overall gameplay.

Players can strategically use superpowers to navigate through Steelport in inventive ways, showcasing diverse methods of engagement. The debate among fans about whether these powers detract from the core experience highlights their significant impact on gameplay.

Balancing Superpowers with Other Game Features

Exploring the potential impact of superpowers on gameplay leads us to the significant issue of how these extraordinary abilities are integrated with other game features. The inclusion of superpowers not only transforms the traditional open-world action-adventure experience but also presents a unique challenge in terms of balancing their usage with other core gameplay elements such as combat, missions, and exploration.

This requires careful consideration to ensure that players can seamlessly transition between utilising superpowers and engaging with conventional game mechanics without feeling overwhelmed or restricted.

To address this need for balance, developers have incorporated various strategies into Saints Row IV. Players have the freedom to toggle their superpowers on and off at will, allowing them to switch between using supernatural abilities and relying on more familiar tools like firearms or vehicles as they navigate Steelport’s virtual landscape.


The reception of superpowers in Saints Row IV has been mixed, with some fans embracing the over-the-top action and others questioning their impact on traditional gameplay elements.

Despite this, the game has sparked discussions about the future of the series and how superpowers could be incorporated into upcoming titles. Whether you’re a fan of superhuman abilities or prefer classic open-world gaming, Saints Row IV offers an exhilarating experience in the virtual city of Steelport.

Fan Reception and Possible Reboot

Player reception towards the inclusion of superpowers in Saints Row IV has been varied, with some expressing enthusiasm for the over-the-top action and fast-paced gameplay offered by these supernatural abilities.

Many players appreciate the freedom and creativity that comes with using superpowers to navigate through Steelport, while others feel that they detract from the traditional mechanics of the series.

The introduction of superpowers has sparked discussions about a possible reboot, with speculation surrounding how future installments could integrate these extraordinary abilities into the gameplay experience.

Trivia and Fun Facts.

After exploring the fan reception and possible reboot of Saints Row IV, let’s delve into some trivia and fun facts about the game:

  1. The superpowers in Saints Row IV were inspired by a cancelled expansion for Saints Row: The Third called Enter the Dominatrix, which was later incorporated into Saints Row IV.
  2. The voice actor for the protagonist in Saints Row IV, Nolan North, is known for his work on various video games such as Uncharted and Destiny.
  3. Saints Row IV features numerous pop culture references, including nods to The Matrix, They Live, and Tron.
  4. A unique feature of the game is its inclusion of a dubstep gun that shoots pulsating music waves at enemies, causing them to dance uncontrollably.
  5. Players can engage in humorous activities such as using superpowers to maliciously taunt pedestrians or engage in over-the-top wrestling moves with enemies.
  6. The game includes Easter eggs referencing other video games and media, adding an extra layer of fun for players to discover.
  7. Saints Row IV received recognition for its diverse character customisation options, allowing players to create outlandish avatars and outfits.
  8. Throughout the game, players encounter various quirky missions that break away from traditional gameplay styles, offering a refreshing change of pace.
  9. An interesting detail is that players can find hidden collectibles scattered throughout the virtual city of Steelport, encouraging exploration and discovery.
  10. The downloadable content (DLC) for Saints Row IV introduces additional scenarios and missions that further expand upon the outrageous nature of the game’s world.


1. What kind of game is Saints Row IV?

Saints Row IV is a fast-paced action-adventure game that gives players over-the-top superpowers to use in the open-world city of Steelport.

2. Can you explore the world in Saints Row IV?

Yes, Saints Row IV offers open-world gameplay allowing you to roam freely and discover the city of Steelport whilst using your superpowers.

3. What makes Saints Row IV different from other games?

Saints Row IV sets itself apart with its unique blend of over-the-top action and humour, combined with an open-world setting where players can unleash their superpowers.

4. Are there any special features in Saints Row IV’s gameplay?

The gameplay feature that stands out in Saints Row IV is your character’s ability to utilise incredible superpowers within the expansive open world environment for thrilling adventures.

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