RimWorld: Managing a Colony on the Edge of Space

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Maintaining the vigour of your space settlers in RimWorld can be as challenging as a moonwalk in flip-flops. You’re certainly not alone; we’ve spent countless hours navigating the complexities of cosmic colony management to discover strategies that truly make a difference.

This blog post will serve as your compass, guiding you through crafting an outpost that doesn’t just survive but thrives, mastering resource management with finesse, and ensuring morale remains buoyant on the distant frontiers of space.

Are you primed for ascent into masterful colony construction? Stay tuned!

Key Takeaways

  • Prioritising the layout and design of your RimWorld colony, such as where to place essential structures, can greatly impact efficiency and colonist satisfaction.
  • Investing in research and advanced technologies within the game enables colonies to grow faster by unlocking new capabilities, resources, and enhancements.
  • Managing utilities effectively, including power generation and temperature control systems, is key to maintaining a stable environment for your space settlers.
  • A successful colony requires careful resource management through focused mining operations and agricultural strategies that match the local biomes.
  • Defending your colony with well – planned security measures like constructing walls, turrets, and strategic defence layouts is critical for survival against external threats.

General Colony Design Principles

We always need to have a plan and constantly reassess our colony’s design. Lowering foot traffic and prioritising aesthetics will help maintain order and happiness among the colonists.

Have a plan and constantly reassess

As we venture into RimWorld, our survival hinges on the blueprint of our colony from the outset. We map out farming zones promptly, as most of our colonists can quickly improve their growing skills.

Crafting a robust and flexible strategy ensures that stockpiling resources becomes second nature amidst the challenges of outer space settlement.

Our vigilance in management simulation never ceases; it’s imperative to tweak and refine base operations regularly. Shifting priorities based on unexpected events or resource availability is a crucial aspect of thriving on an alien world.

By continuously adapting our plan with precision, we construct not just any habitat but a flourishing society that stands resilient against the unpredictable elements of RimWorld.

Lower foot traffic

To minimise foot traffic in your colony, we strategically place essential structures close to each other. By grouping buildings like the hospital, barracks, and workshop together, colonists spend less time walking between tasks and more time being productive.

Additionally, designating specific zones for certain activities can also reduce unnecessary movement. Placing stockpiles closer to production areas reduces travel time for hauling resources, making the overall operation more efficient.

An effective layout can help decrease congestion within the colony and improve productivity among colonists. Ensuring that essential structures are strategically placed will not only streamline operations but also contribute to a happier and healthier community on the edge of space.

Prioritise aesthetics

Prioritising aesthetics in your RimWorld colony is crucial for maintaining colonist happiness and well-being. By creating visually pleasing and well-designed spaces, you can positively impact the mood of your colonists, leading to increased productivity and overall satisfaction.

Pay attention to the layout of your base, using decorative items like plants, sculptures, and furniture to create an inviting environment. Consider adding recreational spaces or communal areas with attractive designs to provide a sense of comfort and relaxation for your colonists.

To enhance the aesthetic appeal further, strategically plan the placement of buildings and structures within your colony. Thoughtfully design walkways and pathways that not only serve as efficient routes but also contribute to the overall beauty of the settlement.

Ensure safety

When designing your colony, prioritise safety by strategically placing defensive structures and setting up an efficient security force to fend off any threats. It’s essential to construct barriers and traps to protect the perimeter of your colony from potential raids or wild animals.

Additionally, keep vital infrastructure such as power generators, food storages, and medical facilities well-guarded.

Employing a comprehensive surveillance system can help in early threat detection, allowing for proactive measures to be taken against impending dangers. By establishing designated safe zones within your base where colonists can seek refuge during emergencies, you can minimise casualties during unexpected events like fires or attacks.

Essential Base Structures

We will discuss the importance of key base structures such as storage areas, barracks, bedrooms, laboratory, workshop, armoury, hospital, and prison in our colony. Read on to learn how these structures are vital for the survival and success of your space colony.

Storage areas

When planning the layout of your colony in RimWorld, prioritising storage areas is crucial for efficient resource management. Designate specific zones for different types of items such as food, raw materials, and manufactured goods to keep everything organised and easily accessible for your colonists.

Utilise shelves and stockpiles strategically to maximise space and ensure that essential resources are readily available when needed. Additionally, consider placing storage areas near production facilities to minimise travel time for hauling tasks, ultimately boosting productivity within your colony.

Pro player tips suggest using separate storage areas for perishable items like food to prevent spoilage and maintain a steady supply of meals for your colonists. Moreover, creating multiple smaller stockpile zones can help prevent overcrowding and improve overall efficiency in managing the vast array of items essential for sustaining your growing community on the edge of space.


The barracks is a crucial structure in RimWorld, providing living quarters for your colonists. It’s essential to prioritise the construction of barracks early on to ensure that your colonists have a comfortable place to rest and recover.

Properly planned and designed barracks can contribute to the overall happiness and well-being of your colony, which directly impacts productivity and success. Taking into account the needs and preferences of individual colonists when designing barracks can also boost their mood, leading to better overall performance within the community.

Creating separate sleeping areas within the barracks for each colonist provides privacy and comfort, while also allowing for efficient use of space. Adding quality furniture, such as beds or decorative items, can further enhance the living conditions in the barracks.


After setting up the barracks, it’s time to focus on creating functional and comfortable bedrooms for your colonists. Adequate sleep is crucial for their well-being, so designing efficient and welcoming sleeping quarters should be a priority.

Bedrooms need to have essentials like beds, tables, and chairs, as well as decorations to boost colonist moods. Consider individual bedroom sizes based on your colonists’ traits – solitary or neurotic types may prefer more privacy.

Additionally, organising bedrooms near common areas will reduce travel time for your residents.


After setting up efficient and comfortable bedrooms for your colonists, the next essential structure to consider is the laboratory. This facility plays a crucial role in advancing your colony’s technology and research capabilities.

In RimWorld, laboratories enable you to conduct vital research, unlocking new technologies that can enhance various aspects of your colony. From advanced weaponry to improved farming techniques, investing in a well-equipped and staffed laboratory can significantly impact your colony’s prosperity and survival.

Lab work in RimWorld requires skilled researchers who can delve into scientific pursuits and push the boundaries of what’s possible on the rimworld. Selecting suitable colonists with high intellect and passion for scientific discovery will ensure that your laboratory operates at maximum efficiency, accelerating progress towards technological advancements essential for thriving on the edge of space.


The workshop in RimWorld is a crucial part of your colony, providing the facilities needed for crafting and constructing essential items. It’s where you can craft tools, equipment, and structures to help your colonists survive and thrive on the edge of space.

Building a well-equipped workshop with high-quality workbenches and storage areas for resources is vital for efficient production. Additionally, skilled craftsmen working in the workshop can create advanced weapons and armour to defend against threats from the surrounding environment or other factions.

Players must carefully manage their workshops to ensure a steady supply of resources such as steel, wood, and components are available when needed for crafting. An efficiently organised workshop layout not only optimises production but also contributes to the overall functionality of the entire colony – ensuring that essential items are readily available to keep your colonists safe while they expand their territory and fend off challenges.

As players progress through RimWorld, upgrading workshops with specialised benches tailored for specific tasks becomes increasingly important, boosting productivity at every stage of colonisation.


The armoury is a crucial structure for the defense of your colony, serving as the central location for storing weapons and gear. When equipped, colonists can easily access these items in case of an attack or emergency.

It’s vital to strategically place the armoury near high-traffic areas to ensure quick access during a crisis. Gunners should always be close by with easy accessibility to their armaments, enabling them to respond swiftly and efficiently when the need arises.

Stocking up on various types of weaponry such as pistols, rifles, shotguns, and melee weapons is essential. Accessible storage within the armoury allows efficient management of different weapon types based on their availability and potential use.


Transitioning from managing the colony’s defense and weaponry in the armoury, establishing a well-equipped hospital is essential for handling injuries and illnesses that colonists may face.

The hospital should be strategically located near the living quarters to ensure quick access in times of medical emergencies.

Colonists with varying levels of medical skills should be assigned to handle treatment promptly, making sure that the hospital is stocked with medicine and equipped with necessary facilities such as proper beds, medical equipment, and cleanliness protocols.


Every colony needs a designated area to detain unruly prisoners or capture rival factions. In RimWorld, the construction of a prison is essential for maintaining order and managing any conflicts that arise.

The design should include cells with proper sleeping spots, enough room for movement, and ensure security to prevent escapes. It’s important to also consider the provision of basic amenities like food and medical care, even for prisoners, in line with the game’s moral choices aspect.

Creating specific zones within the prison area is crucial; having separate spaces for work and recreational activities can help maintain some level of normalcy despite being incarcerated.

Managing Utilities

We will discuss the essential aspects of managing utilities in your colony, including power generation, temperature control, defence mechanisms, and moisture control. Read on to learn more about effectively managing these crucial elements in RimWorld.

Power generation

To ensure a thriving colony, it’s crucial to prioritise power generation. Building solar panels and wind turbines is essential for generating electricity, while geothermal generators can provide a reliable power source.

It’s important to keep the power grid well-maintained and protected from damage during raids or environmental disasters. Additionally, incorporating batteries into the power network allows for storing excess energy during peak production times, ensuring a stable power supply even when renewable sources are not active.

Efficiently managing power generation plays a vital role in sustaining your colony’s infrastructure and technology. By investing in diverse energy sources and maintaining a reliable electrical network with storage capacity, you can safeguard against unforeseen challenges that may threaten your colony’s survival.

Temperature control

To maintain a comfortable living environment and ensure the survival of your colony, it is crucial to manage temperature control in RimWorld. We must construct heaters and coolers to regulate indoor temperatures as extreme heat or cold can affect colonists’ mood and productivity.

Additionally, proper insulation of rooms is essential to minimise the energy required for heating or cooling. Considering the impact of different biomes on farming and resource management, understanding how temperature affects crop growth is vital for sustaining your colony.

Efficiently managing temperature control systems will help us optimise resource usage while keeping our colonists content and productive. Proper planning of utilities like heaters and coolers can make a significant difference in ensuring the well-being of our community on the rimworld.

Defence mechanisms

To protect your colony from hostile forces, it is essential to establish effective defence mechanisms. Building walls and turrets can fortify the perimeter, while training colonists in combat skills and equipping them with weapons enhances the overall security of your community.

Additionally, setting up killboxes with strategically placed traps can be a crucial line of defence against enemy raids. It’s important to regularly review and reinforce these defences as the game progresses to ensure the safety and survival of your colony.

Ensuring that there are designated safe zones within your base where colonists can take cover during attacks is also vital for their protection. Moreover, constructing defensive structures such as embrasures or sandbags around key areas will provide additional cover during firefights.

Moisture control

To maintain a comfortable and functional colony, moisture control is essential. We need to ensure that our base structures are protected from excess humidity and potential water damage.

Proper ventilation in key areas such as the hospital, barracks, and storage spaces will prevent mould growth and structural decay while maintaining a healthy environment for our colonists.

Additionally, incorporating moisture-absorbing materials like stone or metal floors can help regulate humidity levels within our buildings.

A consistent temperature has a significant impact on moisture control within the colony. By utilising efficient heating and cooling systems, we can prevent condensation buildup and maintain optimal conditions for both our crops and colonists.

Production and Resource Management

Producing and managing resources is vital for your colony’s survival. From farming crops to mining for essential materials, it’s crucial to maintain a steady supply of resources for your colony.

Crops and farming

To start a successful colony in RimWorld, it’s essential to understand the mechanics of crops and farming. This is crucial for ensuring a sustainable source of food and resources for your colonists. Here are some important considerations when it comes to managing crops and farming in RimWorld:

  1. Choose the right crops for your biome and climate. Different biomes have specific growing seasons and soil types, so it’s important to select crops that are suitable for your environment.
  2. Set up designated growing zones to optimise crop production. By assigning specific areas for different types of crops, you can maximise efficiency and yield.
  3. Prioritise researching advanced farming techniques to improve crop yields and develop new types of produce that can better sustain your colony.
  4. Implement irrigation systems to ensure consistent water supply for your crops, especially in arid or dry biomes where natural precipitation may be scarce.
  5. Utilise animals for farming tasks such as hauling, planting, and harvesting, freeing up colonists’ time for other essential activities within the colony.
  6. Consider diversifying your crop selection to minimise the risk of crop failure due to blight or other environmental factors that may impact specific plant species.

Mining for resources

Now that we’ve covered the importance of crops and farming in managing your colony, let’s talk about mining for resources. Mining is a crucial aspect of resource management in RimWorld. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Locate mineral-rich areas: Look for areas with visible ore deposits, such as compacted machinery or steel, to mine valuable resources.
  2. Prioritise essential minerals: Focus on mining resources like steel, components, and precious metals, which are vital for constructing and maintaining your colony.
  3. Assign dedicated miners: Designate colonists with high mining skills to ensure efficient extraction of resources from the ground.
  4. Plan mining operations strategically: Lay out designated mining zones to maximise resource extraction while minimising travel time for your colonists.
  5. Utilise deep drilling: As your colony grows, consider investing in deep drilling technology to extract resources from beneath the surface without depleting visible mineral deposits.
  6. Consider environmental factors: Take into account temperature and safety when sending colonists to mine in extreme conditions or hazardous environments.
  7. Implement proper storage solutions: Set up designated areas to store mined resources efficiently, ensuring easy access for construction and crafting needs.
  8. Trade surplus resources: Use excess mined materials as a valuable commodity for trading with passing caravans or visiting traders.

Utilising animals

When playing RimWorld, utilising animals is essential for the success of your colony.

  1. Animals can be trained to haul items, reducing the workload of colonists and increasing overall efficiency.
  2. Some animals can provide valuable resources such as wool, milk, eggs, or even combat support.
  3. Assign specific areas for grazing to ensure that your animals have access to food and do not consume valuable crops.
  4. Consider breeding animals selectively to maintain a sustainable population and prevent overconsumption of resources.
  5. Train guard animals for defence purposes and use them strategically during raids or threats to the colony’s safety.
  6. Keep in mind that different biomes may offer different types of animals with varying benefits, so consider the unique advantages each animal can bring to your colony.

Growth and Expansion

Managing larger colonies, stockpiling resources and keeping colonists happy are key to the continued success of your RimWorld colony. Want to learn more about building a thriving space settlement? Keep reading!

Managing larger colonies

To manage larger colonies in RimWorld, we need to focus on efficient layout and infrastructure. Building a centralised hub with connecting corridors can minimise travel time for colonists.

Also, planning well-designed work areas and storage zones helps in optimising workflow. Organising barracks or living quarters together can foster a sense of community among colonists, enhancing their overall happiness.

A vital aspect of managing larger colonies is ensuring an ample supply of resources to sustain the growing population. Keeping enough food supplies through farming or hunting, along with scalable power generation and adequate healthcare facilities, becomes crucial as the colony expands.

Stockpiling resources

When managing a colony in RimWorld, stockpiling resources is crucial for long-term success. We prioritise building designated storage areas for different types of resources, such as food, raw materials, and manufactured goods.

This allows us to maintain an organised inventory and ensures that our colonists have easy access to the supplies they need. Moreover, we strategically plan the location of these stockpiles near production areas to minimise travel time and increase efficiency.

In addition, we assign hauling tasks to specific colonists or animals with high carrying capacities to expedite the process of moving resources from one place to another. This enables us to keep our base running smoothly while ensuring that essential items are readily available when needed.

Keeping colonists happy

Ensuring the happiness of colonists is crucial for maintaining a thriving community in RimWorld. We must pay attention to their needs, such as providing comfortable living conditions, a variety of food options, and opportunities for recreation.

It’s important to assign tasks that align with their skills and preferences, while also addressing any physical or mental health issues promptly. Building positive relationships among colonists can also contribute to overall happiness within the colony – encouraging social interactions by creating communal spaces and organising events helps in fostering a sense of unity.

Moreover, making sure that there are proper defences in place against potential threats and keeping the environment clean and organised can greatly impact colonist morale. By carefully considering these factors, we can maintain a contented and productive population on our rimworld settlement.


In conclusion, managing a colony on the edge of space in RimWorld demands strategic planning and resource management. Players must prioritise safety while providing for their colonists’ needs.

The game’s mechanics challenge players to cope with diverse biomes and unexpected events, creating an immersive experience. Successful colonies hinge on efficient base design, wise utility management, and sustainable resource production.

Ultimately, mastering these aspects leads to thriving communities that conquer the challenges of surviving on the rimworld.


1. What is RimWorld about?

RimWorld is a strategy game where you control a colony on the edge of space, building and managing your own civilisation for survival.

2. Can I get pro player tips for building my base in RimWorld?

Yes, there are plenty of pro player tips available to help you create an efficient base building strategy that ensures the success of your village or encampment.

3. Is RimWorld only about constructing a homestead?

No, apart from constructing a homestead, RimWorld requires you to manage resources carefully and make strategic decisions to keep your colony thriving in its sci-fi setting.

4. Does playing RimWorld feel like running an actual village?

Yes! In this survival game, players experience challenges similar to managing a real-life village by overseeing every aspect from development to defence against threats.

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