Mario Kart Tour: Taking The Race Worldwide

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Ever fancied zipping through the buzzing streets of Tokyo or whizzing by the majestic Eiffel Tower with your beloved Mario companions in tow? Many of us have harboured that dream for a global escapade, and that’s precisely what’s on offer with Mario Kart Tour.

This mobile marvel draws inspiration from metropolises across the globe, propelling kart racing into an entirely new realm of excitement. Brace yourselves as we embark on a worldwide whirlwind race – are you ready to get set and go?.

With tracks modelled after illustrious cities around our wonderful world, there’s never been a better time to indulge in some armchair travelling while satisfying your need for speed.

So grab your phone and join us as we dive headfirst into an international spectacle of high-octane thrills – it’s sure to be absolutely cracking!

Key Takeaways

  • Mario Kart Tour brings thrilling races to mobile devices, with tracks inspired by real cities like Tokyo and Paris, allowing players to navigate famous landmarks in a virtual race setting.
  • The game offers multiplayer functionality where players can compete online against friends and international competitors, with daily rule changes ensuring a fresh experience with every play.
  • Players begin their racing journey by registering in – game, which lets them track progress and connect with others; they can also share their achievements on social media platforms.
  • While the game is free-to-start, it includes optional in-app purchases such as Ruby Packs and Gold Pass Subscriptions that enhance gameplay and offer quicker progression through the levels.
  • Drawing on elements from earlier titles in the franchise for inspiration, Mario Kart Tour has been applauded for its blend of nostalgia and innovation, earning accolades from both critics and fans since its global release.


The gameplay of Mario Kart Tour takes players on a global race with real-world inspired courses and multiplayer function for online racing. Each day, there are rule changes to keep the game fresh and challenging.

Real-world inspired courses

We take you on a thrilling international tour with Mario Kart Tour’s real-world inspired courses. Buckle up as we race through the streets of famous cities, each offering its unique twists and challenges.

Every turn brings iconic landmarks to life, transforming your mobile screen into bustling metropolises from around the globe.

Feel the rush as you discover hidden shortcuts in these global race tracks, designed to mirror the vibrant spirit of their real-life counterparts. Expect unexpected thrills as Parisian boulevards or New York’s skyscrapers become your racing playgrounds.

With every update, new international locations join our lineup, bringing fresh excitement straight to your fingertips.

Multiplayer function

Embark on an exhilarating journey from racing through real-world inspired courses to challenging friends in multiplayer competition. Engage in standard and gold races, competing against players from all corners of the globe.

Join the worldwide competition, honing your skills on international race circuits and pitting your racing prowess against friends and fellow gamers. Take advantage of the game’s online component to enhance your gaming experience with both familiar faces and new adversaries.

Experience the thrill of competitive gaming as you race your way to victory alongside Mario and his friends.

Choose characters with unique abilities for a tailored approach to each race, ensuring every choice brings diversity to your gameplay strategy. With features such as daily rule changes within multiplayer sessions, partake in unique challenges that will test not only skill but also adaptability while navigating Rainbow Places around the world.

Daily rule changes

Transitioning from the exhilarating experience of multiplayer races, let’s delve into the dynamic world of Mario Kart Tour’s daily rule changes. Each day brings forth new challenges and opportunities as the game presents varying rules and objectives for players to navigate.

This keeps the racing experience fresh and engaging, ensuring that no two days are alike. Whether it’s a change in track conditions, item restrictions or unique gameplay modifiers, these daily rule changes inject an element of surprise and excitement into every race.

Players can look forward to adapting their strategies and honing their skills in response to these evolving rules. The daily rule changes not only add depth to the gameplay but also encourage creativity and adaptability among players.

Release Details

Upon release, players can jump right into the action by registering in-game and sharing their progress on social media. With the multiplayer function, racing against friends and global competitors adds an exciting element to the game.

Each day brings new rule changes to keep things fresh and challenging for players worldwide.

In-game registration

Upon starting Mario Kart Tour, players are prompted to complete the in-game registration process. This simple and straightforward step allows gamers to create their unique profile within the game, enabling them to track their progress and connect with friends while racing across the globe.

By providing basic information such as a chosen username and optional email address, players can jump into the action swiftly and start experiencing all that Mario Kart Tour has to offer.

Once registered, players gain access to various features within the game, including multiplayer functions, character selection options, and in-app purchases for enhancing their racing experience.

The in-game registration process is an essential first step towards immersing oneself in this thrilling arcade racing adventure.

Share on social media

After completing the in-game registration, players can easily share their Mario Kart Tour experiences on social media platforms. With a simple tap, gamers can post their race highlights, achievements, and favorite moments right from within the game.

Whether it’s showcasing an epic victory or inviting friends to join in on the global racing fun, sharing on social media adds a whole new dimension to the gaming experience. This feature not only allows players to connect with fellow fans but also serves as a platform for discovering new strategies and tips for mastering courses.

Embracing social media sharing has become an integral part of engaging with the Mario Kart Tour community worldwide. Players regularly take advantage of this function to bond over shared victories and memorable races while also staying updated on upcoming events and challenges.

Top In-App Purchases

Mario Kart Tour offers a variety of in-app purchases that enhance the gaming experience for players. These options allow us to advance more quickly, customise our gameplay, or add a touch of flair to our characters and equipment. Below is a detailed breakdown of the most popular in-app purchases within the game:

Ruby PacksPurchase Rubies to use in the game for firing off the pipe and obtaining new characters, karts, and gliders.Varies per pack
Gold Pass SubscriptionUnlock premium rewards, including gold gifts by racing in tours, and receive the 200cc racing class.Monthly fee
Character PacksGet specific characters, along with rubies and other resources, to strengthen your lineup.Varies per pack
Value PacksCombine rubies with item tickets or other resources for a bundled discount.Varies per pack
Level-Boost TicketsUse these tickets to instantly level up your characters, karts, and gliders.Varies based on level

We should note that while these purchases can offer immediate advantages, they are not required to enjoy the core aspects of Mario Kart Tour. The game maintains a free-to-start model, making it accessible for everyone to race and enjoy.


The game draws inspiration from previous Mario Kart titles and features collaborations with real-world locations, creating a unique gaming experience. Read on to find out more about the development of this global racing game phenomenon.

Inspiration from previous Mario Kart games

Previous Mario Kart games have served as a well of inspiration for the development of Mario Kart Tour. Drawing on the beloved elements from its predecessors, the game incorporates familiar mechanics and features that fans have come to love.

The creativity and innovation seen in earlier titles have influenced the design of courses, characters, and power-ups in Mario Kart Tour, offering a nostalgic yet refreshing experience for players worldwide.

The iconic tracks and memorable moments from previous Mario Kart games have been reimagined in Mario Kart Tour, paying homage to the series’ rich history while embracing new technological advancements.

Collaboration with real-world locations

Mario Kart Tour takes inspiration from real-world locations, integrating them into the game’s courses to provide an immersive and authentic racing experience. Players get to race through cities like New York, Tokyo, and Paris, enjoying the thrill of navigating familiar landscapes in a virtual setting.

This collaboration with real-world locations adds a unique dimension to the gameplay, allowing fans to engage with iconic landmarks while competing in exhilarating races.

The use of real-world settings not only enhances the visual appeal of the game but also resonates with players on a global scale. By incorporating these locations into Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo has successfully created an engaging fusion of fantasy and reality, further cementing the game’s status as a standout title in mobile gaming.

Reception and Accolades

Mario Kart Tour has received widespread acclaim since its global release, with players and critics praising its innovative approach to mobile kart racing. The game’s real-world inspired courses coupled with the multiplayer function have garnered attention from both new and longtime fans of the Mario franchise.

Additionally, the frequent updates and new content have kept the player community engaged and excited about what’s next in the game.

The dedicated community on platforms such as Reddit and Twitter is a testament to the game’s popularity among players. Furthermore, Mario Kart Tour’s free-to-start model allows for easy access for all players, making it an inclusive experience for everyone interested in exploring hidden shortcuts and iconic characters within a global racing context.


In conclusion, Mario Kart Tour has successfully taken the race worldwide by creating real-world inspired courses and offering a multiplayer function. The game’s daily rule changes keep the experience fresh and engaging for players.

With its in-game registration and social media sharing features, it has become an interactive and widely enjoyed mobile app. The top in-app purchases add value to the gameplay while keeping players invested.

Development of the game drew inspiration from previous Mario Kart games and collaborated with real-world locations to create an immersive experience. Overall, Mario Kart Tour continues to receive accolades for its innovative approach, solidifying its position as a prominent title in the mobile gaming industry.


1. What is Mario Kart Tour?

Mario Kart Tour is a mobile app game that lets players race in karts through courses inspired by real-world locations all around the globe.

2. Can I race in places that exist in the real world on Mario Kart Tour?

Yes, you can! In Mario Kart Tour, the races take place on tracks that are themed after various cities and landmarks found across different countries worldwide.

3. Will I need to pay to play Mario Kart Tour on my phone?

You can download and start playing Mario Kart Tour for free, but there are in-app purchases available if you want to get additional items or features.

4. Does touring the world in Mario Kart Tour mean new tracks regularly?

Absolutely! With each tour event, new tracks based on different worldly locations are introduced, keeping the game exciting with fresh content regularly.

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