Dragon Age: Inquisition – A High Fantasy Quest

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Embarking on the adventure that is ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition‘ can rather feel like an intrepid expedition in its own right. Rest assured, we’ve traversed this vast and ornate world alongside you — a world brimming with enchantment, mythical dragons, and layers of political subterfuge.

Through our ventures, we’ve not only unravelled the enigmas of Thedas but also forged adept tactics to prosper amidst its high fantasy ordeals. Prepare to embark on an illustrious quest to bring harmony back to the realm — shall we commence this magnificent odyssey together?.

Key Takeaways

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition is set in the high fantasy world of Thedas where players become the Inquisitor to lead a quest for peace, navigating through magical landscapes and political intrigue.
  • Players’ choices significantly influence the story and relationships with companions, creating a diverse array of outcomes and personal narratives within the game.
  • The game features deep character customisation, strategic combat systems, and engaging side quests that enrich the main epic storyline.
  • As part of an ongoing series, Dragon Age: Inquisition’s impact continues with updates from Bioware and a strong modding community which keeps gameplay fresh for fans.
  • With anticipation for “Dragon Age 4”, developments reveal potential story continuations, showcasing how player decisions may shape future experiences in this evolving RPG universe.

Defining High Fantasy and Dark Fantasy

Turning our attention to the genres, let’s explore what sets high fantasy and dark fantasy apart. High fantasy transports us into an entirely new world, like Thedas in Dragon Age: Inquisition, ripe with its own rules, races like mages and templars, and a medieval setting where magic isn’t just part of life—it’s essential.

These tales often involve epic quests such as restoring peace or closing monumental breaches caused by mythical creatures.

Dark fantasy intertwines elements that are grittier and more ominous. It dives into moral ambiguity and is unafraid to confront the darker aspects of its characters or settings. Encounters may be harsher, choices could have grave consequences, and the atmosphere feels more menacing—think navigating through treacherous politics among companions or confronting the harrowing truths behind civil unrest—all while engaging in this adventure game brimming with action-adventure twists.

Dragon Age Series and its Place in Fantasy Genre

The Dragon Age series occupies a significant place in the fantasy genre, offering an immersive high fantasy world set in Thedas. This popular RPG game encompasses traditional elements such as mages, knights, and dragons—truly epitomising the essence of epic fantasy storytelling.

Players embody the Inquisitor and embark on a quest to restore peace and balance to this fantastical realm. With its sprawling open world featuring various companions and intricate main plot quests, Dragon Age: Inquisition is hailed for its deep exploration of the high fantasy universe.

Praised as the best game in the series, it offers players an expansive gameplay experience where their choices impact not only the storyline but also relationships with companions.

The game’s emphasis on forging partnerships and undertaking an epic quest to resolve civil unrest illuminates its status within both classic fantasy fiction genre enthusiasts and contemporary RPG players.

The Quest for Peace in Thedas

Becoming the Inquisitor, forging partnerships, and travelling through southern Thedas are all part of the epic quest for peace in Thedas. To learn more about the high fantasy adventure in Dragon Age: Inquisition, keep reading!

Becoming the Inquisitor

To become the Inquisitor in Dragon Age: Inquisition, players must first create their character, choosing from various races such as human, elf, dwarf, or Qunari. Upon starting the game, the player is thrown into a chaotic situation where they are tasked with sealing a massive tear in the sky known as the Breach. This pivotal event marks the beginning of their journey as the leader of the Inquisition. Here’s what it entails:

  1. Customising Your Character – Players can customise their character’s appearance and class, shaping their abilities and combat style.
  2. Gathering Allies – As the newly appointed leader of the Inquisition, players must recruit allies from across Thedas to bolster their forces against powerful enemies.
  3. Establishing Authority – The player’s decisions and actions will shape how others perceive them and influence their authority as the Inquisitor.
  4. Making Far-reaching Choices – Throughout the game, players will make impactful decisions that not only affect immediate outcomes but also shape the broader narrative and world of Thedas.
  5. Commanding Operations – As the leader of an influential organisation, players oversee operations and make critical choices that have far-reaching consequences within Thedas.

Forging Partnerships

  1. Choose Wisely: Select companions whose abilities complement your playstyle and mitigate any weaknesses.
  2. Build Relationships: Interact with companions through dialogue and actions to develop trust and loyalty, unlocking their personal quests.
  3. Support Each Other: Strengthening bonds with companions can yield unique benefits such as enhanced combat tactics and improved morale within your party.
  4. Resolve Conflicts: Address conflicts within the group through diplomatic or assertive conversations, ensuring that relationships remain intact during challenging moments.
  5. Empower Companions: Encourage companions to pursue their own goals and ambitions, empowering them to flourish as individuals while contributing to the overarching mission.
  6. Share Responsibilities: Delegate tasks and make collaborative decisions with companions, fostering a sense of unity and teamwork within the Inquisition.
  7. Leverage Diversity: Embrace the diversity of your companions, valuing their unique perspectives and utilising their strengths to overcome diverse challenges across Thedas.
  8. Navigate Loyalties: Make choices that align with your companions’ values while maintaining the greater good of Thedas, navigating conflicting loyalties without sacrificing essential alliances.
  9. Embrace Growth: Witness the evolution of your relationships as you progress through the game, fostering deep connections that impact both gameplay and narrative outcomes.
  10. Face Consequences: Be mindful that decisions made in relationships will result in enduring consequences that may influence future interactions and story developments in profound ways.

Travelling Through Southern Thedas

  1. Explore Varied Landscapes: From lush forests to sprawling deserts, Southern Thedas presents a wide array of environments to traverse, each with its own distinct challenges and surprises.
  2. Uncover Hidden Treasures: Delve into ancient ruins, hidden caves, and abandoned fortresses to discover valuable loot, lore-filled codex entries, and unique items that can aid in your quest.
  3. Encounter Diverse Cultures: Interact with different factions, races, and cultures as you journey through Southern Thedas, each offering insights into the complex social dynamics of the fantasy world.
  4. Engage in Dynamic Combat: Battle fierce creatures and formidable foes across varied terrains, using the environment to your advantage and adapting your strategies to overcome diverse threats.
  5. Influence Regional Politics: Your actions and decisions can shape the political landscape of Southern Thedas, impacting alliances, power struggles, and the overall state of the region.
  6. Participate in Side Quests: Embark on optional missions that take you off the beaten path, revealing intriguing stories, compelling characters, and rewarding opportunities for exploration.
  7. Discover Ancient Mysteries: Unravel long-forgotten secrets and enigmatic puzzles scattered throughout Southern Thedas, adding depth to the fantastical lore of the game world.
  8. Experience Dynamic Events: Encounter spontaneous events such as sudden ambushes or unexpected encounters that keep each journey through Southern Thedas unpredictable and engaging.

The Influence of Player Choices

Player choices in Dragon Age: Inquisition have a significant impact on the story, shaping the narrative and leading to different outcomes. These choices also affect relationships with companions, adding depth and complexity to the gameplay experience.

Impact on the Story

As players navigate through Dragon Age: Inquisition, their choices significantly impact the development of the game’s storyline. Each decision made by the player can alter the course of events, leading to different outcomes and consequences.

The dynamic nature of the narrative allows for a truly immersive experience, where every action has a direct influence on how the story unfolds. As players engage with various characters and factions, their decisions shape alliances and conflicts that ultimately shape the fate of Thedas.

The evolution of the story in Dragon Age: Inquisition is directly tied to the player’s actions, creating a sense of agency and responsibility within the high fantasy world. This interactive storytelling approach enhances immersion and replay value as each playthrough can yield distinctly unique experiences based on individual decisions.

Impact on Relationships with Companions

Players’ choices greatly impact their relationships with companions in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Every decision, whether big or small, can alter the dynamic with each companion. As players progress through the game and interact with different characters, they will experience a range of emotions from joy to heartbreak based on their choices and actions.

Companions will remember acts of kindness or betrayal, affecting how they view and respond to the player character.

The depth of these relationships adds a layer of complexity to gameplay, making it essential for players to carefully consider their interactions. This feature enhances the immersion into the high fantasy world of Thedas, where every dialogue choice has consequences.

Latest Developments in the Dragon Age Universe

The latest developments in the Dragon Age universe include the anticipation for the upcoming release of “Dragon Age 4.” Bioware, the game’s developer, has teased possible storylines and character development that will continue to shape the world of Thedas.

Fans are eagerly awaiting more information on how their choices from previous games will impact this new addition to the series.

Another key development is the ongoing support for Dragon Age: Inquisition with updates and patches. This includes addressing technical issues reported by players and enhancing gameplay experiences through downloadable content and expansions.

The game’s vibrant modding community continues to expand, offering exciting new ways to customise and enhance gameplay based on player preferences.

The future of the Dragon Age universe looks promising as developers continue to engage with fans, offer support for existing titles, and tease what lies ahead in this beloved high fantasy RPG series.


Embarking on the quest as the Inquisitor offers an immersive and expansive gameplay experience. Players encounter various companions, make impactful decisions, and explore a rich high fantasy world.

The epic storyline and traditional fantasy elements create an engaging adventure that requires time and patience to fully appreciate. Dragon Age: Inquisition stands out as a remarkable high fantasy RPG with its sprawling world, intricate storytelling, and captivating gameplay.


1. What is Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a high fantasy roleplaying game that combines dark fantasy elements with epic fantasy storytelling. Players embark on quests to restore peace and order in a mythical world.

2. What’s the main quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

The main quest involves closing the Breach, a massive rift in the sky unleashing demonic forces, which players must seal to save their world from chaos.

3. Can you take on different roles within the game?

Yes, as it’s a traditional roleplaying game, players can choose their character and playstyle while they embark on adventure-filled quests across various landscapes.

4. Are there companion quests in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Absolutely! Companion quests are pivotal parts of gameplay; these unique missions allow for deeper connections with characters who join your questing journey.

5. Does Dragon Age: Inquisition include action-adventure aspects?

Indeed! The game expertly blends action-adventure gameplay into its high fantasy setting, offering exciting challenges and exploration opportunities.

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