Death Stranding Porter’s Guide: Connecting a Fragmented World

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Are you feeling a tad swamped by the vast, bewildering expanse of ‘Death Stranding‘? Fear not; it’s a common thread among us who’ve embarked on this solitary journey, navigating every perilous route and confronting the stark solitude to truly fathom what it takes to stitch together a splintered community.

Our guide is brimming with sage advice, meticulously crafted for each porter striving to weave America’s dispersed cities into a cohesive whole. Go on, take the plunge—your indispensable roadmap beckons!

Key Takeaways

  • Players take on the role of Sam, who makes deliveries across a post – apocalyptic America in Death Stranding, aiming to reconnect fragmented communities by transporting essential cargo.
  • Building strong relationships with Preppers and other characters is crucial for gaining access to resources and support that aid in navigating the game’s challenges.
  • Tools like the interactive map, fast travel options through Fragile Jump, and understanding how to interact with BB are instrumental for players’ success on their missions.
  • Overcoming obstacles such as tough terrain, managing inventory effectively, and coping with Timefall are key gameplay aspects that require strategic planning.
  • Completing specific tasks like those from the Photographer Prepper enriches the gaming experience by providing additional rewards and deeper exploration opportunities.

The Mission: Connecting a Fragmented World

We’re on a critical journey as porters in Death Stranding to reunite a country torn apart. This task takes us across treacherous landscapes, piecing together the remnants of America’s once-thriving civilisation.

Each delivery we make serves not just to transport essential cargo but also to bridge the gaps between isolated communities and individuals. It’s this process of connecting—a stone at a time—that transforms our mission into something far grander than mere package delivery.

In this world scarred by the cataclysmic Death Stranding event, every step we take matters. We face daunting challenges; yet with each knot we secure on our network, hope resurfaces in humanity’s struggle against disconnection and crisis.

Our work does more than move goods from point A to B—it rebuilds infrastructure, fosters connectivity and paves the way for friendships that defy distances and hardships alike. Let’s press on in our quest because through perseverance comes not only survival but also unity among fragments of society.

Essential Workers of Death Stranding

– Sam is the protagonist of Death Stranding, but he relies on the help of Preppers and other characters to navigate through the fragmented world. These essential workers play a crucial role in assisting Sam along his journey.

Sam as the protagonist

Sam, the main character in Death Stranding, faces the challenging task of reconnecting a fragmented America. As players guide Sam through this post-apocalyptic world, they must navigate tough terrain, manage inventory effectively and cope with Timefall.

Building relationships with Preppers will be crucial to Sam’s success in completing delivery missions and earning likes. Utilising the Strand for transportation and recognising the importance of rest are essential in maximising deliveries and overcoming obstacles like BTs and MULEs.

The game emphasises building connections and unity as players assist other porters while striving to connect isolated cities. Fast travel is available but does not detract from the long and difficult journey that forms an integral part of Death Stranding’s gameplay experience.

Preppers and their role in the game

Preppers play a crucial role in Death Stranding by providing essential resources, shelter, and guidance to the protagonist, Sam. Forming alliances with Preppers is vital as they offer valuable supplies and equipment upgrades that aid in navigating the challenging post-apocalyptic world.

These characters also contribute to the overarching theme of connection and unity within the game, as building relationships with them reinforces the concept of working together towards a common goal.

Engaging with Preppers allows players to expand their network and gain access to diverse tools and knowledge necessary for successfully completing deliveries. Additionally, establishing rapport with these individuals opens up new narrative elements, enriching the gaming experience while aligning with Death Stranding’s core emphasis on social connections.

Other characters who help Sam along the way

  1. Fragile, a mysterious and resourceful ally, aids Sam by providing essential transport services through her Fragile Express delivery company.
  2. Heartman, a scientist who studies the effects of the Death Stranding phenomenon, offers valuable insights and support to Sam during his journey.
  3. Die – Hardman, an enigmatic official of Bridges, provides guidance and strategic assistance to Sam as he works to reconnect the fractured world.
  4. Higgs, a cunning antagonist with his own motivations, challenges Sam throughout the game, adding complexity and intensity to the journey.
  5. Deadman, an eccentric researcher who assists Sam in understanding and utilising BB technology for navigating hazardous areas and detecting otherworldly threats.

Tools for Connecting

Utilise the interactive map and fast travel options to navigate the world, and learn how to interact effectively with your BB for a successful journey. Interested in learning more about how to connect a fragmented world in Death Stranding? Keep reading!

Interactive map

Navigate the challenging terrain of Death Stranding with ease using the interactive map feature. Easily locate points of interest, plan your route, and track your progress throughout the game world.

The interactive map provides essential information to optimise your deliveries and efficiently connect fragmented cities in a post-apocalyptic America. With this tool at your disposal, you can strategically navigate through the open-world environment and overcome obstacles presented by tough terrain and inclement weather.

Take advantage of the interactive map as you embark on your journey to unite a fractured society in Death Stranding. This essential tool will guide you as you traverse unforgiving landscapes, making it easier to accomplish your mission.

Fast travel options

  1. Fragile Jump: By utilising this feature, players can instantly teleport to any previously visited location within Death Stranding’s vast world.
  2. Terminal Interaction: Accessing terminals at Distribution Centres and Prepper Shelters allows players to connect with Fragile Express network for initiating fast travel.
  3. Destination Selection: Players can choose their desired destination from a list of previously visited locations before confirming their jump.
  4. Convenience and Efficiency: Fast travel streamlines navigation through challenging terrains and minimises time spent on repetitive routes.
  5. Enhanced Exploration: The ability to fast travel facilitates thorough exploration of the game’s open-world environment while focusing on vital missions and developing connections.

BB and how to interact with them

Interacting with BB in Death Stranding is crucial for survival. Keeping the baby calm is key to navigating the hazardous landscape, and it’s important to monitor its stress levels, indicated by the pod’s colour.

To soothe BB, rock your controller or use other calming gestures to stabilise its emotions. Additionally, paying attention to BB’s reactions when facing hostile entities like BTs can provide valuable insights into potential dangers.

As we delve deeper into this topic, it’s important to understand the mechanics of interacting with BB and how it impacts gameplay.

Challenges and Solutions

Navigating the tough terrain in Death Stranding can be a real challenge, but there are solutions to help you out. Managing your inventory effectively and coping with Timefall are also important aspects of the game that require careful planning and strategy.

Tough terrain and how to navigate it

  1. Utilise the climbing anchor to descend or ascend steep cliffs safely, ensuring you maintain a steady foothold.
  2. Use the ladder to overcome obstacles like ravines or gaps, making it easier to traverse difficult areas.
  3. Equip and utilise the Odradek scanner to identify safe paths and prevent potential hazards, helping you navigate hazardous terrains effectively.
  4. Take advantage of the terrain scanner to plan your route carefully, avoiding treacherous landscapes and choosing optimal paths.
  5. Engage in smart resource management, replenishing necessary supplies like boots and repairing equipment to ensure smooth navigation through challenging terrains.

Managing inventory effectively

To manage inventory effectively, you need to prioritise essential items such as climbing anchors and ladders. These tools are crucial for navigating the challenging terrain and overcoming obstacles in the fragmented world.

  1. Prioritise essential items like climbing anchors and ladders to overcome rugged terrain and obstacles.
  2. Utilise cargo containers to organise and manage your deliveries efficiently.
  3. Make use of holograms and markers to identify important locations for efficient navigation.
  4. Equip yourself with the right gear for protection from Timefall and other environmental hazards.
  5. Keep track of your cargo weight to ensure you can balance it properly on Sam’s back.

Coping with Timefall

When managing inventory effectively, it’s important to consider the impact of Timefall on your cargo. Timefall is rain that accelerates time and causes anything it touches to rapidly age or deteriorate.

This includes cargo, structures, and even living organisms like Sam and BB. To protect your deliveries from the effects of Timefall, make sure to utilise protective gear such as containers with Timefall-resistant materials or carrying an umbrella for immediate shelter when caught in the rain.

Additionally, take advantage of clear weather forecasts available on your interactive map to plan your routes and minimise exposure to Timefall. Keep an eye out for signs of impending rainfall such as dark clouds or distorted atmospheric conditions.

Tips for a Successful Journey

Building relationships with Preppers is essential to unlock new gear and resources. Utilising the Strand can help you navigate difficult terrain and avoid dangerous encounters with BTs and MULEs.

Remember to take breaks, manage your inventory effectively, and earn likes by delivering efficiently. And don’t forget to tackle the unique challenge of The Photographer Prepper for additional rewards.

Building relationships with Preppers

Preppers play a crucial role in Death Stranding, offering essential resources and shelters to the player. Developing strong relationships with Preppers is imperative for successfully navigating the challenging world of Death Stranding.

By completing deliveries for them, players can earn likes and increase their connection level with each Prepper, unlocking new items, gear, and facilities. This enhances gameplay by providing access to useful tools and resources necessary for connecting isolated cities.

Investing time in building relationships with Preppers not only aids in survival but also adds depth to the game’s narrative, offering unique interactions and insights into the post-apocalyptic world.

These connections foster a sense of unity within the fragmented society while contributing to achieving the central goal of reconnecting America’s divided communities.

Utilising the Strand

Connecting with the Preppers is only the beginning of your journey in Death Stranding. Once you’ve established these crucial relationships, it’s time to put the Strand to work and connect the fragmented world further.

As porters, we utilise our skills and tools to navigate through challenging terrain, overcoming obstacles and delivering vital supplies. The game equips us with various transportation technologies such as ladders, climbing anchors, and ropes which help us traverse through difficult landscapes effectively.

Additionally, using BB’s abilities to sense BTs’ presence becomes essential while strategizing our routes to avoid dangers lurking along the way.

How to deal with BTs and MULEs

When facing BTs and MULEs, staying vigilant and prepared is crucial for a successful journey in Death Stranding. Here’s how to navigate encounters with these formidable obstacles:

  1. Use Odradek: Keep an eye on Odradek to detect nearby BTs and track their movements.
  2. Crouch and hold your breath: When near BTs, crouch down and hold your breath to avoid detection.
  3. Sneak past BTs: Move quietly and cautiously to slip past BTs undetected.
  4. Employ weapons against MULEs: Utilise non-lethal weaponry like bola guns or stun bombs to incapacitate MULEs without killing them.
  5. Carry a scanner: Equip a scanner to identify nearby MULE camps and plan your route accordingly.

Importance of rest and recognising your limits

After dealing with the challenges posed by BTs and MULEs, it’s crucial to recognise the significance of rest and understanding your limitations. In Death Stranding, managing stamina and ensuring Sam is well-rested plays a pivotal role in successfully navigating the rugged terrain.

Utilising safe houses, resting stations, and hot springs can help replenish stamina while taking scenic breaks amongst breathtaking landscapes also serves as a gratifying form of respite.

Recognising your limits in Death Stranding involves understanding when to prioritise self-care over relentless pushing forward. The game encourages players to appreciate moments of rest not only for Sam but also for strategic planning as it contributes significantly to overall mission success.

Maximising deliveries and earning likes

To maximise deliveries and earn likes in Death Stranding, it’s crucial to prioritise efficiency. Plan your routes carefully and utilise the interactive map to identify potential obstacles or opportunities for shortcuts.

Maintaining a high-quality inventory also increases the chances of earning likes from Preppers, so be strategic in selecting cargo and managing weight distribution. Utilise fast travel options when available to streamline your journey and save valuable time.

Building strong relationships with Preppers is key to maximising deliveries and earning more likes. Completing standard orders will help foster these connections, making it easier to access higher-tier gear and resources as you progress through the game.

The Photographer Prepper – a unique challenge

The Photographer Prepper presents a unique challenge in Death Stranding. To complete their requests, players must take photographs of specific locations and objects using the in-game camera.

This demands attention to detail and exploration skills, as finding the perfect vantage point for each shot can be tricky. Additionally, ensuring that all necessary elements are captured within the frame is crucial for meeting the Photographer Prepper’s exacting standards.

A successful completion of the tasks from the Photographer Prepper offers valuable rewards, including likes and increasing Sam’s connection levels with this character. These rewards contribute significantly to progressing through the game by providing access to new items, upgrades, and story developments.


Embark on a thrilling journey through Death Stranding‘s challenging world. Experience the game’s emphasis on connection and unity. Learn valuable tips to navigate and succeed in this post-apocalyptic setting.

Immerse yourself in the captivating adventure of reconnecting a fragmented America!


1. What is “Death Stranding” about?

“Death Stranding” is a video game set in a postapocalyptic world, where players act as a porter to connect fragmented societies using advanced transportation technology.

2. Who created “Death Stranding”?

The renowned game developer Hideo Kojima created Death Stranding, offering an immersive open-world experience with online multiplayer features.

3. Can beginners enjoy playing “Death Stranding”?

Absolutely! Beginners can dive into the game with helpful tips found in the Porter’s Guide that make navigating through the complex world easier and more enjoyable.

4. What’s unique about the gameplay of “Death Stranding”?

What sets it apart is its focus on connection rather than combat; players work both solo and with others online to rebuild society amid otherworldly challenges.

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