Monster Hunter Rise Hunting Guide: Taking Down the Biggest Beasts

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Confronting the mammoth beasts in Monster Hunter Rise can often feel like a Herculean endeavour. Believe us, we understand the struggle of grappling with these immense adversaries.

But fear not, for our guide distils battle-hardened tactics into digestible steps that’ll swing the odds in your favour. Whether you’re just cutting your hunting teeth or you’ve weathered many a hunt, this is your invitation to join forces as we tackle these leviathans side by side!

Key Takeaways

  • Master the use of the wirebug to gain a tactical advantage in battles, allowing for dynamic movement and powerful Silkbind attacks on monsters.
  • Capture monsters instead of killing them to acquire extra materials and resources, which are highly beneficial for crafting superior gear.
  • Complete special requests in – game to unlock valuable items and gear that can aid significantly in your hunting expeditions.
  • Use the Palamute companion effectively as it serves both as transportation across terrains and an assistant during combat situations.
  • Teamwork is key in multiplayer quests; coordinate with other players to exploit monster weaknesses efficiently for successful hunts.

Tips for Beginners in Monster Hunter Rise

Don’t let the depth of Monster Hunter Rise intimidate you – embrace the challenge and get familiar with the wirebug to enhance your hunting skills. Give gyro aiming a try and utilise the camera features to keep track of your prey.

Don’t be intimidated by the depth of the game

Monster Hunter Rise might seem overwhelming at first glance, but we’ve got your back. Sure, it’s filled with a plethora of monsters and countless hunting techniques straight from Kamura Village’s rich tradition.

Yet once you get the hang of it, every battle gets you one step closer to mastering the art of the hunt.

As you embark on this grand adventure, keep in mind that every monster presents a new challenge as well as an opportunity to learn. Diving into our detailed beginner’s guide will equip you with all the strategies and tips needed for each major beast on the monster list.

With time and practice, tracking down and tackling these creatures becomes second nature. So grab your weapons and let’s show these beasts what we’re made of!

Get familiar with the wirebug

The wirebug is an essential tool in your arsenal, allowing for swift and dynamic movement across the expansive terrains of Monster Hunter Rise. Mastering the art of controlling the wirebug will provide you with a tactical advantage when hunting down monsters.

By familiarising yourself with its functions and integrating it into your combat strategies, you can swiftly traverse terrain, evade attacks, and perform devastating aerial assaults on your prey.

Additionally, using the wirebugs effectively can enable you to access hard-to-reach areas where valuable resources or advantageous positions await.

Understanding how to manoeuvre with the wirebug is crucial for mastering hunts in Monster Hunter Rise. By incorporating this versatile tool into your hunting techniques, you’ll find yourself better equipped to take down even the most challenging adversaries in the game.

Give gyro aiming a try

Once you’re comfortable with the wirebug, another game-changing feature to explore is gyro aiming. Embracing gyroscopic controls can significantly enhance your aim and precision during combat.

By using motion sensors in your controller, you can fine-tune your aim by simply moving the device itself. This added level of control will prove especially useful when targeting specific weak points on monsters or adjusting your aim while in mid-air.

Gyro aiming may feel unfamiliar at first, but with practice, it can give you a competitive edge in Monster Hunter Rise battles.

Utilise the camera

When giving gyro aiming a try, it’s essential to also utilise the camera effectively in Monster Hunter Rise. Adjusting the camera angles and perspectives can make all the difference in tracking and targeting monsters during intense battles.

By mastering the camera controls, hunters can maintain a clear view of their surroundings and keep an eye on monster movements to strategise their next move with precision. Additionally, using the camera to focus on specific parts of a monster’s body can help identify weaknesses and plan effective attacks for maximum impact.

Furthermore, utilising the camera during hunts allows players to capture stunning moments and document their victories against formidable beasts. Whether it’s capturing epic battle sequences or snapping detailed shots of rare creatures, leveraging the in-game camera adds an immersive element to the hunting experience.

Special Requests and the Importance of Collecting

Completing special requests and utilising the Palamute are key to unlocking new abilities and resources in Monster Hunter Rise. Collecting everything in sight will also provide you with the necessary materials for crafting and upgrading your gear.

Ready to learn more about taking down the biggest beasts? Keep reading!

Completing special requests

Completing special requests in Monster Hunter Rise is crucial for unlocking new items, gear, and resources to aid in your hunts. These requests often involve specific tasks like gathering materials or hunting a particular monster.

By fulfilling these special requests, you can access rare and valuable rewards that will enhance your hunting experience. Additionally, completing these tasks opens up new opportunities within the game, allowing you to progress further and face even greater challenges.

Utilising the Palamute as a companion in these missions can greatly boost your efficiency and success rates.

Utilising the Palamute

The Palamute is an essential companion in Monster Hunter Rise, providing players with a swift and reliable mode of transportation. This loyal canine partner can also aid in combat by attacking monsters alongside the player.

Additionally, the Palamute serves as a mobile item storage unit, allowing hunters to quickly access and restock their supplies during intense battles.

When mounted, the Palamute enables players to traverse the terrain with ease, covering large distances within a short span of time. The ability to heal and sharpen weapons while riding this trusty companion further enhances its utility in hunts.

Collecting everything in sight

Understanding the importance of gathering resources in Monster Hunter Rise is crucial for success. Whether it’s herbs, ores, insects, or bones, collecting everything you come across can significantly aid you in forging powerful equipment and items essential for taking down the biggest beasts.

Every resource gathered contributes to your arsenal by enabling you to craft potent potions, traps, and ammunition that are invaluable when facing formidable monsters. Therefore, always keep an eye out for anything that can be harvested or picked up during your hunts; a meticulous approach to gathering will undoubtedly enhance your hunting experience.

When venturing into the wilds of Kamura Village and beyond, make it a habit to collect all manner of flora and fauna as they may hold hidden benefits or play a vital role in concocting critical aids for your monster hunts.

The Importance of Wirebugs in Hunting

Mastering the use of wirebugs is essential for successful hunting in Monster Hunter Rise. From traditional hunting techniques in Kamura Village to using wirebugs in combat and even riding and controlling monsters with them, understanding this mechanic is crucial for taking down the biggest beasts.

Traditional hunting techniques in Kamura Village

Hunters in Kamura Village have perfected traditional hunting techniques over generations, incorporating strategic traps, environmental features, and the expertise of experienced hunters.

Understanding the village’s time-honoured methods is essential for mastering the art of monster hunting. From utilising natural resources to tracking monsters through terrain-specific clues, these techniques provide an in-depth understanding of how to outmanoeuvre even the most formidable beasts.

By learning and implementing these ancient strategies, players can elevate their skills to become proficient hunters. The application of these traditional techniques is crucial for successful hunts in Monster Hunter Rise and allows players to immerse themselves fully in the rich culture and history of Kamura Village.

Using the wirebug in combat

The wirebug is a crucial tool in combat, allowing hunters to swiftly traverse the battlefield and execute aerial attacks. By using the wirebug effectively, players can escape danger, close the gap with monsters, or land devastating blows from above.

It also enables hunters to perform powerful Silkbind attacks that deal substantial damage and create openings for further onslaughts. Additionally, mastering the wirebug’s movements can help evade monster attacks and reposition strategically during intense encounters.

Understanding how to use this versatile tool in combat scenarios is essential for taking down even the most formidable foes.

How to ride and control monsters with wirebugs

The wirebug is an essential tool for riding and controlling monsters in Monster Hunter Rise. This unique mechanic allows players to traverse the environment and mount monsters for epic battles. Here’s how to ride and control monsters with wirebugs:

  1. Utilise Wirebug Moves: Use the wirebug to perform aerial manoeuvres, such as dodging, wall running, and launching yourself onto monsters.
  2. Mounting Monsters: Once you’ve weakened a monster sufficiently, use the wirebug to mount and control it, allowing you to unleash devastating attacks from the creature’s back.
  3. Mastering Wirebug Control: Practise using wirebugs to maintain control over the mounted monster while directing its movements and attacks towards other targets.
  4. Exploit Monster Abilities: Take advantage of each monster’s unique abilities when controlling them with wirebugs, incorporating their strengths into your hunting strategies.
  5. Coordinate Attacks: Coordinate your attacks with teammates in multiplayer hunts by using wirebugs to ride and control different monsters simultaneously, creating chaos for your prey.
  6. Instigating Environmental Hazards: Use wirebug-controlled monsters to trigger environmental hazards or engage in terrain-based attacks that can turn the tide of battle.
  7. Strategic Retreats: Employ wirebugs to swiftly dismount from a controlled monster if the situation becomes too dangerous or if another target requires attention.
  8. Adaptability in Combat: Learn how different monsters’ behaviours change when controlled with wirebugs, adapting your tactics accordingly for maximum effectiveness.
  9. Timing Is Key: Time your manoeuvres carefully when controlling monsters with wirebugs, ensuring that both offensive assaults and evasive actions are well-timed for success.
  10. Cooperative Strategies: Communicate with teammates about how best to utilise wirebug-controlled monsters in coordinated efforts during intense hunts for maximum impact.

Capturing vs Killing Monsters

When it comes to taking down the biggest beasts in Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll need to decide whether to capture or kill them. We’ll explore the steps for capturing a monster, the benefits of capturing vs killing, and which quests require capturing for a successful hunt.

Steps for capturing a monster

To capture a monster in Monster Hunter Rise, follow these steps:

  1. Study the Monster: Observe the behaviour and movement patterns of the monster to anticipate its attacks and plan your approach.
  2. Weaken the Monster: Engage in combat with the monster to lower its health and stamina, making it easier to capture.
  3. Use Traps: Set traps like Shock traps or Pitfall traps to immobilise the monster and create an opportunity for capture.
  4. Deploy Tranquilisers: Once weakened, use Tranq Bombs or Tranq Ammo to put the monster to sleep and capture it successfully.

Benefits of capturing vs killing

After understanding the steps for capturing a monster, it’s crucial to consider the benefits of capturing versus killing. Capturing monsters in Monster Hunter Rise yields additional rewards such as extra materials and resources, which can be valuable for crafting or upgrading equipment.

Additionally, capturing monsters provides an opportunity to conserve resources like potions and traps since the battle ends once the capture is successful. This approach also contributes to fostering a sustainable ecosystem within the game world by allowing certain monsters to be preserved rather than eliminated entirely.

Furthermore, capturing monsters often unlocks specific quests that offer unique rewards and opportunities for progression, presenting players with alternative gameplay experiences and challenges.

Quests that require capturing

When embarking on quests that require capturing monsters in Monster Hunter Rise, it’s essential to come prepared with traps and tranquilisers. Pay attention to the quest details which specify if capturing is necessary.

Remember to track the monster closely and observe its behaviour for signs of weariness or vulnerability, indicating that it’s ready for capture. The benefits of capturing a monster rather than killing it include gaining additional materials and rewards, making these quests crucial for resource gathering and skill progression.

Be sure to utilise this opportunity effectively by honing your trapping skills and mastering the art of capturing monsters in Monster Hunter Rise.

Capturing monsters requires precision and timing, so make use of your environment to set up an effective trap. Keep in mind that understanding each monster’s behaviour is vital when attempting a successful capture – some may require additional preparation or specific tactics.

Top Tips for Taking Down the Biggest Beasts

Understanding the weaknesses of each monster is crucial, so make sure to research and prepare accordingly. Utilising effective skills and weapons, grinding for resources, and strategising your multiplayer hunts are also essential for successful monster takedowns.

For more in-depth tips on defeating the biggest beasts in Monster Hunter Rise, read our full hunting guide!

Understanding monster weaknesses

Knowing and understanding monster weaknesses is crucial in Monster Hunter Rise. Each monster has specific vulnerabilities that can be exploited for maximum damage, making the hunting process more efficient and rewarding.

By learning these weaknesses, hunters can effectively choose the right weapons and equipment to exploit them and increase their chances of success during battles. Whether it’s elemental weaknesses or specific body part vulnerabilities, being mindful of these details allows players to strategise their approach and maximise their impact during encounters with the biggest beasts in the game.

Utilising this knowledge not only helps players deal more damage but also ensures a smoother experience when taking down monsters, especially the toughest ones in Monster Hunter Rise.

Utilising skills and weapons effectively

Understanding monster weaknesses is just the beginning; employing your skills and weapons effectively is key to taking down the biggest beasts in Monster Hunter Rise. Knowing when to strike, dodge, or unleash powerful attacks, along with leveraging the strengths of your chosen weapon, are crucial in turning the tide of battle.

As hunters, we must continuously hone our combat techniques and adapt to different monster behaviours to emerge victorious. By mastering these essential tactics and maximising our weapon’s potential through upgrades and customisations, we can confidently face even the most formidable adversaries that cross our path.

Don’t be afraid to grind for resources

Grinding for resources is crucial in Monster Hunter Rise. By gathering materials from various sources, such as mining spots, plant gathering points, and carving slain monsters, you can craft essential items and upgrade your equipment.

Take advantage of side quests and expeditions to gather resources efficiently and steadily improve your arsenal.

Engage in resource-intensive activities like completing subquests during hunts or participating in Rampage quests to amass a variety of materials for crafting high-quality weapons and armour.

Taking on hub missions strategically

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your team as well as those of the targeted monster is vital when taking on hub missions strategically. Coordinating with fellow hunters to bring a balanced set of skills and weapons maximises the chance of success in tackling these challenging quests.

Each member should be familiar with their role, whether it’s providing support, dealing high damage, or drawing the monster’s attention away from others. Effective communication and coordination will ensure a smoother hunt.

Maximising the use of area traps and items such as flash bombs can create advantageous situations during battles against tough monsters, increasing everyone’s chances for victory. The timing and placement of traps require precision; therefore, careful planning ahead is crucial before engaging in hunts within hub missions that demand strategic play.

Utilising each hunter’s individual strengths collectively will lead to more successful encounters with formidable beasts in Monster Hunter Rise.

Teamwork and cooperation in multiplayer hunts

Coordinating with teammates is crucial in multiplayer hunts as it allows for effective monster takedowns. Each player can specialise in different roles, such as mounting the monster or providing support through healing and buffs.

By communicating and strategising together, players can exploit the monster’s weaknesses and maximise damage output to take it down swiftly. It’s important to coordinate attacks carefully, especially when a teammate has mounted the monster, to avoid interrupting their efforts.

Utilising teamwork also opens up opportunities for combining skills and abilities, creating powerful synergies that can turn the tide of battle. Players should be mindful of each other’s actions, ready to step in when a teammate is in trouble or needs assistance.


In summary, understanding monster weaknesses is crucial to success. Mastering skills and weapon use can make a significant difference in battles. Grinding for resources shouldn’t be feared, as it’s essential for progress.

Approaching hub missions strategically can greatly enhance your chances of victory. In multiplayer hunts, teamwork and cooperation are vital for taking down the biggest beasts.


1. How do I get started with defeating monsters in Monster Hunter Rise?

Begin your adventure by diving into the beginner’s guide and practising monster hunting tactics that will prepare you for successful hunting quests against the biggest beasts.

2. What should I know about selecting weapons in Monster Hunter Rise?

Choose your weapon wisely to fit your playstyle, as weapon selection is crucial for developing effective monster hunting strategies for taking down fearsome creatures.

3. Can you give me tips on upgrading armour in Monster Hunter Rise?

Definitely! Always prioritise armour upgrades to bolster your defences; this way, you’ll stand a better chance during challenging monster hunting quests.

4. Is there a guide on how to hunt multiple creatures efficiently?

Yes, mastering monster hunting techniques through tutorials can help tackle the daunting task of hunting multiple creatures more effectively.

5. Where can I find a comprehensive tutorial for beginners in Monster Hunter Rise?

Look out for a thorough beginner’s guide that will lead you step-by-step through essential monster hunting tips, from basic strategies to complex tactics.

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