Avorion: Building Your Fleet in a Procedurally Generated Galaxy

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Navigating the grand expanse of space and assembling a formidable fleet can be a rather intimidating venture, even for those of us with ample experience under our belts. Rest assured, we’ve traversed these celestial waters and fully appreciate the complexity they present – which is precisely why we’re at your side to offer direction.

Our article unfurls a comprehensive guide, laden with wisdom to empower you in crafting and steering a distinguished squadron amidst Avorion’s boundless cosmos. Join us as we delve into our expert advice – together, let’s set sail for galactic supremacy!

Key Takeaways

  • In Avorion, players embark on a unique adventure in a space sandbox game set within a procedurally generated galaxy, where every map is distinct and filled with diverse sectors to explore.
  • Constructing and customising ships is central to gameplay, with options for automating mining using R-Mining turrets, hiring captains for better fleet management, and grouping ships into fleets or taskforces for strategic advantages.
  • Diplomacy plays an integral role in Avorion; making alliances can offer protection and resource sharing benefits while opting for aggressive tactics might lead to quicker expansion but heightens risks.
  • Effective resource management through the use of mining drones and upgrades is key to building a robust fleet capable of tackling the challenges presented by the vastness of space.

About Avorion

Avorion is an exciting space sandbox game set in a procedurally generated galaxy. Players can explore, build, trade, and wage war as they navigate their way through the vast universe.

A procedurally generated galaxy

Exploring the vastness of space takes on a new dimension in Avorion’s procedurally generated galaxy. Every game seeds a unique map, teeming with diverse sectors and mysterious phenomena.

This ensures that our journey is exclusive to us, filled with unexpected encounters and fresh challenges each time we play. We could uncover rare resources in one session and stumble upon an ancient alien artifact the next—all thanks to this endlessly evolving universe.

Building our empire starts at the galaxy’s edge, where we carve out our destiny towards its core. The unpredictability of this world means no two players will have the same experience; whether trading or venturing into hostile territories remains thrillingly unpredictable.

As we navigate through this scifi sandbox, every decision leads us down uncharted pathways dotted with opportunities and dangers alike, making for an exceptional space simulation adventure.

Space sandbox game

After exploring the procedurally generated galaxy of Avorion, players are immersed in a space sandbox game where they can build, explore, trade, and engage in combat. The game offers an open-world exploration experience with endless possibilities for spaceship construction and customization.

Players can manage their fleet by grouping ships into taskforces or fleets to maximise their benefits while navigating through the diverse environments encountered along the journey towards the centre of the galaxy.

Avorion’s space sandbox gameplay brings a unique blend of resource management, ship customisation, and procedural generation that provides an immersive gaming experience. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a novice explorer, Avorion offers a captivating sci-fi universe to take command of your fleet and carve out your legacy in this vast galactic empire.

Explore, build, trade, and wage war

Exploring the vast procedurally generated galaxy of Avorion is an exciting adventure. Players can venture into uncharted territory, discovering new sectors, encountering diverse environments, and uncovering hidden treasures.

Building and customising spaceships and stations allows players to stake their claim in the galaxy, shaping it according to their vision. By engaging in trade with other factions and players, resources can be acquired to expand your fleet or improve your infrastructure.

Waging war in Avorion takes strategy and skill as players navigate through intense space combat encounters. Whether forging alliances with other factions or taking a more cutthroat approach, diplomacy plays a crucial role in surviving and thriving in this open-world universe.

Ship Building in Avorion

In Avorion, ship building is a key aspect of the game, with procedurally generated ships and stations adding variety to your fleet. You can customise your ship styles and even hire captains to command your ships in battle.

Procedurally generated ships and stations

Avorion introduces procedurally generated ships and stations, adding a dynamic element to the game. This feature means that each ship and station is uniquely created based on certain styles, making every encounter in the vast galaxy an exciting discovery.

Players can marvel at diverse designs and structures, enhancing their space exploration experience. As they venture deeper into the universe, they will encounter an endless array of creatively constructed ships and stations.

The procedural generation in Avorion ensures that no two encounters are alike, providing a constantly evolving environment for players to explore. It adds depth to the game’s open-world exploration by presenting a wide variety of visually captivating ships and stations across different sectors.

Customisable ship styles

Players in Avorion can customise their ship styles, creating unique and personalised spacecraft for exploration and combat. The game’s procedurally generated system allows for a wide range of customisation options, ensuring that each ship reflects the individual preferences of the player.

By utilising different materials, components, and designs, players can create ships that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also tailored to their specific gameplay needs.

Customisable ship styles offer a dynamic experience, empowering players to express their creativity while navigating through the vast universe of Avorion. This feature adds depth to the game by allowing players to craft vessels that suit their preferred playstyle and aesthetic vision.

Hiring captains for ships

In Avorion, captains play a crucial role in managing your fleet. Captains bring unique skills and traits that can influence the effectiveness of your ships during combat and exploration.

When hiring captains for your ships, consider their strengths and weaknesses to ensure they are assigned to the right vessels. Additionally, monitor their experience levels as they gain expertise in piloting different ship types.

To hire captains for ships, players should visit stations or colonies where experienced pilots can be found. Remember that each captain comes with a price tag based on their skill level and proficiency.

Managing Your Fleet

Organising and grouping your ships into taskforces or fleets can provide strategic advantages in combat and resource management, making it essential for success in Avorion. If you want to learn how to effectively manage your fleet and dominate the procedurally generated galaxy, keep reading!

Grouping ships into taskforces or fleets

Grouping ships into taskforces or fleets allows for better organisation and coordination in Avorion. It enables players to efficiently manage multiple ships, making it easier to navigate the procedurally generated galaxy and engage in various activities such as trade, exploration, and combat.

  1. Taskforces or fleets can be formed by selecting specific ships and grouping them together under a common command structure. This allows for better control and direction of multiple ships simultaneously.
  2. Assigning captains to each ship within a taskforce or fleet provides specialised leadership, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of individual ships during different tasks.
  3. Players can designate specific roles to each ship within a taskforce or fleet, such as combat, mining, trading, or exploration, ensuring that each vessel contributes optimally to the overall objectives.
  4. Cooperative actions can be coordinated more effectively by grouping ships into taskforces or fleets, enabling synchronised movements and combined efforts during combat encounters or resource gathering missions.
  5. The ability to give orders to an entire taskforce or fleet streamlines decision – making processes and allows for quick responses to changing situations in the procedurally generated galaxy.
  6. Ships within a taskforce or fleet can provide mutual support to one another during engagements with hostile forces or challenges encountered while exploring diverse sectors of the galaxy.

The benefits of having a fleet

Having a fleet in Avorion provides numerous benefits, allowing players to expand their influence and increase efficiency. By grouping ships into fleets or taskforces, players can streamline their operations and coordinate multiple vessels for various tasks such as mining, trading, or combat.

This approach enhances productivity and ensures that resources are effectively utilised across the fleet. Additionally, fleets enable players to tackle larger-scale challenges with coordinated firepower and strategic positioning, making it easier to overcome formidable enemies or obstacles within the procedurally generated galaxy.

Furthermore, having a well-equipped fleet offers enhanced security and protection as ships can support each other during confrontations or unexpected encounters. With captains and crew members managing different roles in each vessel, the collective strength of the fleet becomes a significant advantage when navigating through the vast expanses of space.

Overall, building and managing a diverse fleet not only amplifies the capabilities of individual ships but also contributes to an immersive gameplay experience where teamwork plays a crucial role in thriving within Avorion’s expansive universe.

Building Your Fleet

Start small and work your way up, automate mining for resources, and incorporate R-Mining turrets for faster mining. If you want to learn more about building your fleet in Avorion’s procedurally generated galaxy, keep reading!

Starting small and working your way up

  1. Begin by acquiring a small, basic ship to familiarise yourself with the game’s controls and gameplay mechanics.
  2. Gradually expand your fleet by adding more ships as you gain experience and resources, allowing for increased versatility and strategic options.
  3. Focus on automating mining processes to efficiently gather resources without micromanagement, which can free up your time for other tasks.
  4. Consider incorporating R – Mining turrets into your ships for faster resource acquisition, enabling you to build a robust fleet more rapidly.
  5. As your fleet grows, explore opportunities to enhance your ships with customisable styles and special features, tailored to suit different roles within your expanding fleet.
  6. Utilise the workshop feature to access mods and additional content created by the community, providing an array of options for customising your ships and stations.
  7. Continue exploring and engaging in trade and combat activities throughout the procedurally generated galaxy to further expand and fortify your fleet.

Automating mining for resources

  1. Utilise Mining Drones: Incorporate mining drones into your fleet to automatically gather resources while you focus on other tasks.
  2. Advanced Resource Gathering Modules: Install advanced resource gathering modules on your ships to increase mining efficiency and output.
  3. R-Mining Turrets: Equip your ships with R-Mining turrets to expedite the process of extracting resources from asteroids and other celestial bodies.
  4. Resource Processing Stations: Establish resource processing stations near mining areas to automatically process and store harvested resources for later use.
  5. Fleet Coordination: Coordinate your fleet to designate specific ships for mining operations, ensuring a streamlined and efficient approach to gathering resources.
  6. Automation Upgrades: Implement automation upgrades on your ships to enable autonomous resource collection, allowing you to focus on exploration, trade, and combat activities in the procedurally generated galaxy of Avorion.

Incorporating R-Mining turrets for faster mining

To increase mining efficiency in Avorion, we can incorporate R-Mining turrets into our fleet. These specialised turrets are designed to extract resources from asteroids at a faster rate, allowing us to gather materials more quickly and effectively.

By outfitting our mining ships with these powerful tools, we can streamline the resource gathering process and expedite the expansion of our fleet.

Players should strategically place R-Mining turrets on their ships to cover a wide area of asteroid fields, maximising their mining output. As we progress through the game and encounter denser asteroid clusters, having an arsenal of R-Mining turrets will prove invaluable in bolstering our resource acquisition capabilities.

Diplomacy and Combat

Whether you choose to make friends with other factions or take a more aggressive approach, diplomacy and combat play a crucial role in Avorion. Forming alliances can provide valuable support, but always be prepared to defend yourself against potential threats as you navigate the vast galaxy.

Making friends or being a cutthroat

In Avorion, players have the choice to either make allies or take a cutthroat approach when interacting with other factions in the galaxy. Forming alliances with other players can bring significant benefits, such as increased protection and access to shared resources and knowledge.

On the other hand, being a cutthroat may lead to intense battles and capturing enemy ships or territories, potentially expanding your influence in the galaxy.

When engaging in diplomacy in Avorion, it’s crucial to consider potential long-term consequences before taking action. Alliances can provide strategic advantages and safeguard against powerful enemies; however, betraying an ally could result in severe repercussions.

The benefits of alliances

When navigating the dynamic and challenging galaxy of Avorion, alliances can provide several benefits for players. Forming alliances with other factions or players can open up new opportunities for trade, resource sharing, and mutual protection.

By aligning with allies, players can access valuable resources that may not be readily available in their own territories. Additionally, alliances can provide strength in numbers when facing formidable opponents or threats within the procedurally generated galaxy.

By forming strategic alliances in Avorion, players can gain valuable insights into the game’s mechanics and strategies from experienced allies. This exchange of knowledge and expertise can significantly enhance individual gameplay and overall progress through the vast universe of Avorion.

Tips for surviving in the galaxy of Avorion

Surviving in the vast and unpredictable galaxy of Avorion can be exhilarating and challenging. Here are some essential tips to help you navigate and thrive in this procedurally generated universe:

  1. Plan your routes wisely, considering resource – rich sectors and potential threats.
  2. Regularly upgrade your fleet’s technology and weaponry to handle evolving challenges.
  3. Strike a balance between being diplomatic and asserting power – alliances can be invaluable in tough situations.
  4. Keep an eye on the workshop for mods created by the community to enhance your gameplay experience.
  5. Enhance your mining capabilities by utilising the material knowledge system and R – Mining turrets for faster resource gathering.
  6. Explore diverse environments along the journey to the core of the galaxy, leveraging their unique advantages.
  7. Establish trade routes to maximise profits and gather vital resources for your fleet’s expansion.
  8. Use force cannons for efficient mining, optimising collection efforts in resource – rich sectors.
  9. Equip your ships with defensive measures to protect against unexpected encounters with hostile forces.
  10. Automate mining activities within your fleet to ensure a steady stream of resources while focusing on other aspects of galactic exploration and expansion.


In conclusion, building your fleet in Avorion’s procedurally generated galaxy is a thrilling adventure. As players start small and work their way up, automating mining for resources and hiring captains for ships become crucial strategies.

The game offers endless opportunities for exploration, trade, and warfare as you navigate the vast universe. With the right tactics and perseverance, success in Avorion awaits those who dare to venture into its dynamic world.


1. What is Avorion, and what can I do in the game?

Avorion is a sci-fi sandbox game set in space where you can build your own fleet of ships, engage in space trade, and explore an endless universe that’s different every time you play.

2. How does Avorion keep its galaxy interesting for players?

The galaxy in Avorion is procedurally generated, which means it creates new areas to explore with every game session, offering you a unique open-world exploration experience each time.

3. Can I interact with others while playing Avorion?

Yes! While exploring the vastness of space in Avorion, you can meet other players, trade with them or even team up to navigate through this ever-changing universe together.

4. Is building a fleet complicated in Avorion?

Not at all! In Avorion’s accessible gameplay system, collecting resources and constructing ships are streamlined so that both beginners and seasoned gamers can enjoy creating their powerful fleets as part of their adventure.

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