Apex Legends Winning Guide: Advanced Tactics for Champion Squads

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Enduring the trials and tribulations of securing that elusive final triumph in Apex Legends is an all too familiar scenario. We’ve each felt the sting of consecutive defeats, a sentiment I fully empathise with.

Yet amidst a global battalion of some 70 million competitors, I’ve immersed myself within the game’s intricacies to flip those setbacks into successes. Packed to the brim with strategies tested in the thick of battle, this guide stands ready to elevate you and your comrades to victors – pour over its contents to master the arena!

Key Takeaways

  • Parkour skills and strategic melee attacks can significantly increase your mobility and effectiveness in combat, giving you an edge over opponents.
  • The use of balloons for repositioning and switching to a second weapon instead of reloading are advanced tactics that save time and give tactical advantages during battles.
  • Effective communication within the team goes beyond the ping system; develop secret codes to convey complex strategies quickly and discreetly.
  • Coordinating ultimate abilities with teammates can create devastating combo attacks, turning the tide of battle in your favour when timed right.
  • Blocking doors, restricting enemy options through environmental control, and varying your arsenal can help maintain dominance over the battlefield.

Mastering Movement and Combat

In Apex Legends, mastering movement and combat is crucial for gaining the upper hand in battle. Utilising parkour skills for faster movement, strategically using melee attacks, and learning to drop faster and smarter are all key elements in becoming a formidable player.

Coordination with your team for crossfire situations can also make a significant difference in achieving victory.

Utilise parkour skills for faster movement

We’ve all seen the incredible agility of parkour experts, and in Apex Legends, these skills can catapult us ahead of our competitors. By mastering wall jumps, you’ll scale buildings swiftly to gain high ground or evade an ambush.

We zip over obstacles instead of clumsily clambering up them, saving precious seconds that could mean the difference between victory and defeat. Tap into slide jumps for momentum boosts on downward slopes or use ledge grabs to pull ourselves up just when enemies think we’re out of reach.

Your squad’s speed is crucial; it keeps us one step ahead in this fast-paced battle royale. We weave through windows and vault from rooftop to rooftop like urban gymnasts, turning every cityscape into a playground where we outrun bullets and blaze new trails to strategic vantage points.

Quick reflexes paired with parkour finesse make us unpredictable adversaries as we rush towards victory together in Apex Legends.

Use melee attacks strategically

Engage in combat with precision and timing, using melee attacks strategically to gain an advantage over opponents. Timing your strikes can disrupt enemy aims and throw them off balance, providing crucial openings for you or your teammates to secure the upper hand in intense firefights.

Swiftly decide when to go for a melee attack to catch foes off-guard, enabling swift eliminations while conserving ammunition for more extended confrontations.

Integrating strategic use of melee attacks into your gameplay can be a game-changer during close encounters, offering tactical advantages that can turn the tide of battle in your favour.

Plan how and when to utilise this close-quarters combat technique wisely to surprise adversaries and seize vital opportunities for victory. Maneuver with precision as you apply these advanced tactics to outmaneuver adversaries effectively while pushing towards triumph in Apex Legends.

Learn to drop faster and smarter

  1. Utilise your speed and momentum by diving straight down from the drop ship to reach the ground faster.
  2. Identify prime landing spots near high – tier loot areas or strategic positions that provide cover and advantages over other teams.
  3. Keep an eye out for rivals as you descend, adjusting your landing location to avoid potential confrontations.
  4. Stay agile by making quick adjustments to your trajectory mid – air, using dive techniques and terrain knowledge to reach targeted spots efficiently.
  5. Communicate with your team in – flight to coordinate landing zones and ensure a synchronised approach to looting and combat engagements.
  6. Use buildings, natural cover, or elevated platforms to quickly gather resources upon landing, setting up for engagements while keeping an eye on potential enemy movements.
  7. Stay mindful of other teams’ positions as you land, preemptively positioning yourself for potential early-game skirmishes while maintaining adaptability based on evolving battle scenarios.

Coordination with team for crossfire situations

In intense crossfire situations, team coordination is crucial for survival and success. Clear and concise communication ensures that everyone knows their roles, enemy positions, and the best strategies to employ.

Effective teamwork can tip the scales in your favour, allowing you to outmaneuver opponents and secure victory. By prioritising targets and combining abilities with your squadmates, you can gain a significant advantage in crossfire scenarios.

Coordinating with our team during crossfire has allowed us to overcome challenging battles, corner enemies effectively using expert tactics while communicating precisely what we intend to do.

Effective Communication and Teamwork

Coordinate effectively with your team to prioritise enemy targets and take advantage of ultimate abilities, elevating your squad’s performance. Read on for more advanced tactics to dominate in Apex Legends.

Beyond the ping system

Effective communication in Apex Legends goes beyond simply using the ping system. By developing secret codes with your team, you can convey crucial information swiftly and discreetly, giving your squad an edge over opponents.

Prioritising enemy targets ensures that everyone on the team focuses their firepower on the most imminent threat, increasing the likelihood of securing eliminations. Taking advantage of ultimate abilities at strategic moments can turn the tide of battle in your favour, providing a decisive advantage during intense firefights.

Developing secret codes with your team enables swift and discrete communication.

Prioritising enemy targets increases the odds of securing eliminations.

Develop secret codes with your team

Create and share secret codes with your team to communicate strategic information without alerting enemies. Use short phrases or signals that convey specific actions or enemy positions.

These codes can help you coordinate movements and take advantage of opportunities in the game.

Implementing secret codes enhances squad tactics and allows for quick, covert communication during intense gameplay. Understanding these cues gives your team an edge, enabling rapid responses to changing situations on the battlefield.

Prioritise enemy targets

When playing Apex Legends, it’s crucial to focus on prioritising enemy targets to gain an advantage in combat. Here are essential tactics to help you succeed in this aspect:

  1. Assess the threat level of each opponent based on their weapons, position, and abilities to determine the most imminent danger.
  2. Communicate with your team to coordinate efforts and concentrate fire on high – priority targets effectively.
  3. Keep track of enemy movements and positions to anticipate their next moves and adjust your targeting strategy accordingly.
  4. Utilise ultimate abilities strategically by focusing them on key opponents to disrupt their plans and create opportunities for your squad.
  5. Constantly adapt your prioritisation as the situation evolves, ensuring that you maintain a tactical advantage over your adversaries.

Take advantage of ultimate abilities

  1. Coordinate with your squad to time your ultimates for maximum impact, such as combining defensive and offensive abilities for a well-rounded approach.
  2. Master the timing and positioning of each ultimate ability to catch enemies off guard or create opportunities for your team.
  3. Communicate with your teammates to sync up ultimate abilities, creating devastating combos that can quickly turn the tables in a fight.
  4. Prioritise using ultimate abilities strategically, saving them for crucial moments when they can provide a decisive advantage.

Strategies for Winning

Restricting enemy options and utilising balloons for quick movement are key strategies for winning in Apex Legends. Instead of reloading, consider switching weapons quickly and pay attention to and block doors to gain the upper hand in combat situations.

Restricting enemy options

By controlling the battlefield and restricting enemy options, we can significantly increase our chances of winning. Blocking doorways or choke points using gas traps or caustic barrels can limit enemy movement, forcing them to find alternative routes and giving us the upper hand.

Placing strategic zoning shots with accurate gunfire effectively restricts enemies’ advance, allowing our squad to maintain control and dictate the pace of engagements.

Choosing vantage points and positioning ourselves in advantageous areas limits the enemy’s options while providing us with clear lines of sight for accurate shots. Utilising environmental elements such as high ground, cover, and natural obstacles restricts opponents’ mobility and makes them vulnerable targets for a coordinated assault.

Utilising balloons for quick movement

Utilising balloons for quick movement is a game-changing strategy in Apex Legends. By strategically using the map’s balloons, players can reach distant locations swiftly, reposition during combat, and even escape tricky situations.

These balloons offer unparalleled mobility to gain a competitive edge over opponents and seize victory. Leveraging the balloons effectively allows teams to outmaneuver enemies, secure advantageous positions, and surprise foes with unexpected attacks.

An essential aspect of mastering this tactic involves understanding when and where to utilise the balloons for maximum impact. This advanced manoeuvring technique enables players to elevate their gameplay by capitalising on swift repositioning opportunities and gaining a tactical advantage over adversaries during intense firefights or while traversing the map in search of valuable resources.

Switching weapons instead of reloading

When in intense combat situations, consider switching weapons instead of reloading. This can save crucial time and keep you prepared for any sudden enemy encounters. In the midst of a heated battle, prioritise quick weapon switches over the time-consuming process of reloading. By doing so, you can maintain your offensive advantage and swiftly respond to threats without leaving yourself vulnerable.

  1. Assess the situation carefully before deciding to switch weapons, ensuring that it’s the most efficient tactical choice.
  2. Keep track of your ammo count and be ready to switch to another fully loaded weapon when necessary.
  3. Maintain a diverse inventory of weapons to adapt to different combat scenarios, allowing for seamless transitions between firearms.
  4. Practice quick weapon swaps in training sessions or low – pressure matches to enhance your speed and accuracy during crucial moments.

Paying attention to and blocking doors

  1. Keep an eye on doors as they can provide valuable information about enemy movement and positions.
  2. Use throwable items or abilities to block doorways, hindering opponents’ ability to enter or exit a room quickly.
  3. When inside a building, position yourself near the door to take advantage of surprise attacks on incoming enemies.
  4. Utilise environmental objects such as deployable shields or traps to reinforce doorways and restrict enemy access.
  5. Be aware of the sound cues that indicate a door opening or breaking, allowing you to prepare for potential threats accordingly.

Understanding and Utilising Resources

Knowing when to heal and when to slide, using incendiary grenades with smoke and gas, keeping a variety of weapons for different situations, and finishing off downed enemies quickly are all essential skills in mastering the use of resources in Apex Legends.

These tactics can give your squad a crucial edge in intense combat situations.

Knowing when to heal and when to slide

Understanding the right time to heal and slide in Apex Legends is crucial for staying alive in intense combat situations. When the enemy has inflicted damage, it’s vital to find cover and prioritize healing before engaging again.

Keeping an eye on health levels and assessing the risk of continued engagement versus taking a moment to recuperate can make all the difference in securing victory.

In addition to knowing when to heal, sliding can be a game-changer for quick repositioning during firefights or evading danger. Utilizing sliding techniques while traversing terrains enables swift movement while presenting a smaller target, making it harder for opponents to land shots.

Using incendiary grenades with smoke and gas

Incendiary grenades, when combined with smoke and gas, can create chaos for the enemy. The incendiary effect can force opponents out of cover while the smoke and gas disorient them, making it difficult for them to see or move effectively.

This combination is an excellent strategy in restricting enemy options and gaining a tactical advantage, particularly in close-quarter combat situations.

Using incendiary grenades with smoke and gas requires precise timing and coordination within your squad. It’s essential to communicate this strategy clearly with your team so that everyone understands their role in executing it effectively.

Keeping a variety of weapons for different situations

In Apex Legends, having a versatile arsenal is crucial for adapting to different combat scenarios. It’s essential to carry various weapons to effectively deal with opponents in diverse situations. Here are some key points to consider when selecting and utilising different weapons:

  1. Assess the Range: Ensure your squad has weapons suitable for short-range, mid-range, and long-range combat scenarios.
  2. Consider Weapon Specialities: Equip weapons that excel at specific functions such as high damage output, rapid fire rate, or precision aiming.
  3. Coordinate with Teammates: Discuss and distribute weapon types among your squad members to cover all necessary combat ranges.
  4. Adapt to the Circumstances: Swap out weapons based on changing environmental factors and during intense firefights.

Finishing off downed enemies quickly

As a team, we must prioritise quickly eliminating downed enemies to prevent them from being revived by their teammates. Utilising efficient weapons and tactics, such as using close-range firearms or swiftly executing a finishing move, can ensure that downed enemies are taken out of the match promptly.

We can secure our advantages in battle by swiftly getting rid of any downed opponents, reducing the opposition’s strength and enabling us to maintain control over the battleground.

This strategic play will not only increase our chances of victory but also demonstrate superior teamwork and game mastery to claim triumph in Apex Legends.


Utilise these advanced tactics to dominate in Apex Legends. Elevate your gameplay with expert strategies for movement, combat, communication, and teamwork. With the right skills and coordination, victory will be within reach for champion squads.

Become a force to be reckoned with on the battlegrounds of Apex Legends.


1. What advanced tactics can lead to victory in Apex Legends?

Advanced tactics for champion squads in Apex Legends include mastering melee combat, optimising drop speed for landings, and using item pinging effectively to communicate with your team.

2. How does movement control contribute to winning in Apex Legends?

Good movement control helps you dodge bullets and reposition quickly during combat, which is crucial for survival and gaining the upper hand in this fast-paced shooter game.

3. Why is squad coordination important in Apex Legends?

Squad coordination ensures that each member knows their role during battle tactics execution, leading to more effective teamwork essential for securing victories in competitive multiplayer gaming.

4. Can I improve my chances of winning by learning combat strategies specific to Apex Legends?

Yes! Learning detailed combat strategies tailored to the gameplay of this first-person shooter will greatly enhance your performance and boost your odds of becoming a Champion Squad.

5. Are there particular esports strategies used by professional players in Apex Legends?

Professional esports players often utilise sophisticated team tactics and thorough knowledge of the game’s mechanics – it’s these strategies that contribute significantly towards achieving consistent success within the competitive gaming scene.

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