Subnautica: Survival in an Alien Underwater World

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Do you find yourself longing for a virtual getaway that challenges your wits and survival skills beneath the shimmering sea? We completely understand the rush, that moment when we’re poised with our controllers, ready to delve into an underwater adventure brimming with both beauty and danger.

Our blog is here to be your trusty companion as you navigate the depths of Subnautica—a masterful creation by Unknown Worlds Entertainment from 2018—providing you with all the savvy tips and tricks to flourish in its submerged wonders.

So take a deep breath, prepare to submerge into this extraordinary world, and let us help make your aquatic journey truly unforgettable.

Key Takeaways

  • Subnautica is an open – world survival game created by Unknown Worlds Entertainment where players explore and survive in an alien ocean, released in 2018.
  • Players can craft equipment, pilot submarines, and build bases for shelter whilst managing oxygen and health levels to survive the underwater dangers.
  • The game features diverse marine life including creatures like Peepers, Stalkers, Reefbacks, and Gasopods which add to the complexity of the ecosystem.
  • While exploring the depths of Subnautica’s ocean world, gamers will encounter mysterious artefacts that provide clues about the planet’s enigmatic history.
  • A related title called Subnautica: Below Zero offers further challenges with a frozen underwater environment that presents new creatures and mysteries.

Descend into an Alien Underwater World

Subnautica is an open-world survival game that allows players to descend into an alien underwater world. Released in 2018 by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, the game provides a unique and immersive experience of crafting, building, and surviving in the depths of an unknown ocean planet.

Open-world survival game by Unknown Worlds Entertainment

We dive into the alien ocean of Subnautica, a creation that showcases the prowess of Unknown Worlds Entertainment in crafting immersive gaming worlds. Released to acclaim in 2018, this title invites us to navigate an expansive and beautifully terrifying underwater realm.

Here, freedom is as vast as the sea itself, beckoning players to explore every crevice and coral.

The essence of Subnautica lies in its genius blend of survival challenges and deep-sea exploration. A crashlanded scenario thrusts us into uncharted waters where crafting equipment becomes vital for our prolonged undersea adventure.

Our journey through this perilous underwater environment is not just about survival; it’s also a quest brimming with intrigue and otherworldly wonder from the depths below.

Released in 2018

Subnautica, an open-world survival game by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, was released in 2018. In this game, players descend into an alien underwater world to explore the sea and dive into the depths of the alien environment.

Subnautica offers thrilling adventures as players uncover the planet’s mysterious aquatic biomes while crafting equipment and submarines to aid in their exploration. The game provides a unique and immersive gaming experience, challenging players to survive and thrive in an alien environment filled with resources, creatures, wonder, and threats.

Furthermore, Subnautica: Below Zero is a related release of the game set in a frozen underwater world which features teeming plant life as well as alien-looking fish. The gameplay revolves around surviving challenges undersea whilst discovering strange creatures and unravelling ancient mysteries — an opportunity for gamers seeking deep sea exploration and adventure.

Craft and Build for Survival

Scavenge materials, pilot submarines, and build underwater bases to ensure your survival in the depths of the alien ocean. With careful planning and resource management, you can create a home away from home beneath the waves.

Scavenge materials

In Subnautica, players scavenge materials from the ocean floor to craft essential survival gear and tools. We forage for resources such as metal salvage, quartz, and creepvine to create oxygen tanks, fins, and habitat modules that allow us to explore deeper into the alien underwater world.

Gathering resources is crucial for building submarines which enable us to reach new depths and discover hidden treasures below the surface.

Crafting in Subnautica isn’t just a necessity; it’s an adventure in itself. We actively search sunken wrecks and cave systems for blueprints that unlock advanced technologies like propulsion cannons and laser cutters, enhancing our ability to navigate the challenging environment effectively.

Pilot submarines

Players in Subnautica can pilot submarines to explore the vast alien underwater world. These submersibles are essential for navigating the depths and discovering hidden wonders. As we maneuver through the ocean’s mysterious biomes, piloting submarines allows us to delve into uncharted territories while diving deeper into the game’s immersive experience.

Crafted with precision, these submarines offer a means of transportation that not only provides protection against hostile creatures but also enhances our ability to gather resources and uncover secrets of this alien aquatic realm.

The thrill of piloting these advanced vessels adds an extra layer of excitement to our undersea adventures, making our exploration truly unforgettable.

Build underwater bases

Crafting and building are crucial in Subnautica to survive the alien underwater world. Players can construct underwater bases to create a safe haven, store resources, and recharge their equipment.

Bases also provide a central hub for players as they explore the depths, offering refuge from the dangers of the environment. Using unique crafting mechanics, players can design and customise their bases to suit their needs and expand them as they progress through the game.

By establishing an underwater base, players gain a foothold in this majestic yet perilous environment while continuing to unravel its mysteries. Building an efficient base is key to thriving in this otherworldly oceanic adventure.

Encounter Strange Creatures

Enter the alien underwater world and encounter strange creatures such as the Peeper, Stalker, Reefback, and Gasopod. These fascinating, yet dangerous creatures will keep you on your toes as you navigate through the depths of Subnautica.


Exploring the underwater world in Subnautica, you’ll encounter the Peeper, a small and swift fish with large, expressive eyes. This vibrant blue creature is known for its agility as it darts through the water, making it a challenging catch for players looking to gather food.

The Peeper is not only a source of sustenance but also contributes to the game’s immersive ecosystem, adding life and movement to the alien ocean environment.

As players navigate through the depths, encountering these lively creatures adds an element of realism to their underwater survival experience. The Peeper’s presence underscores the diverse wildlife that thrives in Subnautica’s aquatic biomes.

It’s just one example of how this game offers a rich tapestry of marine life for players to discover and interact with.


The Stalker is a predatory creature found in Subnautica’s alien underwater world. It is recognisable by its long, slender body and distinctive green spots, making it a formidable presence for players exploring the ocean depths.

Known for its aggressive nature, this creature often hunts in packs and can pose a significant threat to unsuspecting players who venture too close to their territory. Despite this danger, the Stalker plays an important role in the game’s ecosystem, as it scavenges metal salvage from wrecked ships and exhibits complex social behaviours within its pack dynamic.

Players must exercise caution when encountering a Stalker, as they are known to be territorial and may attack without warning. By observing their behaviour and understanding their natural habitat, players can navigate encounters with these creatures more effectively.


After encountering the Stalker’s menacing presence, players in Subnautica must be prepared for a complete shift in atmosphere when they encounter the peaceful and colossal Reefback.

These gentle giants can often be found drifting lazily through the alien underwater world, emitting subsonic calls that reverberate across the ocean.

Reefbacks serve as mobile ecosystems, fostering an array of flora and fauna on their massive backs. Their arrival presents an opportunity for both game experts and gamer novices to observe these majestic creatures up close, while also providing ample resources for those seeking to sustain their underwater survival.


Gasopods are large, gas-emitting creatures found in the Subnautica underwater world. These alien beings move slowly and release poisonous yellow pods when threatened, creating a hazardous environment for unwary explorers.

Their unique biology makes them an important part of the game’s ecosystem, offering resources vital for progressing through the game.

Players must navigate carefully around Gasopods to avoid their toxic emissions while harnessing their emitted gas pods as a valuable crafting material. The strategic balance between avoiding danger and utilising available resources adds depth to the gameplay experience, making encounters with Gasopods both challenging and rewarding.

Uncover the Mysteries of the Deep

Explore the ocean floor and uncover mysterious alien artifacts as you dive deeper into the unknown. Delve into the depths of Subnautica’s underwater world to unravel the planet’s enigmatic past.

Explore the ocean floor

Dive into the depths of the ocean to explore an alien world teeming with life and mystery. Uncover the secrets hidden in the depths as you navigate through coral reefs, caves, and abyssal plains.

Discover ancient artefacts left behind by a past civilisation and witness bioluminescent wonders that illuminate your journey through this wondrous underwater realm.

Embark on an adventure like no other, where every dive brings new discoveries and challenges to overcome. Engage with vibrant marine life, from playful fish darting among colourful corals to colossal creatures roaming the subaquatic landscape.

Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Subnautica’s ocean floor as you unravel its enigmatic history and face thrilling encounters at every turn.

Discover alien artifacts

In Subnautica, players have the thrilling opportunity to discover alien artifacts as they explore the mysterious ocean floor. These artifacts hold key insights into the planet’s enigmatic past and add an exciting layer of discovery to the game.

The underwater world is teeming with hidden wonders that await exploration, making every dive a chance to stumble upon something extraordinary.

The alien artifacts in Subnautica offer a fascinating blend of lore and gameplay, enticing players to delve deeper into the depths of this alien environment. As gamers scour the ocean floor for resources and encounter strange creatures, these relics provide valuable clues about the planet’s history, creating a sense of awe and intrigue that drives their expedition forward.

Unravel the mystery of the planet’s past

Dive deep into the ocean floor and discover remnants of an ancient civilisation, as you explore Subnautica’s mysterious underwater world. Explore alien artefacts and uncover the history of a planet shrouded in enigma.

Encounter strange structures and relics that hold clues to the planet’s past. Delve into the depths and piece together the story behind this captivating aquatic environment.

Embark on an exhilarating adventure, navigating through thrilling challenges as you unearth the secrets hidden beneath the waves. Engage with stunning visuals and immersive gameplay that will keep you captivated as you seek to unravel the intricate mysteries of this alien planet.

Handle the Pressure

Manage your oxygen and health levels as you navigate the depths, facing the dangers of the deep and battling against the unknown. The underwater world is unforgiving, but with skill and strategy, survival is within reach.

Manage oxygen and health levels

Monitor oxygen and health levels closely to survive the depths of Subnautica’s alien underwater world. Collect resources to craft equipment that helps sustain your vital stats, including oxygen tanks, first aid kits, and nutritional supplies.

Utilise health kits for immediate restoration when injured and avoid prolonged exposure to dangerous predators or hazardous environments.

Regularly replenish your oxygen supply using air pumps, diving helmets, and personal flotation devices while exploring vast underwater biomes teeming with life. Keep an eye on the depleting oxygen meter as you plunge into unknown territories.

Deal with the dangers of the deep

Surviving in the underwater world of Subnautica isn’t just about exploration and discovery; it’s also about dealing with the dangers lurking in the deep. Players must manage their oxygen and health levels carefully, ensuring they have enough resources to sustain themselves during underwater expeditions.

The alien ocean is teeming with threats, from aggressive creatures like stalkers to environmental hazards such as dangerous leviathans. As players battle against the unknown, they must strategise and utilise their crafting skills to defend themselves and stay alive in this treacherous environment.

Navigating through the depths of Subnautica demands resilience and quick thinking as players encounter various perils that pose a constant risk to their survival. Whether facing off against menacing predators or braving hazardous environments, staying alert at all times is key to overcoming these challenges.

Battle against the unknown

Explore the depths and face off against mysterious creatures in our quest to survive. Craft equipment, pilot submarines, and build underwater bases while managing oxygen and health levels.

Uncover the planet’s secrets as we unravel its enigmatic past and encounter awe-inspiring alien artifacts. It’s a thrilling battle for survival against the dangers of the deep, filled with wonder, resources, and unknown threats lurking in every corner of this alien underwater world.


Embark on an adventure in Subnautica, a thrilling underwater survival game teeming with alien creatures. Craft tools and submarines to aid your exploration while unravelling the mysteries of the deep.

Manage oxygen levels and health as you delve into the dangers lurking beneath the ocean’s surface. Prepare for an immersive experience as you navigate through this captivating open-world environment and uncover its secrets.


1. What is Subnautica: Survival in an Alien Underwater World?

Subnautica: Survival in an Alien Underwater World is an underwater survival game where players explore a strange ocean filled with alien creatures, pilot submarines and survive wildlife encounters.

2. Can I explore the entire underwater world in Subnautica?

Yes, you can! Subnautica is an open-world game that lets you freely dive into the depths of its mysterious alien ocean to discover new life forms and hidden resources.

3. Will I learn how to survive underwater when playing Subnautica?

Absolutely! As players advance through the game, they use the underwater survival guide to learn important skills like building habitats and managing oxygen levels while exploring this underwater adventure.

4. Are there guidelines on piloting my submarine around the alien creatures?

The game provides tips for submarine piloting which helps you navigate safely around the diverse wildlife encounters within the vast oceans of this immersive underwater exploration experience.

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