Grounded: Survival Among the Insects

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Embarking on an adventure in a garden that looms like a jungle, with its towering blades of grass and colossal insects, can be quite the undertaking. We understand what it’s like to stand merely an inch tall amongst the titanic residents of the insect world within the captivating universe of Grounded’s survival game.

Our pearls of wisdom are at your disposal, ready to steer you through encounters with everything from hardworking ants to formidable spiders, enabling you to flourish in this diminutive domain.

Brace yourself for a grand adventure on a minuscule scale!

Key Takeaways

  • In “Grounded,” players navigate a backyard jungle, encountering various insects, from harmless aphids to intimidating Wolf Spiders and boss creatures like the Hedge Broodmother.
  • Survival relies on crafting tools for gathering resources and combat, building secure homes with defenses, and learning insect behaviors to exploit weaknesses.
  • Strategic teamwork is often necessary to defeat larger bosses; successful encounters yield valuable materials for further progression within the game.
  • Grubs, worker ants, and ladybugs provide essential resources or aid in survival when approached correctly or tamed.
  • The game’s ecosystem is intricate; each insect has unique patterns that add depth to gameplay through both combat challenges and resource management opportunities.

Types of Insects in Grounded

From small bugs to large bugs, Grounded is teeming with a variety of insects that players must navigate and survive. Each type of insect presents its own unique set of challenges, adding depth to the game’s survival experience.

Small Bugs

In Grounded, we often overlook the small bugs, but they play a big role in our survival adventure. Lawn mites scuttle through the grass blades and gnats buzz around our heads. These tiny critters may seem insignificant, but they provide vital resources for crafting tools and building homes.

Conquering these insects requires strategy; targeting an aphid can yield precious drops of dew, crucial for staying hydrated.

We encounter weevils rummaging near fungi and spiderlings lurking in dim corners — each insect with its own behaviour patterns that add depth to the game’s entomology. Observing them helps us learn their habits, turning what could be dangerous encounters into opportunities to gather materials or even feast on cooked bug meat for sustenance.

With every interaction among these minuscule creatures, our understanding of this challenging environment grows as does our chance at thriving in this tiny world adventure.

Medium Bugs

Medium bugs in Grounded present a moderate challenge for players, requiring strategic planning and resourcefulness to overcome. These insects include creatures such as worker ants and spiderlings, which are more formidable opponents than their smaller counterparts.

They roam the landscape, providing an additional layer of complexity to the game’s survival dynamics. Engaging with medium bugs demands careful consideration of environmental factors and thoughtful decision-making when it comes to combat or evasion.

Encounters with medium bugs can be intense and demand quick thinking from players trying to navigate the dangerous backyard environment. Their presence significantly adds to the depth of gameplay experience by offering diverse challenges that test both agility and problem-solving skills.

Large Bugs

Large bugs in Grounded include formidable creatures like the Ladybird, Stinkbug, Orb Weaver, and Wolf Spider. These insects pose a significant threat to players due to their size and aggressive nature.

Successfully encountering and defeating these large bugs can yield valuable resources needed for survival in the game. Understanding their behaviour and crafting suitable tools are crucial for overcoming the challenges they present.

Moving on from large bugs, let’s explore the intriguing world of challenging insects that players encounter in Grounded.

Common Insects

– The common insects in Grounded include the lawn mite, gnat, aphid, weevil, spiderling, grub, worker ant, soldier ant and bombardier beetle. These insects can be found throughout the game’s environment and play a crucial role in the player’s survival.

Lawn Mite

Lawn mites are common insects found in Grounded. They are small, red bugs that can be spotted on blades of grass or near dirt patches in the game. Lawn mites typically move around slowly and mostly mind their own business, making them a relatively low threat to players.

However, they can become aggressive if provoked, so it’s best to avoid disturbing them whenever possible.

When encountering lawn mites in the game, keep an eye out for their distinctive red coloration and try not to step on or disturb them unnecessarily. While they may not pose a significant danger on their own, being mindful of these tiny critters can help players navigate the backyard environment more safely.


Gnats are small, flying insects found in damp and moist areas. They can be a nuisance to players in Grounded as they tend to swarm around the player character. Although gnats do not pose any direct threat, their persistent buzzing and swarming behaviour can be frustrating.

Players can use various tools such as the Slime Mold Torch or a Gas Mask to repel or eliminate these pesky insects. Understanding gnat behaviour and knowing how to manage their presence is crucial for survival when exploring the game’s environment.

Grounded provides an immersive experience of living among diverse insects, including gnats. Learning about each insect’s behaviour and finding effective ways to interact with them adds depth to the gameplay, making it a challenging yet rewarding experience for players who enjoy survival games with unique ecosystems.


Moving on from our encounter with gnats, the next insect we’ll shed light on is the aphid. Found in various locations within Grounded, these tiny insects are often seen clustered together on leaves and stems.

Aphids come in multiple colors, including green, brown, and black. They are known for their rapid reproduction rate and voracious appetite for plant sap. In the game, players can gather honeydew by either killing aphids or by merely collecting it from where they have fed.

Aphids also serve as a source of food for ladybugs and ants within the game’s ecosystem. They are relatively passive creatures but can defend themselves by emitting a substance that repels other insects when threatened.


Moving on from the tiny but troublesome aphids, we encounter the somewhat larger and more resilient weevils. These small beetles are known for their long snouts and ability to cause damage to crops and stored grains.

In Grounded, weevils can be found scurrying around in various locations, often carrying an acorn bit or other items with them. Players will need to be cautious when encountering these pests as they have a penchant for snatching away valuable resources if given the chance.

The presence of weevils in the game adds another layer of challenge to players’ survival tactics, as they must learn how to effectively handle and avoid these persistent insects while navigating through the backyard landscape.


The Spiderling is a common sight in Grounded, and encountering one can be both exciting and challenging. These smaller spiders are relatively harmless on their own, but they can quickly become a threat when encountered in groups or alongside larger arachnids.

They are often found in dark and damp areas, such as caves or under rocks and fallen leaves. Their presence adds an element of surprise to the game, keeping players on their toes as they explore and gather resources.

Moving on to “Grub” – another fascinating insect that players encounter frequently while exploring the backyard landscape.


Grubs are small, white larvae found in the soil, usually near plant roots. They can be gathered by digging them up from the dirt or harvested from fallen acorns and mushrooms. Grubs serve as a vital resource for players in Grounded, as they can be used to make various items such as arrows and crafting materials.

As a food source, grubs offer nourishment when cooked on a campfire or added to recipes at the Spinning Wheel. Their versatile uses make grubs an essential component of survival in the game.

Moving on to “Worker Ant”, these insects play a crucial role in Grounded’s ecosystem.

Worker Ant

Worker ants in Grounded play a vital role in the game’s ecosystem, as they can be found all over the yard. They are not aggressive and will not attack players unless provoked. Players should beware of worker ants when building their base or exploring, as they may inadvertently provoke them by damaging nearby resources.

These resourceful insects contribute to a realistic survival experience while adding depth to the game’s intricate insect ecology.

Players must remain mindful of worker ant behavior and adapt their strategies accordingly during gameplay.

Soldier Ant

The Soldier Ant is a formidable opponent in Grounded, known for its aggressive nature and tendency to protect its colony at all costs. These ants are significantly larger than their worker counterparts, posing a greater threat to players exploring the backyard.

Their fierce mandibles and resilient exoskeleton make them challenging adversaries, requiring strategic combat tactics and well-crafted weapons for survival. Encounters with Soldier Ants can yield valuable resources crucial for advancing in the game, but caution is advised as provoking these insects may lead to intense battles.

Players should be on high alert when venturing into areas where Soldier Ants reside, as their territorial behavior often leads to swift attacks against intruders. Crafting powerful armor and weapons becomes essential for facing off against these imposing creatures successfully.

Bombardier Beetle

The Bombardier Beetle, found in Grounded, is an aggressive insect that can be challenging to encounter. This beetle has a unique defense mechanism where it sprays a hot chemical liquid when threatened.

The spray can cause significant damage to players, making the Bombardier Beetle a formidable opponent. Players need to approach these insects with caution and have appropriate armor or weapons to defend themselves against its powerful attack.

As part of surviving among the insects in Grounded, understanding the behavior and abilities of the Bombardier Beetle is crucial. Its distinctive defensive nature adds an element of strategy for players as they navigate through the game’s environment and encounter various types of insects.

Challenging Insects

Encountering challenging insects like the Ladybug, Stinkbug, Orb Weaver, Wolf Spider, and Diving Bell Spider can be tough – but with the right tools and strategies, you can overcome them.

Read on to learn how to survive these encounters in Grounded!


Ladybugs are one of the most iconic insects in Grounded. They can be found throughout the backyard, often perched on leaves or crawling along branches. These friendly bugs are not aggressive towards players and will only attack if provoked, making them a neutral insect in the game.

Ladybugs offer a unique interaction as they can be easily tamed using certain items found within the game.

Upon encountering ladybugs, it’s essential to approach them cautiously to avoid triggering their defensive response. Observing their behavior and understanding their movements can provide valuable insights into how these creatures coexist in the microfauna ecosystem of Grounded.


Stinkbugs roam around the backyard, emitting a foul odour when disturbed. They can also launch an acidic spray to defend themselves from attackers. Their distinct behaviour and defence mechanisms make them challenging opponents to face in Grounded.

Stinkbugs play a crucial role in the game, requiring players to strategise their approach carefully.

Encountering stinkbugs provides an opportunity for players to test their skills in combat and problem-solving, adding an extra layer of excitement to the survival experience. Understanding these insects’ behaviours is essential for navigating through the backyard safely.

Orb Weaver

Orb weavers are large spiders commonly found in Grounded. They construct intricate, wheel-shaped webs that serve as both their homes and hunting grounds. These spiders are known for their distinctively shaped bodies and vibrant colours, making them a visually striking addition to the game’s insect population.

Orb weavers can be challenging to deal with due to their powerful silk strands and fast reflexes, posing a formidable threat to players navigating the back garden landscape.

When encountering an orb weaver in Grounded, it’s essential to approach with caution and employ strategic thinking. Crafting tools such as bows and arrows or using ranged attacks can help players effectively combat these arachnids while minimising personal risk.

Wolf Spider

The Wolf Spider is one of the challenging insects in Grounded, known for its quick and aggressive nature. Found in dense grassy areas, these spiders are not to be taken lightly. With their powerful jump attacks and speedy movements, they pose a significant threat to players.

Their ability to climb surfaces also makes them difficult opponents to evade. A well-prepared player armed with crafting tools and quick reflexes will stand a better chance against these formidable predators.

As we continue exploring the world of Grounded, encountering the Wolf Spider adds an element of danger and excitement to the game experience. It’s important for players to stay vigilant and ready for unexpected encounters with these fierce arachnids as they navigate through the backyard landscape.

Diving Bell Spider

The Diving Bell Spider builds underwater “diving bell” webs that it uses to breathe while hunting small aquatic prey. This spider creates a diving bell by using its silk to trap air bubbles, which it then transports and affixes under the water’s surface.

The captured air in the diving bell allows the Diving Bell Spider to breathe and temporarily store food while submerged.

Diving Bell Spiders frequently remain underwater for extended periods, with some of them able to survive for several months below the surface. This remarkable adaptation makes them intriguing creatures within Grounded’s insect world, showcasing their unique survival strategies and behaviors that players can observe and learn from as they navigate through the game.

Tips for Surviving Insect Encounters

Crafting tools such as weapons and armor, building a secure home base, and eliminating threats are essential for surviving encounters with insects in Grounded. Learn more about these survival tips to master the game!

Crafting Tools

Crafting tools is crucial in Grounded for survival among the insects. These tools are essential for gathering resources and defending against aggressive bugs. Here’s a guide to crafting tools:

  1. Axe: The axe is used to chop down grass, leaves, and other vegetation to gather materials for crafting.
  2. Hammer: A vital tool for building structures like walls, floors, and roofs to create a safe shelter from insect threats.
  3. Pebblet Hammer: This tool is used to break small rocks into pebblets needed for crafting armor and weapons.
  4. Workbench: Crafting a workbench allows players to create more advanced tools, gear, and weapons essential for survival.

Building a Home

To build a home in Grounded, we must gather resources such as grass planks, clover leaves, and sap. We then craft walls, floors, roofs, and doors to create a safe shelter. To protect our home from insects and other dangers, we can install traps and defenses around the perimeter. Additionally, building elevated platforms and using natural barriers can further fortify our base. We should regularly maintain our home by repairing any damages and upgrading its features for better protection. Finally, decorating the interior with furnishings adds a personal touch to make it feel more like home.

Eliminating Threats

To eliminate threats in Grounded, players can use various strategies and tools to ensure their survival amongst the insects. Here are some effective methods for dealing with dangerous bugs and creatures:

  1. Crafting Tools: Create weapons and traps using resources found in the backyard, such as pebblet axes, bows, spears, and spike traps. These items can be used to defend against aggressive insects and neutralise potential threats.
  2. Building a Home: Construct a fortified base or shelter to protect against insect attacks. Utilise walls, floors, ceilings, and defensive structures to create a secure refuge from perilous bugs and creatures.
  3. Maintaining Vigilance: Stay alert and observant of your surroundings to detect incoming threats. Keep an eye out for dangerous bugs’ behaviours or movements that may signal an impending attack.
  4. Using Defensive Tactics: Employ dodging manoeuvres and evasive actions during encounters with hostile insects. Dodge incoming strikes while finding opportunities to counterattack or escape from threatening situations.
  5. Identifying Weaknesses: Learn about the vulnerabilities of different insect species to devise effective strategies for defeating them. Exploit weaknesses by targeting specific body parts or utilising environmental hazards to gain an advantage.
  6. Teamwork: Form alliances with other players to collaborate on eliminating formidable bug enemies. Coordinating attacks and sharing resources can significantly enhance your chances of overcoming challenging insect encounters.
  7. Strategic Planning: Develop a tactical approach when engaging in battles with boss insects by assessing their abilities and crafting specialised tactics tailored for each encounter.
  8. Adapting Tactics: Be prepared to adapt your strategies based on the behaviour and characteristics of various insects encountered in the game world.

Boss Insects

– Hedge Broodmother, Orchid Mantis, and Mant are some of the formidable boss insects that players will encounter in Grounded. These larger-than-life creatures pose a significant challenge and require strategic planning and teamwork to defeat.

Hedge Broodmother

The Hedge Broodmother is a formidable boss insect in Grounded that poses a significant challenge to players. This immense creature resides deep within the hedges, guarding her offspring fiercely.

With its imposing size and powerful attacks, defeating the Hedge Broodmother requires strategic planning and resourcefulness. Players must utilise their crafting skills and employ effective combat tactics to overcome this imposing adversary.

Upon successfully defeating the Hedge Broodmother, players can obtain valuable rewards that will aid them in their survival journey in Grounded. These rewards may include rare materials, unique items, or enhanced abilities, providing a satisfying sense of accomplishment and progression for players who manage to defeat this daunting boss insect.

Orchid Mantis

The Orchid Mantis is an impressive boss insect in Grounded, known for its striking pink and white colouration. It resides within the haze of droplets under purple flowers, making it a formidable opponent to encounter.

This creature’s unique appearance and challenging combat skills add excitement and complexity to the game for players seeking adventure and thrill.

Players should approach the Orchid Mantis with caution, as it possesses exceptional agility and cunning tactics that make defeating it a true test of skill. The encounter with this boss insect offers a thrilling challenge that immerses players even further into the intense survival experience of Grounded.


The Mant is a formidable boss insect in Grounded, challenging players with its aggressive nature and powerful attacks. Defeating the Mant requires strategic planning and well-crafted gear to stand a chance against this intimidating opponent.

Its presence adds an extra layer of excitement and difficulty for players looking for a thrilling insect survival experience.


Surviving among the insects in Grounded demands resourcefulness and courage. Crafting tools, building a home, and eliminating threats are key strategies for thriving in this miniature world.

With boss battles and challenging survival encounters, Grounded offers an immersive experience that sets it apart from other games. Engaging with the diverse insect inhabitants provides an exciting journey filled with danger and discovery.


1. What is “Grounded: Survival Among the Insects”?

“Grounded: Survival Among the Insects” is a video game where players shrink down to insect size and attempt challenging survival among various bug inhabitants in a garden-like environment.

2. Where can I find an insect guide for Grounded?

You can find an insect guide included within the game itself, which details different bug locations, their behaviour, and how to survive encounters with dangerous creatures.

3. When was “Grounded: Survival Among the Insects” released?

The game had its release date announced by developers before becoming available for players; check online or with gaming stores for specific dates it became accessible to play.

4. Are there boss battles in Grounded?

Yes, as you explore insect habitats and adapt your strategy, you will face bosses that represent oversized versions of real-world insects offering unique challenges.

5. How does understanding insect anatomy help me in Grounded?

Understanding insect anatomy helps players identify weak spots of various opponents such as flying insects or other small world survival threats they encounter throughout this immersive experience.

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