Dishonored 2: The Steampunk Stealth Adventure

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Are you yearning for a bit of an escapade – something that melds sneaking about with cunning strategy, all set against a splendid steampunk backdrop? We’ve felt that itch too and stumbled upon the perfect antidote in Dishonored 2.

In this captivating game, one can don the mantle of either a deposed empress or her loyal protector, channeling otherworldly abilities to navigate treachery and wrest back control of their usurped realm.

Join us as we delve into the mysteries of Karnaca—believe me when I say, it’s an experience you’ll not want to pass up!

Key Takeaways

  • Dishonored 2 lets players become Empress Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano as they use supernatural abilities to regain control of a steampunk empire.
  • The game features deep stealth mechanics, offering multiple ways to approach each level, affecting both story and gameplay based on player choices.
  • Karnaca’s dark and industrial steampunk vibe is brought to life with a unique aesthetic that includes rat-infested streets and an immersive oppressive atmosphere.
  • Rivalling factions within the city influence the plot, adding layers of complexity as players delve into political intrigue and moral dilemmas during gameplay.
  • Critics have praised Dishonored 2 for its intricate world-building and level design which players also enjoyed, highlighting its status as a must-play for fans of adventure and stealth.

Gameplay in Dishonored 2

In Dishonored 2, players take on the role of Empress Emily Kaldwin, navigating a world filled with stealth elements and supernatural abilities. The game is presented in a first-person perspective, allowing for immersive gameplay that focuses on using unique abilities and powers to overcome challenges.

Empress Emily Kaldwin

We step into the shoes of Empress Emily Kaldwin, a female protagonist with a story-rich journey ahead. Her adventure unfolds 15 years after the original Dishonored, offering us a chance to rule from her perspective while delving into her unique powers and abilities.

The game challenges us to cleverly mix stealth and action as we navigate through the dark fantasy world in an immersive sim experience that changes based on our decisions.

Empress Emily harnesses supernatural abilities that are key to reclaiming her throne and shaping the fate of the kingdom. As we guide her through atmospheric settings fraught with political intrigue and betrayal, each move we make is filled with suspense and strategy.

Our actions open new paths or close them forever – it’s not just about assassination; it’s about using Emily’s extraordinary capabilities to outsmart adversaries in this gripping first-person adventure.

Stealth elements

Transitioning from the gameplay elements represented by Empress Emily Kaldwin, the stealth features in Dishonored 2 add an exhilarating dimension to the action-adventure experience.

Players are equipped with a range of supernatural and technological abilities that enable them to navigate the game’s world. Stealth is paramount as players must carefully plan their approach to complete missions while embracing elements of action RPG and first-person platform puzzling.

This adds an immersive layer to the gameplay, rewarding strategic thinking and precision execution. The incorporation of stealth in Dishonored 2 amplifies player choice, enhancing the impact of decisions on storyline progression and character development.

First-person perspective

Transitioning from the stealth elements to the first-person perspective, players experience the game’s immersive world through the eyes of either Empress Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano.

This viewpoint allows for a more intimate connection with the characters and their surroundings, enhancing the overall gaming experience. With intricate level design and open-world exploration, players are fully immersed in the richly detailed steampunk setting, making every decision and action feel personal and impactful.

The first-person perspective also heightens the intensity of stealth gameplay, as players must rely on keen observation and quick reflexes to navigate through challenging environments while using supernatural abilities to outmaneuver enemies.

Abilities and powers

Transitioning from the first-person perspective, Dishonored 2 offers a range of abilities and powers to enhance gameplay. These supernatural and technological powers provide unique ways for players to navigate the game’s world and complete missions:

  1. Supernatural Abilities: Players can utilise powers such as Far Reach, Shadow Walk, and Domino to traverse environments, move silently, and link enemies’ fates together.
  2. Technological Gadgets: In addition to supernatural abilities, players have access to an array of steampunk-inspired gadgets, including the Timepiece and Displacement Device, which offer creative solutions for overcoming obstacles.
  3. Upgradable Powers: As players progress through the game, they can invest in upgrades for their abilities and gadgets, enhancing their effectiveness in combat and stealth scenarios.
  4. Passive Bonuses: Various passive abilities provide benefits such as increased movement speed or enhanced perception, allowing players to customise their playstyle according to preference.
  5. Creative Combos: Experiment with combining different powers and gadgets to execute complex strategies and tackle challenges in inventive ways.
  6. Adaptive Playstyle: The diverse range of abilities allows for adaptive gameplay approaches, empowering players to approach encounters with both precision and creativity.
  7. Strategic Decision-Making: Choosing which powers and upgrades to invest in can significantly impact how missions are approached, influencing outcomes based on player choices.
  8. Immersive Integration: The seamless integration of abilities into the game’s mechanics enhances the overall experience while providing a sense of empowerment within the steampunk world of Karnaca.

The Steampunk Setting of Karnaca

Karnaca, the setting of Dishonored 2, is a dark and industrial city with rat-infested streets and supernatural elements. If you want to dive deeper into the unique steampunk atmosphere of this game, keep reading!

Dark, industrial aesthetic

The steampunk setting of Karnaca immerses players in a dark, industrial aesthetic, with its gritty streets and oppressive atmosphere. The city is teeming with mechanical wonders and smoky factories that create an eerie and foreboding environment.

Players will navigate through the shadows of crumbling buildings, encountering the stark contrast between opulence and decay as they explore this dystopian world. The design elements effectively capture the essence of a bleak, industrial society, enhancing the overall immersive experience for players.

– Rat infested streets

Rat infested streets

Transitioning from the dark, industrial aesthetic of Karnaca, players will navigate the rat-infested streets that add an extra layer of challenge and atmosphere to Dishonoured 2. The vermin scuttle through alleys and sewers, posing a threat not only due to their infestation but also as potential allies for those with supernatural abilities.

Players must strategically manoeuvre these treacherous environments while avoiding or utilising the rats to achieve their objectives. In doing so, this feature intensifies the steampunk setting by immersing players in its gritty and perilous urban landscapes.

The rat-infested streets are more than just a backdrop; they are part of the game’s interactive environment, contributing to the overall sense of danger and unpredictability in Karnaca.

Supernatural elements

The supernatural elements in Dishonoured 2 add an exciting dimension to the gameplay. With abilities such as teleportation, time manipulation, and summoning spectral allies, players can navigate levels in creative ways.

These powers allow for imaginative approaches to stealth and combat scenarios, providing a sense of empowerment and variety in playstyle. Additionally, the use of supernatural abilities ties into the game’s low fantasy setting, enhancing the overall atmosphere and offering a unique gaming experience.

In Dishonoured 2, players encounter arcane artefacts and mystical phenomena that contribute to the rich narrative tapestry. The infusion of supernatural elements not only serves as a catalyst for engaging gameplay but also adds depth to the lore of Karnaca’s steampunk world.

Characters and Plot of Dishonored 2

Empress Emily Kaldwin takes center stage in Dishonored 2, embarking on a journey to reclaim her throne and uncover the truth behind a conspiracy. Alongside her is Corvo Attano, her father and royal protector, who plays a pivotal role in the narrative.

Rival factions add complexity to the plot, as players navigate through political intrigue and moral dilemmas.

Empress Emily’s journey

Empress Emily Kaldwin, one of the main protagonists in Dishonored 2, embarks on a perilous journey to reclaim her throne and restore order to the Empire of the Isles. As players guide her through the treacherous streets of Karnaca, they witness Emily’s transformation from an ousted empress into a formidable force skilled in both stealth and combat.

Her journey is fraught with moral dilemmas and pivotal choices that shape the course of the game’s narrative, allowing players to influence Emily’s character development and impact her relationships with other characters.

From mastering supernatural abilities to navigating complex political intrigues, Empress Emily’s journey is a thrilling exploration of power dynamics and personal growth within a steampunk world teeming with danger and conspiracy.

Corvo Attano’s role

Corvo Attano plays a central role in Dishonored 2, serving as one of the game’s two playable characters. As a skilled assassin and bodyguard to Empress Emily Kaldwin, Corvo seeks to protect her from danger while navigating the treacherous political landscape of Karnaca.

Players have the opportunity to utilise Corvo’s unique abilities, including his mastery of stealth tactics and supernatural powers such as teleportation and time manipulation. His actions throughout the game directly impact the narrative, shaping the world around him and influencing the outcome of events.

In addition to being a formidable combatant, Corvo serves as an anchor for players seeking a more direct approach to challenges presented in Dishonored 2. With his arsenal of deadly skills and gadgets at their disposal, gamers can unleash swift justice upon adversaries or choose a more subtle path by using his shadowy abilities to outmaneuver foes.

Rival factions and their impact

Two rival factions, the Overseers and the Howlers, play a significant role in shaping the world of Dishonored 2. The Overseers are a militant religious group dedicated to maintaining order and eradicating heresy.

They impose strict regulations on Karnaca, often clashing with those who oppose their authority. On the other hand, the Howlers are a gang led by Paolo, operating in opposition to the oppressive regime.

Their presence adds complexity to gameplay as players navigate through multiple layers of influence, power struggles, and moral dilemmas.

The impact of these factions is felt throughout the game’s world-building and narrative progression. Their influence can sway mission outcomes and alter story arcs based on player choices.

Development and Release of the Game

The development process of Dishonored 2 involved meticulous attention to detail in art, level design and setting. The game received high praise from critics and players upon its release, cementing its status as a must-play for fans of stealth and adventure.

Art, level design and setting

The game’s art, level design, and setting in Dishonored 2 are meticulously crafted to immerse players in the steampunk world of Karnaca. The intricate level design allows for open exploration and multiple paths to achieve objectives, giving players a sense of freedom within the game.

The dark and industrial aesthetic of Karnaca is visually captivating, with its rat-infested streets and supernatural elements adding depth to the setting. The attention to detail in the environment enhances the overall gameplay experience, making Dishonored 2 a visually stunning and atmospheric adventure for players.

From the oppressive architecture of Karnaca’s streets to the supernatural landscapes that feature prominently throughout key missions, every aspect of Dishonored 2’s art, level design, and setting serves as an integral element in creating a fully immersive steampunk world for players to explore.

This attention to detail not only contributes significantly to the visual appeal but also enriches storytelling by providing context for player actions as they navigate through this intriguing world.

Reception from critics and players

-Dishonoured 2 captivated audiences and critics alike with its masterful fusion of narrative and gameplay.

Critics’ ReceptionPlayers’ Feedback
Acclaimed for intricate world-buildingPraised for immersive gameplay experience
Positive remarks on level design, especially the Clockwork MansionAppreciated the depth of player choice and consequences
Highlighted engaging stealth mechanicsAdmired the unique, steampunk aesthetic
Commended for the integration of RPG elementsEnjoyed the freedom in approach to missions
Noted for outstanding art directionLauded supernatural and technological abilities

Critics regarded the game highly for its creative approach to level exploration and storytelling. Players echoed this sentiment, often emphasising their attachment to the richly detailed world of Karnaca. Moving forward, let’s delve into why Dishonoured 2 remains an essential play for fans of the genre.

Why Dishonored 2 is a Must-Play for Fans of Stealth and Adventure

Dishonored 2 is a must-play for fans of stealth and adventure because of its immersive gameplay, story-rich experience, and unique steampunk atmosphere. The game offers a thrilling challenge for players who enjoy stealth-based gameplay and love to dive into richly detailed, atmospheric worlds.

Immersive gameplay

Dive into the rich and immersive gameplay of Dishonoured 2, where players are given the freedom to explore a detailed steampunk world filled with supernatural abilities and challenging missions.

Navigate through open levels with intricate design, using a combination of stealth, action RPG mechanics, and first-person platform puzzling to outmanoeuvre foes and progress through the story-rich experience.

Make use of an array of supernatural powers to overcome obstacles in unique ways while embracing player choice and facing the consequences of your actions within this compelling and atmospheric game world.

Experience firsthand how Dishonoured 2 offers a captivating single-player adventure that combines elements of stealth, action-adventure gameplay, and first-person perspective to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience.

Story-rich experience

The story-rich experience in Dishonored 2 immerses players in a complex, morally ambiguous world where their choices shape the outcome of the narrative. As Empress Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano, players navigate a web of political intrigue, betrayal, and supernatural forces as they seek to reclaim Emily’s throne from usurpers.

The game masterfully weaves together themes of power, revenge, and loyalty while presenting players with meaningful decisions that significantly impact the storyline.

Players encounter a diverse cast of characters whose fates are intricately tied to their own actions and choices throughout the game. The rich lore and intricate storytelling ensure that each playthrough offers a fresh perspective on events, making Dishonored 2 an immersive and captivating journey for fans of narrative-driven gameplay experiences.

Unique, steampunk atmosphere

Transitioning from the story-rich experience, Dishonoured 2 offers a unique, steampunk atmosphere that immerses players in a richly detailed and mechanically advanced world. The game’s setting of Karnaca is characterised by its dark and industrial aesthetic, featuring rat-infested streets and supernatural elements that add depth to the environment.

Players are drawn into a visually stunning world filled with intricate level design, showcasing both the beauty and decay of a steampunk dystopia.

Dishonoured 2’s unique atmosphere goes beyond just visuals – it seeps into every aspect of gameplay, providing an atmospheric backdrop for the stealth adventure. The combination of advanced technology and arcane forces creates an immersive experience that captivates players from start to finish.


In conclusion, Dishonoured 2 offers an immersive steampunk adventure with rich storytelling and captivating gameplay mechanics. Players can explore the dark and industrial world of Karnaca while utilising a range of supernatural abilities to navigate through the game’s challenges.

The title has been acclaimed by both critics and players for its attention to detail in world-building and its unique blend of action, stealth, and player choice. Dishonoured 2 stands as a testament to the potential of video games in creating compelling and atmospheric experiences that leave a lasting impression on players.


1. What type of game is Dishonored 2: The Steampunk Stealth Adventure?

Dishonored 2 is an action-adventure game set in a steampunk world where you play from a first-person perspective to sneak past enemies or confront them head-on.

2. Can I play Dishonored 2 with friends?

No, Dishonored 2 is designed as a single-player experience that focuses on immersing you in its story-rich adventure.

3. Is the whole game played from a first-person view?

Yes, you experience all of Dishonored 2’s stealthy and action-packed gameplay from a thrilling first-person perspective.

4. Does Dishonored 2 have an engaging storyline?

Absolutely, it’s known for being story-rich, providing players with deep narratives and complex characters that enhance the overall video game experience.

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