Civilization VI: Strategy Through the Ages

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Navigating the complex trials of leading your virtual empire in Civilization VI can be as daunting as it is thrilling, a sentiment echoed by many an armchair ruler. Fret not, for we’ve traversed that formidable learning curve and immersed ourselves in the art of strategy to bring you enlightenment.

Our discourse will unveil pivotal strategies essential to prospering through each epoch, ensuring your civilisation blossoms from its nascent beginnings to a future written in the stars.

Prepare yourselves for an insightful journey into the craft of sovereign mastery!

Key Takeaways

  • To thrive in Civilization VI, it’s important to focus on scouting and expanding territory early on, making use of special abilities unique to your civilisation.
  • Developing trade routes and managing resources effectively are key strategies that contribute significantly to economic growth and influence.
  • Balancing military power with scientific and cultural advancements is crucial as you progress through different ages within the game.
  • Utilising siege tactics in warfare can give players a strategic advantage, particularly when trying to conquer neighbouring cities or defend against invaders.
  • Planning city layouts with foresight, including district placement and building construction, helps ensure efficient resource management and boosts the potential for victory.

Essential Strategies to Master in Civilization VI

From early game strategies to late game tactics, mastering Civilization VI requires a deep understanding of city defence, trade routes, and utilising special abilities. Expanding territory and developing your civilisation’s unique strengths are key elements in achieving victory.

Early game strategies

We focus on setting a solid foundation during the early game in Civilization VI. Scouting the surrounding area quickly is pivotal to discover resources, natural wonders, and other civilisations.

We prioritise research that unlocks essential technologies like Pottery for granaries or Mining for luxury resources. Building a strong defence by creating a few units keeps our nascent cities safe from barbarian invasions and aggressive neighbours.

Expanding territory strategically comes next; we select locations rich in resources or advantageous terrain. Establishing trade routes as soon as possible fuels our economy and helps us form beneficial relationships with city-states and other civilisations.

Employ siege tactics if threats loom near; they provide an edge in defending our interests while discouraging would-be aggressors from challenging our growth. By doing so, we set ourselves up for a prosperous mid-game where we can pivot towards specific victory conditions based on how the world around us unfolds.

Mid-game strategies

Transitioning from the early game to the mid-game in Civilization VI is a critical juncture where players must shift their focus from expansion and defence to developing and advancing their civilisation further.

As players progress through the ages, they will encounter new challenges and opportunities that require strategic decisions. In the mid-game, it becomes essential to prioritise technology and cultural advancements, expand trade routes for economic growth, strategically plan city development for optimal resource management, and establish diplomatic relationships with other civilisations.

Balancing military strength while focusing on these aspects will be crucial as well.

Expanding territory through colonisation or conquest becomes more complex in this phase of the game due to competing civilisations’ growing power and influence. Strategic warfare may also become necessary as conflicts over resources or territorial disputes arise.

Late game strategies

In the late game of Civilization VI, it’s crucial to focus on maximising your civilisation’s potential. Invest in advanced technologies and cultural developments to propel your empire forward.

Utilise diplomatic strategies to form alliances and secure trade routes, while also maintaining a strong military presence for protection against potential adversaries. Look for opportunities to expand your territory and increase your influence on the world stage as you aim for victory in this epic game of strategy and conquest.

As players progress into the late game, they should prioritise researching advanced science upgrades and urban development projects. Strategic planning for city defence is essential at this stage, along with district layout optimisation to ensure maximum efficiency in resource management.

Utilizing special abilities

In Civilization VI, special abilities can give your civilisation an edge over others. Whether it’s the unique units, infrastructure, or leader abilities, harnessing these advantages strategically can greatly impact your gameplay.

By understanding the strengths of your civilisation and making the most of its special abilities, you can adapt your tactics to suit different situations and gain a competitive advantage on your path through the ages.

Exploring each civilisation’s unique traits will allow you to tailor your strategies accordingly and shape a distinctive playstyle that aligns with their specific strengths. This approach adds depth and excitement to every game as you strategise how to best utilise these powerful bonuses throughout different eras in history.

Expanding territory

In Civilization VI, expanding your territory is key to securing valuable resources and strategic locations for future development. Scouting the surrounding areas early on allows players to identify ideal spots for new cities and potential expansion.

By prioritising the acquisition of additional land, players can increase their empire’s influence, access more resources, and gain a competitive edge over opponents. Strategic city placement near valuable terrain features like mountains and rivers can also provide significant advantages in terms of defence and productivity.

Utilising exploration units such as scouts or rangers enables players to uncover hidden natural wonders and resource-rich tiles, maximising the potential for territorial expansion.

Developing trade routes

To expand our civilisation’s influence and boost our economy, we should focus on developing trade routes. By establishing trade routes with other civilisations and city-states, we can increase the flow of valuable resources and wealth into our empire.

This is essential for sustaining growth and development as we progress through the ages in Civilization VI: Rise & Fall. Utilising strategic placement of trading posts along these routes will ensure that our resources are efficiently distributed, providing us with crucial advantages over rival civilisations.

Acquiring key technologies such as Currency and Guilds will unlock additional benefits from trade routes, allowing us to establish lucrative partnerships with other cities and gain access to unique luxury goods.

Best Starting Tips for New Players

As new players in Civilization VI, it’s important to go hard right away and conquer early neighbours to expand your territory. Taking advantage of city-states, scouting surrounding areas, and building up your army are essential starting tips for success in the game.

Go hard right away

To excel in Civilization VI, it’s crucial to go hard right away. This means making strategic moves from the start of the game to set your civilisation on a path to success. By focusing on early expansion, conquering neighbouring cities, taking advantage of city-states, and aggressively building up your army, you can establish a strong foundation for future growth and dominance on the map.

Conquering nearby rivals can provide essential resources and territory while weakening potential threats. Utilising city-states allows you to gain valuable bonuses and support as you advance through the ages.

Scouting surrounding areas is vital for identifying key resources and strategically positioning your units. Building a formidable army from the beginning ensures that you’re prepared for any conflicts or defensive measures that may arise throughout gameplay.

Conquer early neighbors

Conquering early neighbours can provide valuable resources and territory in Civilization VI. By expanding your empire through conquest, you can gain access to essential land and strategic positions, all while weakening potential threats.

With the right balance of military force and diplomatic finesse, early conquests can set the stage for a dominant civilisation throughout the ages.

To ensure success, it’s crucial to carefully plan your strategy and consider the long-term impact of each conquered city. With an eye towards resource management and city development, conquering neighbouring civilisations can significantly bolster your own advancement in Civilization VI.

Take advantage of city-states

Utilise city-states to bolster your civilisation’s growth and power. Establish alliances with them to receive various bonuses, such as additional resources, units, or even increased influence in the World Congress.

By maintaining good relationships with city-states, players can gain a competitive edge over their rivals through the benefits they offer. Moreover, capturing and controlling city-states can provide valuable strategic advantages on the map.

Building strong diplomatic ties with city-states is crucial for progressing through different ages in Civilization VI. Utilising their unique abilities and aligning with their agendas can significantly impact your civilisation’s development and success.

Scout surrounding areas

Scouting the surrounding areas is vital for uncovering valuable resources, potential threats, and prime locations for expansion. By sending out scouts early in the game, players can reveal crucial information about nearby city-states, natural wonders, and strategic positions to establish new cities.

Exploring the map also helps in identifying suitable spots for future developments such as districts and wonders. Additionally, scouting allows players to assess neighbouring civilisations’ strengths and weaknesses and adjust their strategies accordingly.

In Civilization VI, being well-informed about the surrounding terrain gives players a significant advantage in planning their next moves. Developing a thorough understanding of the map sets the stage for informed decision-making throughout the game.

Build up army

To dominate in Civilization VI, building up your army is essential. Early on, focus on creating a strong military presence to deter potential threats and expand your territory. Utilise siege tactics effectively, prioritise science and production to upgrade your units, and manage resources efficiently to maintain a powerful army through the ages.

Remember to scout surrounding areas for potential enemies and opportunities for conquest. Conquer early neighbours strategically, take advantage of city-states for support, and use different tactics to achieve a Golden Age in Civilization VI.

As you progress through the game’s ages, adapt your military strategy to match changing world dynamics. Adjusting troop formations and unit types based on historical simulation can provide an edge in both war and diplomacy while navigating challenges offered by Rise & Fall expansion – developing city connections helps strengthen war efforts too!

How to Play Civ VI Like a Pro

Utilise siege tactics, plan district layout early, build crucial urban buildings, and upgrade science and mines to dominate in Civilization VI. These strategies are essential for playing the game like a pro and achieving victory.

Utilize siege tactics

When playing Civilization VI, mastering siege tactics is crucial to defend your civilisation and conquer enemies. Building and using siege units such as catapults or bombards can help in breaking through enemy defences and capturing cities more effectively.

It’s essential for players to strategically position their units around the target city, blockading it from receiving supplies, and weakening its defences before launching an attack.

Utilising siege tactics allows players to gain a strategic advantage over opponents, especially in the early game stages. By effectively utilising siege weapons and carefully planning attacks on neighbouring civilisations, players can expand their territories and establish dominance on the map.

Plan district layout early

When playing Civilization VI, it’s essential to plan your district layout early in the game. By strategically placing districts, players can optimise their city’s growth and development.

With careful planning, you can maximise the benefits of each district and enhance your civilisation’s overall progress.

In order to excel in Civilization VI, mastering the art of early district planning is crucial. Identifying strategic locations for districts will lay a solid foundation for future advancements and ensure efficient resource management throughout the game.

Build crucial urban buildings

Transitioning from planning district layout to building crucial urban buildings is a pivotal step in mastering Civilization VI. As we advance through different ages, constructing essential structures like libraries, universities, and banks can significantly impact our civilisation’s growth and development.

Expanding cities by strategically placing important buildings enhances production, science, and culture outputs while also bolstering the economy.

Constructing vital urban buildings ensures that our cities thrive and prosper throughout the game. By prioritising these structures early on, players can lay a solid foundation for their civilisation’s progress and dominance as they navigate through the ages of Civilization VI.

Upgrade science and mines

To advance in Civilization VI, upgrading science and mines is crucial. By prioritising the development of science buildings and investing in research, players can propel their civilisation forward through the ages.

Additionally, improving mines enhances production and resource gathering, enabling faster growth and expansion. This strategic move not only boosts scientific advancements but also strengthens the economy for a well-rounded gameplay experience.

Upgrading science facilities like libraries and universities enables civilisations to gain technological advantages over opponents while strengthening cultural influences. Furthermore, enhancing mines allows for increased production of essential resources such as ore, crucial for building military units or infrastructure developments.

Mastering Resource Management

– Prioritise ore for expansion and balancing science and production are essential in mastering resource management. Utilising yellow cards for resources and managing resources for different ages will also be crucial to your success in Civilization VI.

Prioritizing ore for expansion

To expand efficiently in Civilization VI, it is essential to prioritise ore as a key resource. In the early game, focusing on acquiring and utilising ore will allow for rapid expansion and development of new cities.

By strategically planning where to allocate ore resources, players can boost their production and grow their civilisation at a faster pace. With the right balance of science and production, players can ensure steady growth while maintaining an advantage over competing civilisations.

As we delve into mastering resource management in Civilization VI, let’s explore how prioritising ore for expansion plays a pivotal role in shaping the success of our civilisation.

Balancing science and production

Balancing science and production is essential for success in Civilization VI. Allocating resources strategically between scientific research and the development of your infrastructure can significantly impact your civilisation’s advancement through the ages.

By focusing on technology, players can unlock crucial advancements that will benefit their empire, while also ensuring that production levels remain high to support these advances.

Players should aim to strike a harmonious balance between investing in scientific progress and efficiently managing the production of goods and structures within their cities. This equilibrium will enable them to maintain steady growth without neglecting technological developments that are vital for achieving victory in Civilization VI.

Utilizing yellow cards for resources

When playing Civilization VI, players can effectively manage resources by utilising yellow cards. These cards provide various benefits, including boosting production, improving city growth, and enhancing resource acquisition.

By strategically selecting and implementing these cards, players can optimise their civilisation’s development and stay ahead in the game. This tactic is particularly crucial for balancing science and production to ensure a well-rounded approach to resource management throughout different ages.

As players progress through different eras in Civilization VI, incorporating yellow cards into their strategy becomes increasingly essential for sustaining a thriving and advanced civilisation.

Managing resources for different ages

As players progress through different ages in Civilization VI, resource management becomes a crucial aspect of gameplay. In the early game, prioritising ore for expansion and development is essential to establish a strong foundation for the civilisation.

As the game progresses into mid and late stages, balancing science and production becomes vital for technological advancement and military strength. Utilising yellow cards for resources offers strategic benefits that can aid in adapting to the changing dynamics of each age.

Players must adapt their resource management strategies as they navigate through different ages in Civilization VI. The availability and importance of various resources shift with each age, requiring players to continuously reassess their priorities and adjust their approach accordingly.


In conclusion, mastering Civilization VI requires understanding essential strategies for each age. New players should go hard from the start and take advantage of early opportunities.

Pro players benefit from utilising siege tactics and prioritising resource management. With the right guide, anyone can play Civilization VI like a pro and progress through the ages with confidence.


1. What is Civilization VI: Strategy Through the Ages about?

Civilisation VI: Strategy Through the Ages is a turn-based strategy video game where you build an empire and advance through world history.

2. How do I start strong in early game tactics for Civilisation VI?

Focus on science and technology to boost your civilisation advancement, while also exploring nearby territories for expansion.

3. Can city-state conquest improve my game strategy in Civilisation VI?

Yes, conquering city-states can give you strategic advantages by expanding your empire’s influence and resources.

4. What does age progression mean in this game?

Age progression refers to moving your civilisation through different historical eras by developing new technologies and enacting policies that shape your strategy guide.

5. Who created the Civilisation series of games including Civilisation VI?

Sid Meier developed the renowned Civilisation series which combines deep game mechanics with immersive empire building experiences.

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